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news website has gathered for you whatever is restricted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a country in Western Asia. 
For starters, Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East, and the second-largest country in the Arab world. It is bordered by Jordan and Iraq to the north, Kuwait to the northeast, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman to the southeast and Yemen to the south; it is separated from Egypt and Israel in the north-west by the Gulf of Aqaba. 
Its capital and largest city is Riyadh, with Mecca and Medina serving as important cultural and religious centers. The world’s second-largest religion, Islam, emerged in modern day Saudi Arabia.
Hundreds of Ugandan girls have been employed in Saudi Arabia as domestic workers. It is one of the most richest and beautiful countries you must visit before you die. 
Here are the 10 things prohibited in Saudi Arabia you must take note of before going there. Please read on;

    One of the first things you will have to take care of while travelling to Saudi Arabia is abstainance from liquor! Being a country that strictly follows the tenets of Islam, Saudi Arabia prohibits the sale and consumption of intoxicating drinks. If you are spotted drinking or getting tipsy, you can be subjected to lashes, deportation, hefty fines or even put behind the bars. It is also advised not to drink even on the Plane when you are on flight to this country. 
    Islam does not allow the consumption of pork and Saudi Arabia strictly adheres to this principle. So, don’t expect to go on a full English breakfast with sausages and bacon or a Ham Sandwich when you are in this country. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you will not be allowed to consume pork in any form and generally, only ‘Halal’ foods are available in this country. Even anything that’s pork-flavoured like chips and other snacks can not be consumed. 
    Possessing adult content on your phone, tablet, computer or any electronic device could land you into serious trouble. Saudi Arabia has blocked all such websites to abstain it’s people from consuming the content. So, if you are sharing such content including pictures or videos, you will get into trouble. Even illustrations of such type, especially those of women, are strictly not allowed. In fact, custom officials are directed to scan your devices for any content that is against the law before letting you enter their country. 
    If you want to get cosy with your significant other in public, think twice when you are in Saudi Arabia. Any public display of affection is looked down upon in this country. Tourists displaying PDA can be fined under the Public Decency Code of Saudi Arabia and the maximum fine is almost $800. Any public display of affection should NOT be indulged in, as it may not be very welcoming. 
    This day which is celebrated annually as a festive of love on 14th day of February, in Saudi Arabia it is considered a Christian occasion. In this country, valentines day was prohibited in 2008 and has never been permitted again to be celebrated. In 2018, the Authorities eased the restrictions a little and the Saudis celebrated the day. For the first time, shops in Saudi Arabia displayed little red tokens of love for those willing to celebrate. 
    Well, not all forms of socializing are disallowed in Saudi Arabia. However, intermingling of men and Women at malls and restaurants is generally not welcome. Unless they are your family members, socializing with opposite gender is not allowed. Generally, men and women are separated at social places. However, the stringent was relaxed in 2019. While foreigners may be excluded from this law, it’s better to be aware about the social situation in Saudi Arabia. 
    While photography is not prohibited in itself,  it is strictly regulated. Firstly, photographing a Saudi without their consent or express permission is against the law. The fine can go up to $300. Also photographing government buildings, military facilities and Palaces is not allowed. This is prohibited due to National security reasons.
    As per Saudi Arabia’s Public Decency Laws, men as well as women are advised not to put on shorts and to ‘dress modestly’. While the rules are not strict to the children, young adults and older people are expected to follow the norms. It’s true, the country is moving towards a relaxed dress code but outsiders, especially women have to be careful with the way they dress up in this country. Women can not wear shorts unless they are covered by the robe. 
    For decades, Saudi Arabia did not allow playing music in public at all. But with more liberal measures being introduced in this country, these days music can be heard in public. It is however very important to note that, playing music loudly is a taboo and can easily land you into trouble. This law has to be observed especially during each of the 20-minute prayer times that happens five times a day.
  10. DABBING 
    The viral dance move called ‘Dabbing’ became popular worldwide in 2017. However, you can not flaunt it while in Saudi Arabia.The country’s Ministry of National Commission disallowed people from displaying the dance move due to its association with the substance culture. The decision was taken after a Saudi TV host was filmed dabbing at a Music festival in Taif. 

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