A photo shared by Bobi Wine on his Facebook page showing his aides who were arrested during campaigns. Kabaka has called for their release


BUGANDA Kingdom Supreme leader Ronald Edward Frederick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II has called for immediate unconditional release of all political prisoners saying it was their constitutional right to support politicians of their choice. 
In his EASTER message, Kabaka asked God to calm down the anger, shame and pain of leaders not to persecute those who did not support them during the recently concluded General elections. He however did not mention any leader!
The 36th King of Buganda said, “We want to see justice arising from all election court petitions and all political prisoners freed.”
“Let the Resurrection of Jesus remind us the shed of blood, persecution and tears through which he saved the world. Following his footsteps, we also have to suffer and pay the price for others to be free.” Reads Kabaka’s Easter.
He however said, “We are surprised when we see what’s going on in our country these days is not in line of those who suffered and many shed blood.”
“We get sad to see leaders have failed to stop acts of hypocrisy, dictatorship, selfishness and enriching themselves on what is not theirs. We urge you not to dilute the essence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as you deny our people their freedom.” Said Kabaka Mutebi.
Wishing his Subjects a happy Easter, His Majesty Kabaka said last years Christians did not gather to celebrate Easter due to Covid – 19 outbreak which caused total lock down of the Country.

“We extend our sympathy to Covid-19 victims and console families which lost their beloved ones as a result of this pandemic. We ask you to continue observing the Standard Operating Procedure (Sops) as recommended by the ministry of health.” Said Kabaka.
In a statement released yesterday (Thursday) by National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi who according to election results released by the Electoral Commission finished second in an election won by ruling NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said, “Today marks 90 days since members of my campaign team were arrested in Kalangala, tortured and eventually dumped at Kitalya.”
“These comrades braved the most cruel circumstances. They withstood bullets, sound bombs, teargas, grenades, batons, pepper-spray, etc. As the violence and vile cruelty intensified, their resolve only grew stronger because they knew they were not committing any offence. Every struggle for freedom and democracy has its heroes. You comrades are heroes. Uganda will be free.” Said Hon. Kyagulanyi
Among his aides still in prison are: Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Mbogo, Dan Magic, Kampala Lookman, Kafuko Stanley, Bobi Young, Mudde Ntambi, Sheriff Najja and many others.
Some of these are charged of unlawful possession of ammunition.
“But we all know their real crime, don’t we? Government is punishing them for believing that Uganda deserves better. They are punishing them for associating with me. They are punishing them for daring to dream that a New Uganda is possible.” Writes Kyagulanyi.
Kyagulanyi said he is thinking about all Ugandan political prisoners. “I am thinking about those who we know and the countless ones who we don’t know. I am thinking about those at Kitalya, those at Kigo, those at Luzira, those at Gulu prison, those at Kyamugolani, those at Kassajjagirwa, those in the safe houses and all other detention facilities. I am thinking about all political prisoners tonight.” Reads his Statement.
He called upon all Ugandans, “To think about our fellow citizens who cannot read this post tonight because of choosing a political leader and political party of their choice. Think about them; pray for them, and continue demanding for their freedom from unlawful detention. Sadness may endure a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).” He said.

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