IF you’ve seen the recent news covers highlighting the unspeakable conditions in which thousands of children, youth and mothers of Lubaga South in Kampala survive, you will with no doubt be as horriffied as iam. Many families are struggling to pay for rent, food, and other basics. 
Now with the growing number of businesses laying off low-wage employees due to Covid-19, these families find themselves with zero income and a lot of uncertainty about when relief will arrive and the elected leaders, their would be voice is quiet, just minding about his stomach.

I AM YOUR VOICE: Aloysius Mukasa campaigns

I chose to offer my self to contest for Lubaga South Member of Parliament, a position i will use to fight dictatorship, violation of human rights, corruption and embezzlement of public funds, and to give hope to thousands of innocent lives whose voices can’t be heard because of the incompetent leaders.
My name is Talton Gold Aloysious  Mukasa, opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) flag bearer for Lubaga South Constituency and an staunch supporter of Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine, 2021 Uganda’s 10th President.
I am an advocate of human rights, rule of law, anti-corruption, equality and transparency.
Lubaga South Constituency where am going to be a member of Parliament is located in Lubaga, the most densely populated Municipality with over 1.3 Million people. It has truly become the Kampala Capital City’s worst humanitarian crisis.
It requires a strong voice in Parliament which can speak loudly for the suffering and starving children, youth and pregnant mothers.
I was born and raised by a single mother, Annet Nayiga in Mutundwe, Church Zone in Lubaga South who struggled to raise my school fees up to the University where I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management at Makerere University Business School.
Last year in 2019, i graduated with a Masters drgree from Ndejje University.
I am a politician and also an educationist. I own Dascus school in Najjanankumbi Lubaga South which I started as an idea to help orphans and children from under previledged families to get formal education.
Currently we have over 1000 children that are being taken care of. 
Lubaga South Constituency comprises communities of Kabowa II, lower parts of Mutundwe and villages near flooding Nalukolongo channel which destroys lives, property and businesses whenever the area recieves heavy rains. It is however surprising  that no leader finds it worthwhile to raise this on the floor of parliament.
Members of the community in the villages most affected by floods in Lubaga like Nanfuka Zone in Nateete, Nakayiza, Kironde, Nsiike I and II, Betania, Nalukolongo Zone, Lubaga Parish, Kitooro zone, Nateete Central B, C, and D have sounded the alarm a number of times but leaders and government have given a deaf ear.
Children and youth in Lubaga South are facing an unimaginable tragedy, combining the deadly dangers of Coronavirus, horrors of hunger, disease, homelessness, acute poverty, un employment and starvation. 
Residents in slum areas commonly known as Ghettos like Nakayiza, Kironde, parts of St. Ann zone, Mpomba, Wankulukuku, Ndeeba Central, Nateete, Busega central, Stella and parts of Kibumbiro have no access to clean water, no toilets and register a bigger number of deaths whenever epidemics like Chorela and Ebola strike.
The available Markets where most mothers and youth go to look for daily bread are poorly erected and affected by floods due to the flooding Nalukolongo Channel.
At the end of the day, vendors in Busega market, Wankulukuku, Nateete, Kitebi market, Lufula abbatoir and Wankulukuku go home empty handed. Ndeeba – Butaala market was illegally demolished by Kampala Capital City Authority in 2013 and this heartless act sent thousands of vendors into poverty after losing billions of Shillings.  
Over 450, 000 innocent girls and boys sleep on empty stomachs and thousands of children are malnourished, they don’t even have energy to cry. Can you imagine such a situation?
Lubaga South has the biggest number of  school dropouts due to the poor conditions in their families and lack of enough government schools. 
The whole Constituency has only 8 government schools namely; Kitebi, Nateete Muslim, Busega community, Busega Muslim,  Kabowa Church of Uganda, Queen of Peace, Uganda Martyrs and Lubaga girls.
The only government medical facility at Kitebi KCCA Hospital is always full to capacity, ill facilitated and supplies that could save young lives are embezzled by thieves in Government and corrupt officials.
The shocking truth is that, half the population of Lubaga South is starving and as you know it is hard to close your ears to  a hungry population, people who can’t afford two meals a day, who can’t access healthcare, who can’t take their children to schools and whose hard earned money is robbed by corrupt officials. It is hard to just look at them as they are cry for help? I therefore avail my self to contest for the seat of member of Parliament so as to work together with the people to bring an end to this suffering.
Thousands of girls and boys are in urgent need of a leader who can speak for them and here I am.  
By giving me your vote on 14th January 2021 will save lives, will stop corruption and embezzlement of funds. I am a bold voice which is incorruptible. We need fundamental change, enough is enough.
Showing up for marginalized groups starts by speaking up for them when their voices can’t be heard. 
As UNICEF points out, marginalized communities can include women, elderly folks, children, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, refugees, migrants, and minorities. Lubaga South Constituency has such groups.
They are subject to socio-economic marginalization for many different reasons. Because these populations are often times reliant upon the informal economy and are more often paid under the table and without common employment benefits, they have less protection when there is an economic crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 
To add to their distress, these communities often have less access to social services, political representation, and technology resources that keep more affluent communities afloat. 
Additionally, these vulnerable and marginalized populations are more prone to contracting the coronavirus because they often inhabit areas that are more densely populated to keep costs low and stay in close proximity to job opportunities. 
Lubaga South lacks good healthy facilities, youth especially mechanics are not supported, Women groups need to be facilitated to fight poverty.
I single handedly constructed a tamacked road in St. Anne Zone near Faith Arena Church which was in a sorry state and used by law breakers to rob mothers, rape women at night and kill people.
When elected Lubaga South member of Parliament, I will use my super lobbying skills to make sure roads are constructed,  jobs are secured and new ones created,  women groups funded, un necessary taxes stopped and on top of this all, I will fight for Buganda Kingdom’s Ebyaffe! 
I have come to serve not to eat! Ensonga yo y’endeese! 

Aloysius Mukasa T.G
National Unity Platform (NUP)
Member of Parliament 
2021 – 2026


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