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PRESIDENT Museveni’s recent utterances that Buganda Land Board (BLB), is illegal and him directing ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party mobilisers to spread this gospel, has been strongly challenged by former NRA bush war Hero Rtd. Major Alhaji Abdulahman Nadduli. 
Nadduli is a former minister without portfolio in the Cabinet of Uganda. He was appointed to that position on 6th June 2016, a position he served in until 14 December 2019.
Museveni wrote, “Resist land evictions for Bibanja owners and work for the emancipation of the Bibanja owners and compensation of the exploitative Mailo owner. Resist all schemes of okutemako (cut pieces from) of the Bibanja owners’ land or kyaapa mungalo (“leases” given by the illegal Buganda Land Board).”
Mengo, the seat of Buganda Kingdom, described President Yoweri Museveni’s remarks that the Buganda Land Board (BLB) is an illegal entity, as “contradictory” to the laws relating to the establishment of companies in the country.
Without mincing words, Alhaji Nadduli has said, “The Head of State is being misled by opportunists and enemies of Buganda Kingdom into a battle with Kabaka’s subjects which is costly yet it can be avoided.”
For starters, Buganda Land Board is a professional body set up by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda and entrusted to manage Buganda Kingdom land and property that was returned under the Restitution of Assets and Properties Act of 1993, Cap. 247. 
BLB is fully registered under the laws in Uganda governing companies. It can sue and be sued. Since its creation, it has been paying Government taxes, employs hundreds of youth and has perfectly managed Kingdom assets and properties wherever they are.

In a radio interview with senior journalist Alex Nsubuga who works with Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) on Friday last week, outspoken Haji Nadduli said, “I am older than President Museveni and I verily know what I am talking about. Buganda Land Board (BLB) was formed as far as 1962 to manage Kingdom land. You can’t refer to an organisation older than NRM we brought in 1986 as illegal.”
Haji Nadduli was recruited by then NRA rebel leader Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 20th February 1981 at Makulubita, Luweero, 14 days after rebel attacks on ruling government were launched in Mubende on 6th February 1981.
In fact according to the Kingdom’s attorney general, Owek. Christopher Bwanika, the Kabaka, who is a corporation sole and the legal personality of the kingdom, legally incorporated BLB to run land-related activities of the kingdom.
“It may differ from the statutory Buganda Land Board, which was in the 1962 Constitution because that one, when the constitution was abrogated in 1966 and the subsequent 1967 Constitution was enacted, that Buganda Land Board was abolished.
However, remember the Constitution was amended by the current Government to restore cultural leaders. So, the current Kabaka was restored under Article 246 of the Constitution. This makes him a corporation sole and the legal personality of the kingdom. The same Kabaka, who reigns on the throne, is also the institution,”
he said.
“So, the Kabaka incorporated a company called Buganda Land Board Ltd to run the land entrusted to him and his office as Kabaka of Buganda. You see, individuals could not go to survey the land and process titles, he has to have agencies as an institution and the law allows him to incorporate them, and he did incorporate Buganda Land Board to run the land that the Kabaka holds in trust for the people,” he added.
However, Bwanika said BLB is a legal entity that is entitled to legally run the affairs of land in the kingdom and on behalf of Kabaka’s subjects.
“Now to rally people to fight it defeats our understanding. It is contradictory to say it is illegal. Buganda Land Board is entitled to operate under the law as a registered company. It should be treated equally as other companies. Once a certificate of incorporation is issued by government, it is conclusive evidence of legal existence.
Therefore, any statement to say that Buganda Land Board is illegal is contradictory and contrary to law, because Buganda Land Board is registered as a company,” Bwanika said.

