HIS MAJESTY the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is angry that security forces killed  54 innocent Ugandans during the recent demonstrations following the arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.
He has demanded for a commission of inquiry to be urgently set up to ascertain the cause of these protests and why security organs shot and killed innocent people.
Kabaka said, since Uganda got independence, there has been bloodshed when Ugandans kill fellow Ugandans saying that this must be avoided.
Today Sunday Morning,  while flagging off 2020 Kabaka’s birth day run, under the theme of fighting HIV/AIDS, Buganda King who has been awarded for being the best ambassador in the war against AIDS took time to condemn the recent killings,  sympathising with relatives who lost their beloved ones.   
Most parts of the country went in flames on November 18th and 19th 2020 after Kyagulanyi was brutally arrested in Luuka district and detained for three days at Nalufenya on charges of violating Covid-19 SOPs. 
Security organs armed to the teeth fired live bullets killing at least 54 people and injuring tens of people while hundreds were arrested.
In a 5 minutes’ speech at Mengo Palace, Buganda King was sad that such a big number of people can be killed and no investigations carried out.
He said, people’s lives are precious and shouldn’t just be robbed. Life just can’t go on normally after cutting shot young people’s  lives.
“There is a very touching issue I can’t leave out! Relatives of those who were killed on November 18th and 19th 2020 and the many people still nursing wounds in different hospitals, those in cells, we sympathise with you all!”
Noted a tough speaking Kabaka Mutebi.
Amidst total silence from the members of the royal family, the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga, Kingdom ministers, Saza chiefs, members of Parliament, UN officials and other diginatories selected to participate at this function, Kabaka Mutebi  called for urgent investigations into those killings and culprits be punished. 
At first, Government did not feel sorry over these killings as Security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine on Friday November 20th 2020 said security officers will continue shooting to kill wild protesters.
However while addressing the nation today  Sunday evening, President Museveni pledged to compensate families of those who were innocently killed but vowed never to compensate families of the rioters.
Museveni warned police on stray bullets and ordered them to fire in the air but insists, Kyagulanyi’s Luuka meeting was illegal.
Kabaka said there are many people who did not participate in demonstrations but were innocently killed. 
“In the year 1945 when we were still colonised by the British, there was a demonstration and eight people were killed.” Said Kabaka Mutebi, adding, “Although only eight people were killed, an inquiry was set up to find out the cause of that demonstration and why people were killed.” 
“It is therefore necessary to put up a commission that will dig deeper into the cause of this November demonstration and why innocent people were killed.” Demanded Kabaka.
He said, people should not be killed and government officials close their eyes.
Kabaka thanked UNAIDS for ranking him no. 1 ambassador against HIV/AIDS  and for the accolade given to him for putting a strong fight to end this virus.
UNAIDS is the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. It is an innovative joint venture of the United Nations family which brings together the efforts and resources of 11 UN system organizations to unite the World against AIDS.
It’s Headquaters are in Geneva, Switzerland.
Kabaka Mutebi was appointed by UNAIDS as the global ambassador to fight against HIV/AIDS. This demonstrates his personal dedication in tackling HIV/AIDS in this country and beyond.
Katikkiro Mayiga urged youth to follow Kabaka’s guidelines on the avoidance of HIV/AIDS spreading. 
Ist deputy Katikkiro Dr. Twaha Kawaase Kigongo who was the Organizing committee Chairman for 2020 Kabaka’s birth day run thanked sponsors who included Airtel, DFCU Bank, KCCA and others.
This birth day run virtual in a bid to observe Covid -19 guidelines. 
Thousands of Kabaka’s subjects in different parts of the kingdom participated in Kabaka’s birth day run an activity which takes place every year.  

