DEMOCRATIC Party leadership has distanced itself from a meeting held on Friday by Party rebels to fill National Council  positions which have been vacant now for years. 

In a document released by opposition DP top hierarchy, the Hon. Medard Sseggona’s meeting, “Had no proper convenor, Chair and was not called under the guidence of the party constitution.”

In a meeting held on Friday in Lubaga the following were elected: Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona (Secretary General) replacing late Matia Birekerawo Nsubuga, Matia Lwanga Bwanika (National Chairman) replacing Ambassador Kezaala Beswale, Hon. Mary Babirye Kabanda (National treasurer) replacing late Issa Kikungwe,  Patrick Katuramu (deputy treasurer), Alex Kiwanuka representing Busoga region and Racheal Kagoya (deputy women leader) replacing late Hon. Susan Namaganda.Additionally, this meeting resolved that;
1.The National Delegates Conference will be held in Kampala/Wakiso on 1st May 2020 not Gulu.

2. Sulaiman Kidandala was restored as the National Organizing Secretary. The justification was that the fired Kidandala was not accorded a fair hearing since his accusers were the prosecutors and judges at the same time 

3.They also resolved to struck Hon. Mao’s decree off the DP record.


In a statement released by DP leadership after the Friday meeting, it said it was total rubbish and party members should ignore it. 

“Liars say, that was a National Council Meeting. National Council is called by the Secretary General, Chaired by the National Chairman and its business is referred to it by the National Executive Committee.” Reads the statement.”

This is  the true process of our Law that has to be followed in calling all organ meetings.

Let those who attended the said National council meeting tell you, you called it? Was it Dr. Siranda our Acting SG? Who chaired it, was it Mr. Mayambala our Acting Chairman and with NEC gave them business? If they don’t give you proof on these, then ignore their Propaganda.  Dr. Siranda didn’t call this meeting and Mr. Mayambala didnt chair it.” Statement from DP reads. 

It goes ahead and say, “The alleged court order that they say was served directing National council to fill the vacant positions, can only be served to the party. Failure to follow court order results in ‘Contempt of court’ proceedings but not convening such a meeting by any Tom Dick and Harry.”

“Their meeting only had “Propaganda value” and of no legal consequence.” Reads the Statement.

DP has cautioned rebel members to stop confusing the party or else, they will be dealt with.

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