Gen. Museveni and son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi in army combats


PREPARATION of a suitable heir to take over State House after President Museveni, is in high gear! 
It’s true President Museveni has not announced his exit plan but insiders say, with a succession war on-going in State House especially between camp First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba and camp Son-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo, God should prevail! Gen. Muhoozi is the commander of Land Forces
It looks like each camp is very much determined and no one is willing to let it go. Recently there was a hot debate on a certain MPS’ WhatsApp group about who, between Muhoozi and Rwabwogo should take this coveted seat.
Although Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo who is a son-in-law to the President has strongly denied any interest in the Presidency, his supporters are already spreading the gospel, showing how all is set for Patience Museveni’s husband to tussle it out with Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for the top office of the land. Camp Muhoozi says they are ready to carry on the mantle if President Museveni chooses to throw in the towel.

In a statement Rwabwogo released a few days ago, he said, those bringing his name into issues of succession are instead promoting themselves at his expense.
The two pager statement reads, “They assume that if they throw my name in this melee, it makes their games appear legitimate and credible. This is wrong. Munsaanze nga ndaba, amaaso ngakanude bulungi. You will not use me or anyone I work with in this undisciplined and aimless behaviour.”
“The people behind it know there is no election going on now and we only got out of one a few months back. I was not a participant in this election and therefore I am not petitioning for anything. Why would I or anyone project themselves in a non-existent contest now? What outcome would one be aiming at? Who is this with time on their hands for these distractive games at a time when the country is moving forward with the work of healing rifts provoked by the recent elections?” Asks Odrek Rwabwogo.
He however admitted that he meets some groups of people and said, “To many young people that I meet in our teaching sessions, I implore you to focus on the greater issues of our country especially the need for finding solutions to build an economy that, like rising waters, lifts all boats to the shore, to seek out what unites us and shun the use of underhand methods as a means of getting into leadership.”
“Anyone who has worked with us can easily surmise these are not our work methods. We always seek an honest, deeply engaging and thoughtful debate about what needs to be done. This is because we know that Leadership is not positions and titles. It is hard and thankless work and without a genuine calling, few can sustain the pain of the marathon and the loneliness of hard decision making.” Reads Odrek Rwabwogo’s statement.
We shall come back to this later……

In a leaked letter addressed to all Municipality and Division youth leaders through the National cordinator National Youth Council, they are all invited for a luncheon at Sheraton Hotel. 
However, according to the organizers who call themselves ‘Friends of Muhoozi’, this function is about celebrating the achievements of Gen. Muhoozi. 

Political analysts say, if this function happens to take place, it will send signals that the Muhoozi project is real and unstoppable.
Letter reads, “We are pleased to invite you at the luncheon to be held on 27th November 2021 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala at 12:30pm. The event has been organised by the Friends of Muhoozi.” 
Under theme, ‘Celebrating the achievements of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi’, Friends of Muhoozi say, “We are deeply honored and pleased to invite you as youth leaders as we are aware of your expertise and experience. Your graceful presence will be truly a source of inspiration for our members and it will gear up our efforts.”

An invitation letter signed by Chairman Lyvine Julius Kashungi and his Vice Arinda Carol says, “We are sure your presence will make the occasion more cherished for me and entire team.”
Although Gen. Muhoozi is unclear on his bid whether he is willing to takeover after dad, his close friends are everywhere on social media campaigning.
Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, about five days ago posted on his Facebook that, “USA did it with President George W Bush Jr, Kenya has done it with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Chad with Idriss Deby among others. Why not Uganda with Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba?”
“My candidates of Choice now Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and soon Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will come in. Present Candidate of your choice as well. The lines are clear everyone should Stick to his or her lane.” Posted Mr. Balaam.
He said, Muhoozi project is the best gift for Uganda because the First son was born into a wealthy family and so he is not into accumulating material things like most African leaders from poor background. 
Balam says, Gen. Muhoozi gave them green light to start the campaign. 
“The key attributes that make Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba our No1 choice are; he has more tangible and intrinsic values mentioned above. He commands  Respect,Patriotism,Transparency, courage,confidence,Humility, honesty etc. Step by step, process by process we shall make it.” Balaam posted on his Facebook page.
WhatsApp groups and other media platforms have been formed to spread the gospel. There is one called, ‘Group to the Chosen one Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’ and another one is, ‘GEN. MK FOR PRESIDENT’.

