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Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso


GEN. PROSCOVIA Nalweyiso, the most high ranked female soldier in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) hierarchy has watered down what Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa has been telling Members of Parliament that there is a 2016 Central Executive Committee (CEC) resolution to front Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah for the 11th Parliament Speaker.
She categorically said, she salutes Kadaga as the Speaker, not Oulanyah.
CEC is the top organ of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party which Hon. Nankabirwa has been referring to while decampaigning Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga who has already shown interest for another term as Speaker of Parliament.
It is constituted of the National Chairperson, 1st National Vice Chairperson, 2nd National Vice Chairperson(female), 6(six) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda- East, Central, North,West, Kampala and Karamoja, the Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General and Deputy National Treasurer.
Others are: Chairperson of NRM Parliamentary Caucus, All Chairpersons of the National Special League Committees, Chairpersons of Commissions, and such number of National Secretaries and Deputy National Secretaries as NEC may determine.
Nankabirwa who is the Government chief whip recently told Parliament how it was agreed upon in a 2016 CEC meeting, to give Kadaga one more term as the Speaker and then in 2021 handle over to Jacob Oulanyah.
Although Speaker Kadaga, a senior CEC member kept on denying knowledge about this deal, Nankabirwa insisted there is a CEC resolution to this effect. 
“Before CEC gave out flag for Speakership to Rt. Hon. Kadaga in 2016 it was agreed upon that this is her last term and next will be Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah. So this is his turn, not for Kadaga.” Nankabirwa told MPs.
Gen. Nalweyiso, a president Museveni’s senior advisor on Security and Defence has however said, Nankabirwa is telling lies.
On Friday night, while featuring on ‘Bwebyali si bwebiri’ political talkshow on radio Bilal 94.1fm, a Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) owned radio station at Old Kampala, Gen. Nalweyiso said, “May be during the said CEC meeting I was either drunk or dozing because I don’t remember such a resolution.” 
She told Mr. Ismail Kalumba Butannaziba the talkshow host and listeners that, “By 2016 i was no longer boozing and you will never find me dozing in any meeting. No resolution was made to favour Oulanyah, i am not aware of it.”
This most powerful and feared female soldier in UPDF said, as a person who sits in CEC, there is no such decision taken on who should be the Speaker of the 11th Parliament.
This was after Kalumba asked her to clear the air whether it’s true, CEC, five years ago made a decision on who the next Speaker will be as Nankabirwa alleges.

Gen. Nalweyiso used this time to respond to allegations made by Speaker Kadaga on Wedsday that this bush war historial uses State House Hotline to call and intimidate members of Parliament who are supporting her Speakership bid.

While launching her campaign task force in Munyonyo on Wednesday,  the Speaker of parliament accused Nalweyiso and Nankabirwa of duping MPs that they are on orders of the President to campaign for Oulanyah.
“Is true you fight Speaker Kadaga? That you are busy calling and intimidating Mps telling them how State House wants Oulanyah for Speaker. Is that true?” asked Kalumba.
She replied that its false. “It hurts me a lot when I hear that. I have been sick for about 7 or 10 days. I got that false information about me that I am decampaigning Speaker Kadaga! Now, if I can’t dictate to my grand children to vote President Museveni, how can I do it to Members of Parliament on which Speaker they should vote? I can’t and I have never.”
She said, there is no way she could start calling and intimidating Members of Parliament whom she doesnt even know because most of them are new.
“Apart from a certain young boy called Kabanda (Kasambya County NRM MP-Elect) who with his colleagues I was assigned to rent for them an office, i do not know the other new Mps. Now how can I call people who are not known to me and intimidate them not to support Kadaga?” Asked Nalweyiso.

She asked, “What do I really know about Oulanyah? I have enough problems. I was hurt when they wrongly accused me. If need be, I will bring out my phone print-out to disapprove those accusing me of calling and intimidating Mps.”
According to Nalweyiso, it seems such MPs are just creating a situation for them to get money from the Speaker. She challenges Speaker Kadaga to name Mps called and intimidated. 
Gen. Nalweyiso said, there is no way she can call and campaign for Oulanyah before the top party organ rules on this.
She says, if she did not call MPs to intimidate them during uplifting of age limit debate or during removal of term limit, how can she do it on electing ‘a mere Speaker’?
“What do I need at Parliament? I have never and will never call any MP on the issue of the Speaker. I only know my 10 MPs (UPDF representatives). I would have instead called these ones. But still, me I don’t believe in threatening someone.” Clarifies Nalwayiso.
“If I am to talk about Oulanyah, he is a coward. See how he was chased out of Parliament for a full year. No one can do that to Nalweyiso.” Said this NRA bush war historical.
Nalweyiso says, i last talked to Oulanyah a few months ago when he was with his boss Kadaga at Mosa Courts (Owned by Alhaji Moses Kigongo). They were having a meeting.

She has denied ever working with Nankabirwa to bring down Kadaga saying she only knows her as a daughter from Kiboga. 
“I don’t even have time to sit with her over the issue of the Speaker. I only talk to Nankabirwa when I have been sent to. And Mzee has never sent me to tell her to campaign for Oulanyah. Unless President Museveni has directed me to do so, then I will comply because he is my earthly God. But he is yet to do so.” Said Gen. Nalweyiso.

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