ABOVE: Mayanja, top crusader against Private Mailo land and busuulu paid by bibanja holders


PRESIDENT Museveni’s junior Minister for Lands Sam Mayanja is in trouble over statements he made shortly after his appointment as junior minister for lands calling for the cancellation of all titles for Kabaka’s land. 
Public has warned him to be careful and avoid making such ‘reckless’ statements because they intend to incite Kabaka’s subjects who are able to do everything possible in protecting their King against those attacking his Kingdom.
In a press interview with Daily Monitor Newspaper shortly after his appointment, Mayanja called for the abolishment of Mailo land tenure system in Uganda with the prime target of taking away Kabaka’s land. 

His hate gospel is also against compensating private Mailo owners especially Kabaka, saying that they got the land free of charge.
In Mayanja’s wisdom, government should do away with Mailo land tenure because it is the major cause of land evictions.
He incited bibanja holders in Buganda not to compensate private mailo land owners like Kabaka, something that has caused harsh public reactions on his story published by Daily Monitor Newspaper on Sunday 4th July 2021 and shared on Facebook. 
Reading through hundreds of comments, public is accusing the minister of being used by the enemies of Buganda to take away Kabaka’s land, a deal his subjects have vowed to fail. 
Ali Kayemba has warned that, “Land is going to cause problems to this government. Mayanja is pressing a wrong button. He is being used to grab our land which they are occupying illegally. That is treading of a wrong move.”
One Godfrey Webale Wapipi has written that, “Counsel Mayanja don’t soil your reputation and that of your law firm at least. What you are chasing for is unpopular and deadly. I am not a Muganda but I see Covid-20 in your thoughts.” Mayanja is a partner at Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA), one of the biggest law firms in Kampala.
Thomas Snider Ejotu said, “Bibanja holders have peacefully lived on Mailo land for over 100 years and there has never been any issue of land evictions until those who think everyone should own land in Buganda came in to start disturbing the poor.”
Veteran journalist Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi who was last week appointed Deputy RCC Masaka City said, most of the evictions are not on private Mailo estates like Minister Mayanja alleges, but on public land and most of the new owners are non Baganda.
“Even evictions on private Mailo estates are mostly done by new owners most of them non Baganda.” Noted Deputy RCC Kateregga.
Counsel Lwetutte told us that, as a lawyer, he hopes minister Sam Mayanja understands that for his proposal to succeed, it will require constitutional and legal changes of seismic proportions. 
It will require a major shift from the key tenets of a free market economy – the respect for property rights and adequate compensation. 
“This has the potential for far-reaching repercussions for the country as an investment destination and the national economy. If non citizens, the departed Asians, were compensated under pressure from the international community for their property, which law worth the name can hope to deprive citizens of property at variance with national and international law? “Asked counsel Lwetutte.

Buyungo BE U Richardis: The Land law is very clear, these baseless suggestions by the minister won’t work.
Bukenya Hakim: Where is this minister coming from? That law won’t work in Buganda. He is just looking for wars.
Henry Brian Namuyimba Ssembatya: This minister was appointed basically to tussle it out with Buganda. You won’t win this battle sir.
Mosz Mwesigwa: Simple advice to bibanja holders, continue paying busuulu to the landlords because no minister will be there to rescue you in the judicial courts.The judges base their arguments on the law.
Brian Kabugo Bisase: The minister doesn’t make laws. His directives are not legaly binding. Bibanja holders please don’t buy into these lies. Just follow the law and pay busuulu.
Kasule T Bruno: Trying to treat symptoms of malaria by taking panadol. Involve stakeholders in every step. Hate driven decisions may not be a long term solution.
Tom Bogere: Why? And when did it start? Now you are trying to create a misunderstanding between Landowners and bibanja holders so that you get a way of abolishing Mailo land tenure.  We are watching you guys! 
Niwi Wilson: Minister Mayanja we don’t want your projects. For us bibanja holders we shall negotiate with the landlords. We don’t want to pull ropes with them.
Richard Bin Nakayenga: Mr. Mayanja, you are creating a crisis then. May be you want mailo land to be sold off.
Kayanja Arnold: Stop playing with issues related to land. Stop playing games. People have always lived in harmony with one another. Your motive is up to no good. It is you stirring things up for reasons best known to you.
Ambrose Kituuka: Dear minister, we are all not thieves. We are willing to continue paying the monarch what is due. 
Christine Nassimbwa: I see this intended to steal our land yet it is very hard for Baganda to own land in other regions like Western parts of the country.
Slva Nk: Who has complained about this land tenure system? Where does the minister get it from? All we are reading is that government wants to take up ownership of land just like it is in Tanzania, Rwanda among other countries. Here the land problem is entirely caused by land grabbers who are big names, some in government, politicians, military personnels and shrewd businessmen. Why doesnt the minister deal with those first to show that he is working? Why is this minister disturbing the peace of bibanja holders with their land lords?  
Rogers Muyinza: Sorry minister Mayanja, we the bibanja holders shall always be obedient to landlords.
Zann Arafat: Uganda will be stronger if we respect our diversity….total federalism based on ethenicity is the only solution to land problem in Uganda.
Robert Tebandeke Kepler: The minster should be reminded that land evictions don’t only exist in Buganda but also in other parts of the country. Why then come up with laws which are looked at as targeting a particular region. Let him tell us the hidden motive behind this.
Kateregga Jimmy: It is true, not that every one can afford to buy land. Others buy bibanja. That is the advantage the Kibanja system. It enables those who would otherwise have no where to settle get where to settle. It is the reason, Buganda has no landless people not like it is in other regions like Kigezi and Bunyoro.
Sulaina Nakato: So the minister wants us to think that when you rent a house it becomes yours? Know what you are buying. If you want land, pay for land. If it is a Kibanja, then be ready to pay busuulu to the land lord. That is what the law stipulates.
Zenj Quality Dreadlocks centre: What about us who are renting and have stayed in the same houses for 5years, should our landlords also give us ownership? Tell me minister Mayanja.
Masagazi Lukiya Nampeera: It is very unfortunate, every one with power is against mailo land. Is it jealous or it is their way of governing? This was between the government of Buganda and the British government. Here comes a mere minister driving what he doesn’t know.
Save Uganda International: But I think the problem isn’t about Mailo land but land grabbers who sometimes are guarded by armed men in uniform. And I think, each region should find lasting solutions for land issues.
Barnabas Kirwisa: The minister looks to be so antagonistic against Baganda/Mengo. Was this Muganda purposely appointed to be used in battles against Kabaka?

In Part II of this story, our investigations team will unmask Minister Mayanja, his family back ground and why he has been fighting Kabaka. For comments/views about this story, sms 0792735159 or email:


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