Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi and wife Zahara when they hosted MP Zaake and wife Bridget Namirembe for Eid celebration in May this year


ALTHOUGH he has been considered to be the weakest among the four top NUP legislators who were vying for the chairperson Buganda caucus in the 11th Parliament, Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi dictated that Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi be the party candidate for the seat.
Kyagulanyi therefore, directed that, Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga (Busujju County), Hon Aloysius Mukasa (Lubaga South -Kyaddondo county) and Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke (Mukono Municipality -Kyaggwe county) step aside for Muwanga Kivumbi.
The three, Kalwanga, Mukasa and Nambooze had started campaigns a bit earlier, mobilizing fellow members of Parliament through media platforms and holding direct meetings with them, they even consulted opinion leaders who gave them a green light.
Like all other campaigns, each camp must have put in money to make sure their candidate wins this very important assignment, an office Buganda Kingdom badly needs more than ever before amidst challenges and direct attacks from the powers that be in Central government.

On Tuesday, orders came from Kamwokya NUP Headquarters, directing all the 57 Party MPs to elect Muwanga Kivumbi, Buganda caucus chairperson.
We were reliably informed, before the Party Principal left country for official duties, he directed that, the seat be preserved for Muwanga Kivumbi.
This directive was communicated to all contenders who were therefore asked to step down for him.

Lubaga South MP Hon. Aloysius Mukasa was the first to respect the directive. Earlier today, Mukasa told this Online Media that he can’t go against the Party position. 

“I was privately approached by the party leaders and asked to step down for my colleague Muwanga Kivumbi.” Revealed Hon. Aloysius Mukasa.
He told us, “It’s true, with my campaign team led by Hon. Derrick Nyeko and Hon. Hassan Kirumira, we had put up a formidable campaign team at Parliament and we were winning but the party had a different position. Because we are here to serve our people and abide by the party decisions,  I agreed to step down and embarked on calling upon my supporters to vote Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi.”

Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga, another candidate whose chances were very clear to win this seat looking at his unmeasurable contribution to the Buganda Kingdom especially through Masaza Tournament and Ettoffaali, also stepped down in respect of the Party position. He was however considered as the caucus Treasurer.

Caucus Treasurer Hon. Kalwanga (right) with LOP Mpuuga
All indicators showed that it was either Kalwanga or Mukasa who would win this race but the party stepped in and gave it to Muwanga Kivumbi who was clearly not a favorite. 

For Hon. Betty Nambooze and Hon. Dr. Abed Bwanika, until yesterday, their camps were still protesting against Kyagulanyi’s decision referring to it as an act of dictatorship which should be fought at an early stage.
“We are worried, our party risks taking NRM path where orders come from above like you all saw what happened with the election of the Speaker of Parliament. Mr. Museveni dictated who he wanted against what NRM members wanted.” Said Nambooze camp, adding, “We all think, a political party in a democratic way should leave members to elect who their leader is not dictating or giving them directives. We will end up giving them an unpopular leader.

In Nambooze’s view, the party had to stay away from this election or do it in a democratic way for all MPs to be given a chance to elect a leader of their choice. This was not done.

On May 28th 2021 when NUP President appointed Nyendo-Mukungwe MP Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba the Leader of opposition (LOP), he also assigned other Members of Parliament to lead different committees and other responsibilities.
Muwanga Kivumbi was not considered and many didn’t know why. Those appointed then are; Manjiya County MP John Baptist Nambeshe (Opposition Chief Whip), Hon. Francis Zaake (Commissioner for Parliament) and Medard Lubega Segona appointed Chairperson PAC deputised by Hon. Asuman Basalirwa. Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi (Chairperson COSASE), Hon. Betty Nambooze (Chairperson Gov’t Assurance), Hon. Ojara Martin (Chairperson Local Government Accounts Committee) deputised by Hon. Luttamaguzi Ssemakula. Hon. David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga was appointed to the Common Wealth Parliament.
Insiders say, it wasnt a mistake to leave out Kivumbi, the party preserved him for the big assignment of the Buganda caucus chairperson.
In fact when Kalwanga the would be winner was being convinced to step down for Kivumbi, Bobi allegedly told him, “You see, I sent you to the Common Wealth Parliament. You are already deployed. The party did not deploy Hon. Kivumbi. First of all you will be very busy in and out of the country, you may not manage to run Buganda caucus. Kindly, let us give it to Hon. Kivumbi.”
Secondly, Kyagulanyi wanted to give it to Muslims as a reward for supporting him during the recently concluded presidential elections.
This is one of the powerful positions which Kyagulanyi has given to Muslims.
Thirdly, we are told, LOP Mpuuga and Commissioner Hon. Zaake played a very important role in selling Kivumbi to Kyagulanyi.
Muwanga is a member of the SSUUBI Buganda group with Mpuuga, Lord mayor Lukwago and Medard Sseggona, among others. This pressure group was formed in 2010 to help Pro-Buganda politicians win 2011 elections. Most of these were Democratic Party members fought by President General Nobert Mao.
Other contenders like Kalwanga and Mukasa are not members of the SSUBI group. For Nambooze, she had serious issues with Mengo and Mpuuga personally asked Bobi not to allow her head Buganda caucus. We are also told, some calls directly came from some power corridors in Mengo ordering Bobi to lock out Nambooze as a price for attacking Premier Mayiga. Notably, Mpuuga and Sseggona are great Mayiga friends.
They must have convinced him how Muwanga Kivumbi is the best candidate for the seat although, he normally dodges Kingdom functions and is not known for standing firm over Buganda issues.

For those who don’t know, Hon. Francis Zaake is among the top Kyagulanyi confidants. Before he takes any decision, the two first meet or call each other.
Kivumbi started positioning himself for this seat shortly after elections. He went closer to Zaake than any one else at the party headquarters where he has slim support.
In fact on Eid day on May 13th 2021, Muwanga Kivumbi and wife Zahara Nampewo invited Hon. Zaake and wife Bridget Namirembe at his home for the Eid celebration.
It’s believed, the two talked about the Buganda caucus leadership and Kivumbi asked Zaake to talk Kyagulanyi into allowing him to serve as the caucus chairperson.

When Hon. Kyagulanyi visited MP Zaake at his home in May

Before Zaake was hosted by Kivumbi, on May 2nd 2021 met Kyagulanyi and it’s believed this is when the two sealed the Kivumbi deal. Although it was kept a secret, the two leaders have been strategizing for Kivumbi. Finally, what you have seen today, is what Kyagulanyi and Zaake have been cooking. In an election boycotted by NRM MPs, Kivumbi was today elected Buganda caucus chairman deputised by Buikwe South DP MP Dr. Michael Lulume Bayiga. Treasurer is MP David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga, Ntenjeru MP Hon. Patrick Nsanja is the Secretary, Mukono South MP Kayondo (Welfare and Development), Mityana district woman MP Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa is the caucus spokeperson, Hon. Yusuf Nsibambi heads mobilisation, Dr. Christine Ndiwalana (External relations), Hon. Denis Ssekabira (Culture) and the liason of cabinet and the caucus is Mukono district woman MP Hon. Hanifer Nabukenya. At first, NRM MPs who are totaling to 37 wanted atleast to be given two slots, one for treasurer and the caucus spokesperson. But the majority NUP MPs refused saying, can only agree to give them Deputy chairperson and External relations slots but they rejected the offer. There was no elections, positions were given basing on mutual understanding. No one knows NRM’s plan B but it is suspected, they might form a parallel caucus.

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