Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the founder People’s Front Transition commonly known as The Red Card Front is at crossroads after members of public are seemingly rejecting his pressure group to unseat President Museveni.
Public intepretes Besigye’s new pressure group as a plot to fight National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi 
The four times presidential candidate has written to opposition’s Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathias Nsamba Mpuuga requesting to be allowed to meet Members of Parliament who subscribe to National Unity Platform over People’s Transition Front.
In a letter dated December 3rd 2021 which has leaked to this news Website, Besigye wants Mpuuga to help him meet other opposition Members of Parliament and opposition leaning Independent MPs.
He wanted to meet them today at Parliament but by press time, Mpuuga had not replied to Besigye’s letter.
Besigye’s one page letter to Leader of opposition reads; “The People’s Transition Front operationally known as The Red Card FRONT is an all inclusive front comprising willing political entities, Citizen formations, civil society organizations, eminent citizens – jointly mobilizing and organizing for non violent resistance aimed at procuring a democratic transition in Uganda before the next election.”
In Besigye’s earlier communication to LOP Mpuuga, he enclosed the following documents;
a) The Cooperation Framework agreement
b) The National Crisis the country faces today
c) The Policy and Transitional Government Agenda.
In a letter requesting to meet NUP and other opposition Members of Parliament to preach to them Red Card Front gospel, Besigye who is the Chairperson of this pressure group told LOP that, “We kick started a process of nationwide consultation with all key stakeholders and Uganda’s development partners on the future of the country, particularly the proposed Transition Agenda.”
“The purpose of this letter is to humbly request for a consultative meeting with you, Opposition members of Parliament and Opposition leaning independent members of Parliament. And we are tentatively proposing a meeting date of Friday 10th December, 2021 at 10:00am at Parliament and in the alternative a date before 15th, December, 2021.” Reads Besigye’s letter to Mpuuga asking him to confirm that the proposed dates work for him or if another date and venue is better. This is the letter Mpuuga hasn’t replied. 
For starters, NUP forms the majority of opposition Members of Parliament in the 11th Parliament and this is why the party president was mandated to appoint the leader of opposition and opposition leadership at Parliament.
We are told, Besigye was advised to court Mpuuga if his Red card Front is to be bought by the majority opposition leadership.
However, however much Mpuuga is the LOP, political analysts say, he has no powers to convene a meeting of opposition MPs especially those from NUP for Besigye to address them,  without the consent of Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi.
So, for KB to seek for permission from Mpuuga to meet  NUP MPs is perceived as time wasting. It was better if he had engaged directly their master, Hon. Bobi Wine. 
We are told, NUP MPs pick such orders from the Principal alone not any other person be it who.
And for record purposes, NUP top leadership openly rejected any deal with Besigye’s Red Card Front although they wished him success in his endeavours.

The two were once political buddies and those who remember well, when Besigye formed pressure group codenamed Walk to Work shortly after 2011 elections, Mpuuga was ordained the National Cordinator, an assignment he had performed perfectly.
However, during the struggle, the two parted ways and it’s believed issues rotated around money.
Since then, KB started sidelining Mpuuga and he has never been his choice for LOP and Mpuuga knows KB doesn’t want him.
Now that Besigye is at the crossroad, he is seeking for Mpuuga’s permission to meet opposition MPS and because of this background, his chances to meet them are very slim.
This is a real catch 22 situation for Besigye’s Red Card front.

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