Dear Friends & Colleagues, I have seen some of my old media interview videos and images mischievously and callously 
re-edited and distributed in increasing proportions by some elements who I suspect are intent on creating a certain line of political posturing. In the past, I have ignored these but I am now compelled to respond given the probable import and interpretation of these images by some of you, my friends. These interviews and videos have been adulterated and presented as if they were conducted today yet they are more than six years old. The people doing this, I presume are seeking to create the impression that there are some ‘special people’ in the Movement who are jostling for positions in the event of any form of succession and leadership in the party and/or country. 

For those who vend this thinking, there are two problems:
First, the people behind it know there is no election going on now and we only got out of one a few months back. I was not a participant in this election and therefore I am not petitioning for anything. Why would I or anyone project themselves in a non-existent contest now? What outcome would one be aiming at? Who is this with time on their hands for these distractive games at a time when the country is moving forward with the work of healing rifts provoked by the recent elections? Secondly, this fruitless social media campaign has an underlying intention of driving a wedge among supporters of the Movement as if the organization has neither structures nor system to make decisions about leadership renewal. I suspect this is enemy propaganda meant to cause unnecessary strife and it should be rejected. Anyone who falls for these stunts or is casual about their negative impact, is an adversary of our stability to which many gave their lives. 
This disinformation endangers the process of building institutions and undermines the very efforts we need to create certainty and predictability for Uganda’s politics. Perhaps the people behind this are unaware that institutions carry the collective hopes of a nation, marshals the strength of each individual to build a greater good and they are the only means of overcoming human limitations imposed by mortality. We should work hard to nurture and strengthen them instead of playing childishly against them. These people who act outside a system cannot be my comrades. They should know that Uganda is neither a monarchy nor is the Movement a tree for charlatan climbers to be abused by any illegitimate interests anyhow. Legitimacy in the Movement and in any organization is a function of merit, capability and contribution. These attributes can only grow from the soil called orderliness and watered by a stream called transparency.
To you who I work with or who have seen our efforts in the past and are genuinely confused by this contrived online gimmickry in pictures, I would like to assure you that I continue to work as a volunteer for building national collective values, support efforts to wean our youth from dizzying empty politics so they can concentrate on creating their own enterprises. 
Even if there might be some of you who admittedly see and appreciate something in our work, no one has come to me to consult on anything you see circulating on social media. I see these images just like many of you do and I have no hand in them. 
Don’t I have a right of say or to be consulted even if you wanted my opinion on these issues? In the 2015 NRM race, I did not hide behind any social media stunts to state my position. I went to all corners of our country, reaching out to many of our elders and to thousands of young people. We worked in broad daylight. I explained the issues of our time and what we need to do in a growing country with many challenges. We showed a way to fix some of these issues. 
Why would I now choose to hide behind social media trolls and circulate old campaign artifacts, if I wanted to run for any office? 
Therefore, anyone who falsely or deliberately positions me in this angling and elbowing for positions, really insults both our intelligence and the work we do. Leadership is a selfless and genuine internal search for purpose, meaning and contribution to an institution. Leadership is a carefully sought out choice about who is capable among many who might often not even see a similar direction but share concerns about an institution at a given time and circumstances. It is a negotiation with nature, multifaceted interests and the future. 
My favourite organizational management mentor, the late Peter Drucker, said “By themselves, character and integrity [in the search for leadership], do not accomplish much but their absence faults everything else”. Stay principled.
I Thank you
Farmer, Entrepreneur & Senior Presidential Advisor – Special Duties

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