GROUP PHOTO: Speaker Oulanyah with NRM Delegates in Westnile today


THE 11th Parliament Speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah who doubles as ruling NRM Vice chairman in charge of Northern Uganda has rallied party delegates to unite and consolidate NRM support in the region.
He has reassured Northern Uganda of  his resolve to see the NRM party take more space at parliamentary level and all local governments to effectively serve the people and ensure they benefit from the government programmes. 
Speaker Oulanyah is on a tour in Northern Uganda, meeting delegates from the three Sub regions to thank them for resoundingly voting NRM in the recently concluded elections, for voting President Museveni, voting him as NRM vice chairman and for their support during race for Speakership.
He today started his tour in Westnile Sub region where he called for cohesion and teamwork from the NRM leaders if they are to fully implement the NRM Manifesto 2021-2026 and consolidate support for the ruling party. 
Oulanyah said, “Today i have met Westnile NRM delegates in Arua City on socio-economic transformation, maintenance of our beautiful country’s peace and unity, and implementation of NRM Manifesto 2021-2026. I thanked them for masively voting NRM and electing me as the NRM Vice Chairperson, Northern Uganda.”

The meeting held in Arua city was attended by State minister for Northern Uganda, Grace Kwiyucwiny, State minister for Urban Development Obiga Kania, MPs Hon Atima Jackson, Hon Feta Geofrey, Hon Hassim Sulaiman, Hon Acibu Agnes, Hon Adriko Yovani, Hon Maneno Zumura, Hon Leku Joel, Hon Afidra Ronald, Hon Musa Noah, Hon Bhoka George, Hon Tom Azia, Hon Lillian Paparu, Hon Alioni Yorke, Hon James Baba, Hon Akumu Mavenjina, Hon Ezama Siraji, Hon Joanne Okia, Hon Avako Melisa, Hon Isaac Otimgiw, Hon Etuka Isaac, Hajati Medina Naham, Director Finance and Administration and other NRM structure leaders. 
“We have to keep the commitment made to people through our manifesto by ensuring that, it is effectively implemented during budget planning and at implementation level. Why should our people be left in darkness about the NRM government’s programs and projects in their area, that shouldn’t happen, they must know what government is doing for them at all levels” he noted. 
The meeting attracted leaders from the districts of Arua, Arua City, Madi Okollo, Obongi, Adjumani, Zombo, Nebbi, Pakwach, Maracha, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo and Terego who appreciated  Oulanyah for the great customer initiative undertaken to mobilize and engage the population, as it was the first of it’s kind since NRM transited from a movement system to a fully fledged political party. 
Oulanyah said that the purpose of these meetings is to re-energize the NRM structures, share experiences and challenges on how to grow the Party and implement the NRM Manifesto which is geared towards improved service delivery.
“I can confirm to you that we as people from northern Uganda, have had a fair share of bad performance but now with my leadership we will never slumber again and must take up all electoral positions of government to effectively serve our people as we implement the manifesto”. Said Speaker Oulanyah. 
He assured the people of Northern Uganda that President Yoweri Museveni is committed to the transformation of this region with it’s huge potential and next year West Nile will be connected to National Grid to foster rapid Industrialization and creation of employment for the youth and women. The President is so passionate about the region and working around the clock to deliver to his promises.

Rt. Hon Oulanyah promised the NRM leaders in West Nile that he will soon open up sub regional offices under his office as vice chair to help coordinate and monitor the planning, budgeting and implementation of government programs to ensure people benefit from them. 
Late in the afternoon, The Speaker of Parliament visited the farm of Hon Alioni Odria (Aringa South), in Ajia, Vurra County in Arua. 
The farm that specializes in mango seedlings, employs up to 56 people. It has over 1.2m seedlings and 60,000 have undergone grafting and ready for distribution. 
Oulanyah called upon legislators to embrace agriculture and bought for himself some seedlings.
From Westnile Sub region, Speaker Oulanyah will tomorrow be Acholi region and on Wednesday he will meet NRM delegates in Lango Sub region.
The regional meetings are coordinated by the Regional Government Whips Hon Atima Jackson for West Nile, Hon Anywar Ricky- Acholi and Hon Ayoo Tonny- Lango who are now charged with ensuring government programs are seen, felt, coordinated and people participate in them for social economic transformation.
This comes at a time when Dr. Kizza Besigye’s has invaded Northen Uganda to preach gospel about the Red card Front political pressure group.
Analysts say, Besigye wants to reclaim his support in Northern Uganda which was taken over by NRM in January 2021 general elections. Thanks to President Museveni’s brother Gen. Salim Saleh who camped in Northern Uganda and the role played by Jacob Oulanyah. Opposition lost this region. The Speaker wants this support maintained.

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