Haji Nadduli, the former DP strong man who headed party mobilisations in Greater Luweero, was identified by Museveni to mobilize for NRA a responsibility he perfectly carried out, no wonder Luweero Triangle embraced this guerilla war.
However, before Nadduli agreed to mobilize for NRM rebels, the two, him and Museveni had a 3 hours meeting to agree on principles before he takes on the responsibility. This is what Haji Nadduli commonly refers to as Endagaano yo mu kasaka (M.O.U made while in forest).
Nadduli set up tough terms which included restoration of Kabaka after the war is done which Museveni agreed. Then the rebel leader made Nadduli a Lieutenant by the virtue of his education, popularity and vigor to mobilize Buganda people to support, join and bankroll the guerrilla war.
“So if I come in to ask the President not to be misled on matters of Buganda Land Board by the likes of minister Sam Mayanja, I know what I am talking about. Some of those people don’t know the price paid by Kabaka’s people for this government to come to power.” Said Nadduli who sounded angry and disappointed.
Haji Nadduli who proudly says he was the first bush war doctor to treat rebels before Dr. Kizza Besigye joined the rebels in 1982, revealed that Buganda Land Board was first formed by Sir Edward Muteesa II, then Kabaka of Buganda and the 1st President of Uganda.
“BLB was formed to manage and protect Kabaka’s land and other properties returned by the Her Majesty the Queen of England during Buganda’s independence on 8th October 1962, 59 years ago. You who has just come, how can you say BLB is illegal?” Asked Haji Abdul Nadduli.
Nadduli lectured that, after the 1966 Buganda crisis when Prime minister Dr. Apollo Milton Obote carried out a coup on Muteesa’s government and exiled him. On September 17th 1967 he launched a new Constitution, in which he confiscated Kabaka’s land plus properties and later placed them under Uganda Land Commission.
However, under the 1995 Constitution, they were returned and this is when His Majesty Kabaka formed BLB to manage Kingdom land and properties.
When Alex Nsubuga asked about State Lands Minister Sam Mayanja who leads a campaign against Buganda Land Board, Haji Nadduli had no kind words for this minister. 
He said, “Sam Mayanja is like Besweri Mulondo who betrayed Buganda on Federo. He is totally ignorant about what he is saying. Just ignore him, I don’t have time for such minds.”
Nadduli advised Mayanja to instead seek for legal redress in courts of law if he is sure of what he preaches against Buganda Land Board. 
On what Mayanja says that Buganda Land Board is to blame for the rampant land grabbing and evictions in Uganda, Haji Nadduli said this minister has a problem and needs urgent help.
He agreed with what Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga said that if Buganda Land Board is illegal, so is Uganda Government because they are both rooted in the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. 

He was born in 1942 in Kaddunda, Kapeeka Subcounty in Bulemeezi, one of the 18 counties making up Buganda Kingdom. Before joining the guerilla war, he was both a primary and secondary teacher. He also practiced as a medical worker.
Nadduli worked as a mobilizer during the 1981-1986 bush war.
When the war ended, Nadduli was appointed Political commissar in Bombo barracks. With other 14 army officers who included 
Late Mbajja, late Kisuze and Kaddu John, he was retired from army.
He became the secretary for mobilization and education in Luweero.
In 1998, Nadduli contested for LCV chairman and he won an office he occupied for three terms. 
He served as NRM Vice chairman Buganda region until late last year when he handed over this office to Hon. Ssalongo Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi.
A graduate of Social Works and Social Administration at Bugema University, he started his education at Kabasanda in Butambala from where he completed J1 and J2. Nadduli’s father was a Kabaka’s chief and a judge.

By the time Museveni sent for Nadduli for talks so that he can agree to join NRA rebels, he was the Democratic Party Chairman central Luweero, present day Katikamu North and south.
He was also the DP chairman in Makulubita Subcounty and also served as vice publicity DP in Luweero an area which included; Luweero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola. 
In fact during 1980 elections, Nadduli took through four representatives who included; Kisamba Mugerwa (Bamunaanika), Dr. Balirwana Ssemambo (central), Ssenteza (Nakaseke) and Katalikaawe Elismus (Buruuli).

It manages Buganda Kingdom properties. such property includes among others; The Bulange, The Lubiri at Mengo, The Butikkiro, The Buganda Court Building, Kabaka’s official 350 sq. miles of land, Namasole’s 10 sq miles of land, Bannaalinya’s official Land, Kabaka’s lake, Former Omulamuzi and Omuwanika’s official residencies at Mengo, Land Adjacent to the Mengo Lubiri on which Buganda Ministerial Houses used to stand, all Bassekabaka’s Tombs, Buganda Works Building at Kakeeka, Basiima House and Nnaalinya’s House at Lubaga.
Furthermore, the assets under its mandate extend to include all those as outlined by the Memorandum of Understanding between the President of Uganda and His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda in August 2013. They include former estates of Buganda Kingdom Comprising:
▪ Land in urban centres or towns
▪ Land where former administration headquarters i.e; Counties and Subcounties were situated.
▪ Land not claimed, utilized or occupied by any lawful or bonafide occupant. 
▪ Land on Mityana Road (Jjeza Farm)
▪ Former Buganda Kingdom Markets

Buganda Land Board has branches and service centres in all the 18 counties of Buganda to offer effective service delivery to all his clients.

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