PHOTO: Hon. Mayanja during elections in Kayunga


THE just concluded Kayunga LC5 by-election organised by the National Electoral Commission under Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama and his fellow dishonest team, has been the most bogus and sham electoral process this country has ever had! Yet again, this election reminded us of how the past elections have always been conducted under Museveni’s rule and directives. 
Let it go on record that, this by-election was been characterised by State mercenaries, abuse of human rights against the NUP members and supporters, waste of the tax payers’ money, oppression, bribery, intimidation, illegal arrests of NUP Members of Parliament and candidate Harriet Nakweede’s agents, unnecessary deployment of the army and other security organs, use of the gun, violence, impunity, ballot stuffing, but above all poor governance and lack of democracy in our country! 

Hon. Nakweede with Lubaga South MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa after he was released with a group of councilors who were arrested and blocked from supervising and ptotecting NUP candidate

All declaration forms of the NUP candidate clearly indicated how our candidate Harriet Nakweede emerged the best overall but its sad, Kayunga Returning officer Kyobutungi declared something different well knowing that she was lying.
The declaration of NRM candidate Andrew Muwonge by Ms. Kyobutungi exposed Electoral Commission as a partisan, incompetent, full of NRM cadres and too shameless. 
In fact, Mr. Byabakama is worse than Badru Kiggundu the former Electoral Commission Chairperson. 
In order for the junta to exercise freely their unpatriotic conduct and unlawful behaviour especially during campaigns and elections, the junta censored all Civil Society Organisations like CCEDU, GLISS and others from doing their civic role. You must all have witnessed that these Organisations were not present in Kayunga, so you wonder who shall give the nation a comprehensive report about the Kayunga by-election!
Mr. Museveni had better declare that there are no elections in this country other than pretending and lying to the World that in Uganda we have free and fair elections. That is total lie. 
It is sad that he uses all government institutions to retain him in power and satisfy his other desires! As NUP, we are not a national resistance Party like how NRM is. We believe in good governance and democracy.
Apparently, what Museveni is doing is a provocation which would make us think otherwise. As for the struggle, we have won the Kayunga by-election though the junta openly rigged through their unpopular candidate.
We now wait for our Party’s official stand on this election. Meanwhile, let the struggle continue to liberate our country from dictatorship and family rule amidst many challenges. 
Viva, NUP, Viva, Harriet Nakweede, Kayunga district choice. People Power Our Power!

The writer, Hon. Allan Mayanja Sebunya, Nakaseke Central NUP Member of Parliament. WhatsApp 0777707239


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