CHIEF Palace Advisor of Buganda Kingdom Owek. Apollo Nelson Makubuya (ANM) who doubles as Deputy Board Chairman Buganda Land Board (BLB) has finally spoken out on the arrest of his former Personal Assistant Jonathan Mwesigwa over allegations he made that the Kabaka of Buganda received a bribe from President Yoweri Museveni.

Owek. Makubuya and Mwesigwa at a Book launch function

In a Statement released over the weekend, Makubuya a highly respected senior counsel has strongly disagreed with the views of his former PA saying, “Neither Kabaka nor Mengo, was bribed by the President.”

Mwesigwa, a Lawyer by profession was last week arrested by a team of security operatives led by Uganda Police and other sister agencies to help in the investigations that the Kabaka of Buganda received a bribe from President Yoweri Museveni.

In his article titled, ‘Mmengo Chose Cars Over Federo to Fight Covid-19’, published on his Facebook page and circulated widely on Whatsapp and other  social media platforms, Mwesigwa alleged that when President Museveni visited Banda Royal Palace in February 2019, he took a bribe to His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda that led Mengo to forego Federo demands and settle for vehicles and wages for Kingdom

Analysts say, this is a serious crime and the allegations, have the potential to cause anarchy within the Kingdom of Buganda and Uganda at large as they portray the government as one that gives bribes and the Kabaka as one who accepts bribes.

Insiders put it to Mwesigwa that he must have had evidence before he published these allegations given that he is the Private Personal Assistant to Apollo Makubuya, who is a Senior Palace Advisor to the Kabaka of Buganda.

In the said article Mwesigwa alleges that, “You may recall that on February 5, 2019 Kabaka Mutebi II hosted President Museveni at his Bbanda Palace over secret talks—the official version of which was reported by the press. One wonders, though, why the eleven car consignment of i.e., eight Toyota Land Cruisers and three Toyota TX Prados was not declared as part of the deal!”

Mwesigwa and Cathy, a friend

“The answer, one believes, lies not solely in some fundamental moral failings of the current (mis)leadership at Mmengo, but rather in understanding why it chose to ‘hire’ corruption and yield to Museveni’s apparent politics of patronage—fully knowing (B)Uganda’s objectives of severing his cords
of manipulation, exploitation, encirclement and strongman-ness inter alia.” Mwesigwa’s article reads.
Mwesigwa further alleged that “Mmengo ought to know that the salary and car deal is disastrous to Buganda’s reputation, the well-being, will, wishes and aspirations of her people; and to the trifling harmony and unity with fellow Ugandans.”

Now intelligence want Mwesigwa to adduce evidence over his allegations.

Owek. Makubuya who happened to be Mwesigwa’s boss until months ago has distanced himself from the later and his views saying they are baseless so he must be interrogated to find out what his motive was in spreading lies against the two Principals.

Makubuya, a former Kingdom Deputy Premier has said,“There are spurious stories on social media linking me to Jonathan Mwesigwa’s arrest.
Mwesigwa ceased being a Mengo employee and my Assistant three years ago. He is not my Personal Assistant or my spokesman. He is responsible for his views.

News Editor has been reliably informed that since then, one Maria Kizza replaced Mwesigwa as Makubuya’s PA.

A senior counsel with attachments to Mengo has told this Website that,“Those are young men who are just excited by little fame. I think Owek. Makubuya should dissociate himself from such reckless young men. They will tarnish his name.”

Makubuya is one of the most trusted Kingdom officials, very close to Kabaka Mutebi.

Him and Kabaka have been friends since their youthful days in United Kingdom.

On February 05th 2019, Kabaka Mutebi hosted President Museveni at his Banda Palace on an official function attended by Kabaka’s brother Prince David Kintu Wasajja, other Princesses and top Kingdom officials.

Kabaka and Museveni at Banda Royal Palace last year

It was during this visit that President Museveni directed the ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, to return all land titles belonging to the Buganda Kingdom.
“We discussed a number of pending issues particularly those concerning the Kabaka  and Central Government to ensure that all verified land titles that were returned to the Kingdom of Buganda be transferred into the names of the Kabaka of Buganda as by law established” said the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga who attended the Banda meeting.
Before the two Principals went into a private meeting, they held a discussion with Kingdom and government officials where, President Museveni also directed that outstanding monetary arrears to the Kingdom be paid in the next three financial years.
“The money is in three categories; there are rental arrears amounting to six billion shillings, in respect of Kigo, and Makindye barracks and other places. So the president directed the ministry of finance to immediately pay three billion out of that” Mayiga told media after the
President’s visit. According to Buganda Premier Mayiga, most of the land titles that were confiscated from the monarchy by the central government during the 1966/7 were not transferred into the names of the Kabaka.

“Following the 2013 agreement between the government of Uganda and the Kingdom of Buganda, the government undertook to return to the Kingdom all that land that was confiscated in 1966/7. The challenge we have experienced
is that the titles have not been transferred to the names of the
Kabaka of Buganda” said Katikkiro.
Buganda Kingdom for long time pushed for recovery of its land that was confiscated by the central government during the 1966 crisis which led to the exile of Sir Edward Muteesa then Kabaka of Buganda to Britain
where he later died of poisoning. This happened after Kabaka Mutesa clashed with President Milton Obote.
Some of the financial compensation accrued from properties, like Muteesa House in London which was sold by the government of Uganda
valued at 30 billion shillings and Plot 52 along Kampala Road which houses King Fahad Plaza valued at .14.1 billion.
“So the president directed that 23.5 billion be included in the national budget 2019/2020, and then the balance of 23.5 billion be included in the national budget 2020/2021” said Owe. Charles Peter Mayiga.

The meeting was attended by Attorney General, William
Byaruhanga and State Minister for Privatization and Investment, Evelyn Anite from the Central government.


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