ALTHOUGH she is known to be a very strong woman, at a certain moment, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament had to get a hankie to wipe away tears as bedridden MP Francis Butebi Zaake narrated his shocking story on how he was tortured!
Seing in disbelief how this youthful MP struggles to regain his life and sight at St. Francis Lubaga Hospital, how he painfully forces himself to tell his story to the Speaker of Parliament, Kadaga said, “I am a strong advocate against human rights abuse and this among other incidents, I intend to take up with relevant authorities.”
NRM’s Justine Nameere, daughter to Agriculture minister Vincent Bamulagaki Ssempijja has written to Kadaga thanking her for vowing to hunt down those who tortured Zaake but asked also, “Please go ahead and investigate the reasons for his continued torture.”
Kadaga who reached Lubaga Hospital amidst tight security, had a one on one with the Hon. Zaake. After carefully following Zaake’s story, the Speaker had this to say, “Those who tortured Hon Zaake will be brought to book and will definately pay for their sins. I am saddened to hear about acts of torture that continue to be meted out on some Ugandans; it’s sad that this was  inflicted upon a Member of Parliament.” 
She said, “What makes every one wonder is that When Hon. Zaake was arrested, he seemed to cooperate and walked himself to a van; it was shocking to see him days later being carried to court on a stretcher writhing in pain.” The Honourable Speaker Kadaga assured Zaake of all support needed. She vowed that Parliament will do everything possible to bring to light those who tortured him and what their motive was.
Zaake who lost sight and can only identify you by hearing your voice told Speaker Kadaga that on his arrest he did not put up any form of resistance and kept on telling security officials how he was ok with the arrest but he was innocent.
“When they broke into my house, I told them I have no problem with being arrested and I didn’t resist. They hand cuffed me and was thrown into a van. It was as if I was being thrown into hell.They all looked like angry lions starved for years and now supplied with my meat. I will never forget that night!” Narrated MP Zaake.
Zaake is generally in a lot of pain, he mostly complains of a throbbing headache, painful chest, his legs and waist are wounded, he is unable to see and can’t feel some of his fingers.
He told Kadaga that those who tortured him were asking why he joined Hon. Bobi Wine in People Power to fight the government and when ever he told them how he was ready to die rather than support injustices and corruption, he was hit more!
“I lost my conscience and I went into coma! Thank God I can now speak and tell who is speaking to me although I can’t see you.” Hon. Zaake told Speaker of Parliament.
One of the MP’s attendants told Speaker Kadaga that they were so much shocked to see police officers taking Hon. Zaake to Mityana Court on a stretcher! 
Thanks to the judge who bravely said, Hon. Zaake was supposed to be in the Hospital not in the court because he couldn’t take plea.” Said a family member to a listening Kadaga.
The Speaker later told media, that she visited Hon. Zaake to see and understand his situation.
“It’s however, reassuring to notice that Hon. Zaake is responding to treatment. Let us keep him in prayers.” She said.
For starters, Kadaga and Hon. Zaake are very good friends.
In fact at a mega party Zaake organised on winning Mityana Municipality seat Speaker Kadaga who had functions in Kamuli begged elders to allow him speed of to Mityana in Buganda and officiate at her newly elected MP’s party.
At a function held at Butebi Village in Mityana, Kadaga thanked Mityana Municipality for voting a bright youngman and promised to give him floor to forward his electorates’ views.
When Parliament was attacked and Zaake beaten, Kadaga wrote to President asking him as the Commander in Chief or armed forces about security men who raided Parliament and beat up her MPs. 
She visited Zaake at his Nalumunye home.
She also visited other legislators who were affected.
Insiders say, the day Zaake was arrested in Mityana, Speaker Kadaga had just called the MP and talked to him for almost 30 minutes.
What the two leaders talked about, will be a story for another day.

On posting that she is going to take up with relevant Authorities over Hon. Zaake’s torture, a number of people commented showing solidarity and asking Speaker Kadaga to indeed act.
Read on:
Bumba Budaka: Thank you Rt Hon. Speaker. Many of us know you as a person of honor with a high level of integrity. Don’t feel betrayed even if you fall apart with the Executive. It’s the Kamuli people who brought  you to parliament. Executive did not bring you to politics but the people of Kamuli did. They did not send you as Speaker but MPs made you one. You can do great things even without them.
Awale Saidi: Dear Rt. Hon. Kadaga, the public will praise you if you spearhead the bringing to light of the merciless torturers/murderers to equally feel consequences of inflicting pain to an innocent senior citizen, like Hon. Zaake.
Allan Manya Kahongire: Rt. Hon. Speaker, the issue of torture of Ugandans by the security forces has reached unprecedented levels. As a matter of National Importance, Parliament MUST give it the urgency it deserves. Ugandans are losing patience over mistreatment by the would be the custodians of the law.
Ronald Ssenyonjo:Thank you very much Speaker Kadaga for visiting Hon. Zaake. You are a respected person of integrity, locally and internationally; working with wrong arms of  government and personalities with  historic violations of human rights backgrounds. It’s high time dear Speaker to desist and  disassociate yourself from  serving in a wrong administrative system of governance with primitive historic past. We would like to preserve you for the future service obligations  with the right system of governance and personalities which fits your credentials. 
Isaac Mpaulo: It’s really very unfortunate that an honorable Member of Parliament is tortured to such a level. Really is Uganda a signatory to the Universal Declaration on Human rights?
Mpindi Bumali: Rt. Hon. Speak, thank you for that spirit. Uganda is proud of you regardless of what is happening. You have done a lot for this nation. My humble request is to put aside those issues of 10b and continue with your good work. Life is about that.
Herman Agger: Madam Speaker, it seems those who tortured Zaake are having malevolent thoughts for him. He has barely recovered from the Arua by-election poll beatings. Kindly intervene to have his life protected. He is a youth thus country still needs him.
Joe Chris: Thank you madam Speaker for following such cases especially in these times you are being infiltrated by your own executive, it’s high time we appreciate your efforts
Mathias Bbakkabulindi: I think it’s high time Parliament acted. It’s too much. Torture is becoming the order of the day. People are whisked from their homes and by the time they are released one can barely identify them and can’t imagine this is done in their own country. This is an act done on an mp many are quiet forgetting this is an attack on them.
Fazil Lubega: Madam Speaker, you will always be my role model. Tx for the spirit and the love for your members of parliament. You Will always have my support in all situations 
Ronald Khaukha: Thank you madam speaker. That is a true sign of a mother of Parliament. No matter how much the mafias strike you, you will definitely win. Just stay strong.
Sempa Swiss Ivan: That is a great heart expressed by our dear Speaker. Now I dont have a problem with the money you can use it as long as you start thinking about the local people.
Lawrence Ddaki: The good thing kadaga you saw the situation in which Hon. Zaake is in. We are waiting for your action.
Uganda is for all of us 
Joseph Mukalazi: But I think Madam speaker, it’s better you and all peace loving Ugandans organise and put Uganda back on the right road.
Shaft Galaga: Thanks Rt Hon. Kadaga. We are very proud of you. Busoga is behind you  in whatever you do. However much these mafias try to fight you. Stand by your word for truth and justice. 
Ramono Beckie: Speaker, some may think its about Zaake but I can tell you, its an attack on Parliament if you can’t use this chance to get justice for him, next it may be you.
Watts Hapi: Thank you so much for having the welfare of all the mps at heart. God bless you.
StarBoy Julius Da-Unstoppable: Madam speaker, this time around, we need action please. Hon. Zaake is your member in the House you preside over. Kindly, do not keep quiet.


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