Participants in Kabaka’s birth day run 2020

Before Kabaka’s address, Dr. Karusa Kiragu, the UNAIDS Country Director in Uganda saluted Buganda King for the strong fight he has put to end Aids saying He is ranked the best ambassador not only in Uganda but in the region and the globe at large.
She said, “Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you that, you are the best that we have. I say this because I have been at UNAIDS for twelve years now and I have never seen any one who works as hard as you do.”
“The way you deploy your resources, the way you creatively find ways of engaging and the way your team led by the Katikkiro support this cause. Thank you so much.” Said Dr. Kiragu, adding, “Your Majesty allow me to appreciate so much the work you have been doing on HIV in Uganda. I have mentioned this in the very many meetings I have had with your exceptional team led by the Katikkiro and I have in those meetings mentioned to them that you are the best ambassador that UNAIDS has.”
UNAIDS Executive Director Hon. Winnie Byanyima sent a message appreciating Kabaka for what he is doing not only in Uganda but in the region and World at large.
The country representative appreciatedo Kabaka for the theme that was chosen for this run. 

Masaka woman MP Mary Babirye Kabaka speaking to her supporters who participated in Kabaka’s birth day run

Kiragu said the whole point about engaging men is so powerful and important and UNAIDS does appreciate that Kabaka brought men at the forefront. 
She said, “Because I know men are also trying to do their best and working so hard, to see themselves recognised, their efforts hard work etc.
I thank you for using this opportunity to highlight what they are doing, to recognise what they are doing and also use this chance to thank them for what they are doing in fighting Aids in Uganda.” 
She told Kabaka that what worries UNAIDS is, 1000 people are getting HIV AIDS every week. That means, by the end of this week, there will be an additional 1000 people who acquired HIV. 
“Your Majesty,  we can not keep adding 1000 people every week. So this effort that you have allowed us to be part of, will go a long way in reducing those numbers so that Uganda can be able to maintain its positive progress made in controlling HIV transmission without adding additional cases so that we can mop the floor after turning the tap. Otherwise, if you are mopping the floor and the tap is still open, the water will still be coming.”Said UNAIDS country Director. 
Thanking His Majesty for the Kabaka’s birth day run preparations, UNAIDS country representative said Buganda King has put in account his people so that they do not get Covid as they come together to run.
She said, “I want to recognise the theme  for the girl child. Young girls and the young women are the most vulnerable because of their own biology but also because of their  sociology.  I thank you very much for making sure that not only we are addressing the men but we are also addressing their daughters and also trying to help their daughters and other females because of the challenges they have.”
“I know that this work you have started will go very far, you have committed three years and come rain, come sunshine, we will be with you as you move forward in this.” Dr. Kiragu who is a Kenyan, told Kabaka.

Chief runner Prince David Kintu Wassajja, Kabaka’s young brother

Director General, Uganda Aids Commission Dr. Nelson  Musoba said, Uganda still has about 1.5M infections. He however thanked the relationship between Buganda Kingdom and the commission in fighting HIV/AIDS.
“As Uganda Aids Commission we are very delighted to be here as part of this noble cause of the fight to end Aids and i thank you for the decision to highlight HIV/AIDS across the country and for you taking the lead to rally all your subjects in the Kingdom to the fight against HIV/AIDS.” Said Dr. Musoba adding, “Your Majesty, as Uganda Aids Commission we are very proud of this partnership with the Kingdom in fighting the epidemic and we shall continue to have a lasting relationship.”
Handing over an award to Kabaka, Dr. Musoba said, “On behalf of Uganda Aids Commission, I would like to request with respect, humbleness and humility to present to you, an accolade in recognition of your significant contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS.”
He noted that,  “As we embark on the last mile of ending Aids of the public health rate by 2030, we need to increase our efforts because the HIV problem is still huge.”
“Your Majesty, in Uganda now, we have approximately 1.5M people leaving with HIV. In the year ending 2019 we had a total of 53000 new HIV infections. Although we had set targets to reduce our infections by 75%, by this year, we did not achieve that target. We were able to reduce the infections by about 40%.” He said.
He told Kabaka that, they had targeted to reducethe number of new infections by 18000 but that wasn’t achieved. 
“But even then, we were among the 14 countries in the whole world that were able to do well. We missed the first 90 by 1% point but we achieved the second 90 and the third 90.” He said, explaining, “The UNAIDS 90,90,90 target refers to 90% of people living with HIV testing and knowing their status, 90% those testing positive starting on treatment and 90% of those taking their treatment to achieve viral suppression.”
Present was Dr. Steven Watiti,  representing the 1.5M people leaving with Aids.

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