In brief, who got what: 

  1. Office of the President – 1.5Bn
  2. Office of the President (ISO & RDC Secretariat) – 17Bn
  3. Office of the Prime Minister – 59Bn
  4. Ministry of Defence & Veteran Affairs – 458Bn
  5. Ministry of Defence (UPDF) – 30Bn
  6. Ministry of Health – 104Bn
  7. National Citizen and Immigration Control – 1.8Bn
  8. KCCA – 2.4Bn
  9. Police – 37Bn
  10. Prison – 4.4Bn
  11. External Security Organisation – 0.5Bn
  12. Districts each got 165M
  13. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 182M
  14. Ministry of Finance – 3Bn
  15. Ministry of Science & Technology – 511M
  16. Financial Intelligence Service – 266M
  17. Judicial Service Commission – 7Bn
  18. Uganda Blood Transfusion – 84M
  19. Kawempe Hospital 1.3Bn


ABOUT 3000 people have written to President Museveni in response to his facebook post about Parliament returning UGX 10B, they have saluted him on this move but also demands that State House vomits Billions of Covid – 19 money given to this office in a nearly UGX 1 Trilion Supplementary budget passed last Month!
Among them is Besigye whose view was shared on Museveni’s facebook page.
A total sum of UGX 932.8Bn was passed. On this, UGX 638.9bn, was allocated to seven ministries and dozens of government departments, agencies, universities, districts and others. 
Ministry of Defence took the lion’s share of Shs 458bn.
The money is picked from the Euro 600m (Shs 2.5tn) loan acquired by Government to provide budget support for FY 2019/2020. 

A number of activities as originally projected under the fourth quarter will not be implemented owing to COVID- 19 and this has provided the fiscal space for funding the emergency supplementary expenditure.
People are now saying, putting aside UGX 10B allocated to Parliament, President Museveni should look into pioneering returning tax payers money allocated to State House and other government offices which is in billions.
Besigye said, “One takes Shs 300Bn away from COVID19 fight for ‘Classified Expenditure’- meaning it’s purpose can’t be disclosed and has no process for audit- then ‘donates’ Shs 1.4m from his salary to COVID19 Task Force!”
“This happens as the paltry allowances of frontline healthcare workers are still unpaid; we’ve no ambulances &crucial equipment for health units; COVID19 testing countrywide, even for healthcare workers still lacking; still fundraising for food to save lives of millions…..” Says Besigye.

On Wednesday evenning Museveni posted that, “It is morally reprehensible for MPs to give themselves money for personal use when the country is in such a crisis; totally unacceptable to me and the NRM. They have entered themselves into a trap and the best way out is to donate the money to the districts where they come from.”
“I heard that some MPs went and bought things, you are not a purchasing officer of the state. This is public money, not personal money, if you spent it wrongly you will pay it back with your salary; this will be sorted out by the Auditor-General.” Said Museveni, warning MPs and ministers who interfered with “Our war on Coronavirus through distributing things they bought.”
“We are in an emergency; how did you distribute these things? What structures were you using? These are serious issues and political leaders should be perfect examples.” Said Museveni revealing that, this is why MP Francis Zaake was arrested. “How do you arrest Zaake for interfering with the anti-corona virus wars and you leave these ones of the NRM including ministers who are purchasing food and collecting people?” Asked Museveni. 
By press time, about 3000 people had commented on his post, where many are challenging his office to vomit over 300 billion alloted in the supplementary budget if he is to be with clean hands.
UGX 638Bn supplementary budget  was separately smuggled during Coronavirus Budget Stampede.
Parliament recently passed nearly a trillion shillings in supplementary (additional) budget of 2019/2020, just two months to the closure of the Financial Year.
UGX Shs 304bn supplementary budget to combat COVID-19 required urgent consideration nevertheless in accordance with the House Rules, but Shs 638.9bn was for the usual sectors; Office of the President, Ministry of Defense (UPDF) and others. 

Patrick Matovu: That means you’re now supporting BOBI WINE  like us who was the first to reject Parliament money. He is a visionary leader like you. You’ve got a good replacement Mr. President. Thank you for seeing what he saw, that was right. Your support is highly recommended.
Kennedy Javura: This UGX 10Bn was ok when they were still plotting how to raid the treasury for over UGX 900Bn. They knew people would make noise but had to divert that noise towards MPs. Why now fight only the MPs token? he turns around to condemn the same thing that he sanctioned.
Depath Page: We all know that not only 10billions was taken but about a trillion under classified expenditure. This game was well calculated  to make sure citizens look at members of Parliament and leave out others who took the biggest share. 
Kojja Omugezi: The parliament passed a supplementally budget of 1trillion, Defence took UGX 459B, ICT ministry,  KCCA, RDCs and others bagged cash. Where is this money? 
Moses Kibuuka: From the same budget, State House was allocated Billions doubling Parliament money through classified expenditure. In all fairness, return that supplementary billions and Parliament also return the 10bn and we use it to reinforce our health facilities countrywide.
Pius Taye: But some departments took sacks of money, leaving peanunts to Parliament. Now they want to grab peanuts from the MPs without them returning the sacks full of billons. 
Beam Hilary: In all this, some people are the wholesellers while MPs are just retailers. They took over UGX 300B on the same budget and just donated 10B to MPs. Now the public is diverted to witch-hunt one who took just UGX 10B.
Semwanga Cathy Paulines: Tell us also about UGX 1 Trillion taken. Why only talk about the 10bn of  MPs? Where is the other money? 
Justine Nabwire: But the same budget that had the 10b for MPs also had over 300Bn for powerful offices. So what are they doing with COVID-19 money? Besides who drew that budget? Why did they include money for MPs and others like state house? What was the rationale for that budget line?
Ronnie Musinguzi: With all due respect Your Excellence, your State house was accorded Billions in this crisis. It is termed as classified expenditure. In otherwords, there is no accountability. Why condemn Parliament? 
Babi Arafat Dangote: Reverse psychology. The blame is on legislature for UGX 10Bn which most of them can account for and they are more close to the people. On the other side, over UGX 300Bn has not been accounted for. Anyway away from that you have some how put in place some serious preventive measures in the fight against Covid-19. 
Grace Kyejwe: Thank you Mr. President.  You also contributed 1.4M of your salary. Thank you once again.  Here is the thing, the Billions of shillings was passed under classified expenditure,  in these times I think only 100bn is enough. Kindly return the balance. The other good thing, the office of the President is catered for differently. I will thank you more when you return our money.
Stanley S Uganda: But then the state house was given UGX 300B in this covid -19 time. Isnt it wrong also? think about your voters who have no what to eat at this time than the next election..!
Ivan Kefa: These key notes about UGX10B and Hon. Zaake are highlights that we are beginning to question. Isn’t it part of an organised move to hide our conscience from Billions of classified supplementary budget?  
Masudi Shafi: That is all out of order even the district task force will do nothing with that money apart from the DHOs, the CAOs, DISOs, DPCs and some few health staff members who will seat and share the money among them selves. Imagine how do u allocate money to districts which haven’t got any case of covid 19 yet the locals are suffering with hunger due to lock down. 
Nick Nicholas: So MPs are wrong but other departments which bagged billions are right? This was just a diversion.  
Innocent K Wodonya: It’s indeed not allowed to allocate your self billions and attack those who only took UGX 10B. True we need accountability for the Parliament money, but what about .


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