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ADAM Goucher was indeed right to say, “I love controlling a race, chewing up opponents… It’s raw, animalistic, with no one to rely on but yourself. There is no better feeling than that,” 
Rubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa who has been the chief runner of Kabaka’s birthday run organised in Busega, Rubaga Division today morning defeated a group of councilors and other participants to emerge as the over all winner.
Since yesterday, some Rubaga councilors vowed to make this legislator who is believed to be one of the richest MPs in 11th Parliament, sweat plasma come today’s Kabaka’s birthday run! 
They thought they had it won but it was not to be. Hon. Mukasa reached the finishing line before any one. He ran the race of his life. The NUP’s fire brand ran for 15 kilometres without resting making councilors and other participants to nick name him ‘Kiprotich’, who was the first Athelete to win for Uganda a gold medal since 1972.

Wherever Mukasa passed, he looked as if he had an engine inside his body which enabled him run non-stop while a big number of runners instead resorted to walking and others stopped on the way and went back to Busega.
At the start, Hon. Mukasa did not look like he will make it to the finishing line but unexpectedly surged to the front and pulled away. Every one was shocked when he ran like a wild Kob winning the Kabaka’s birthday run in Busega. 
Every where he passed, Rubaga South people were heard chanting his name which must have morale boosted him to run faster than all other participants. He only waved at them as he soldiered on.
Among councilors who participated in the marathon are; Aisha Nagudi, Betty Najjengo, Leah Nanyange, Magoma, Kizito Sumayiya, Vicky, Mutumba Ivan, Mukasa George Norman, Chairman Buwembo, Ssegrinya and others.
Runners set off from Busega Kibumbiro, took the road connecting to a newly constructed Busega market, connected to Busega round about, to Nateete road, branched off at Dome, then to St. Camel Catholic Church, to Kigagga, the Makaayi Church of Uganda, took the road to Mwanamugimu and then rerurned to Busega Kibumbiro where the Member of Parliament addressed hundreds of Kabaka’s subjects.
Hon. Mukasa saluted His Majesty Kabaka for the fight against deadly HIV/AIDS and urged girl child not to involve themselves in love affairs when they are still in school.

“The Kabaka’s birth day run 2021 follows the theme; ‘Men fighting against HIV/AIDS to protect the girl child.’ We salute Kabaka for his wise leadership, he indeed wants all his subjects to be healthy. That is why today morning, he flagged off all runners country wide at Mengo palace.”
“The campaign against HIV/AIDS is real, let’s support it, let’s protect our girls. I call upon the girl child to resist the temptation of getting involved in love relationships before marriage.This is the safest way to protect them from getting infected with AIDS.” MP Mukasa told Kabaka’s people. 
Mengo officials in present thanked MP Mukasa who bought over 500 kits for his constituents to enable them participate in Kabaka’s birth day run.
Later on, Mukasa held a meeting with Rubaga South councilors at Access gardens in Lungujja in which they agreed to work as a team and serve Lubaga people perfectly.

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