EALA Commissioner who doubles as DP National Vice President Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde’s road to the 11th Parliament is now cleared after opposition Democratic Party Masaka district delegates unanimously renewed his contract as Chairman, also electing counsel Jane Musoke, Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga’s sister to serve in the Party legal department.

Counsel Jane Musoke, Katikkiro Mayiga’s sister during Masaka DP Delegates conference

All indicators clearly shows, Mbidde will find no roadblock on his way to win the party ticket for MP Masaka Municipality after the incumbent Hon. Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba boycotted Sunday conference  where delegates elected new district party leadership.

In the hot elections held at Tropic Inn Hotel in Masaka, Hon. Mbidde, counsel Jude Mbabaali who is the district local government boss and Dennis Lukanga Majwala (chairman Katwe Butego) sailed through unopposed while others, had to first tusstle it out to win the new executive committee, women and youth committee positions.

Elections were presided over by DP acting National Chairman Dr.  Kiwanuka Mayambala Ssempala and the National Organizing Secretary Shafik Ddamba alongside other NEC officials empowered by the party constitution to organise such elections.

“The turn up was massive, transparency exhibited, it was a free and fair process, democracy in the party was demonstrated.  Thanks to the Organizing committee, we didn’t have cases of rigging in this elections. Masaka DP members elected their district leadership without being influenced by any one. Other districts must copy.” Said DP official Francis Mawanda aka Mzee Petero.  

According to Maurice Matovu commonly known as Statesman who was elected secretary Youth leasership, nine out of the eighteen positions had a very tight interesting competition.

“The election was by a secret ballot where delegates took standing decisions to vote for the district leadership.” Said Matovu.


Ms. Jane Musoke who is a Lawyer by profession, a women human rights activists and also sister to Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga the Buganda Premier, took many by surprise when she shown interests in the position of the Deputy legal advisor.

She gave a moving speech on why she has joined DP politics and how she intends to serve the party to her best.

Counsel Ntuwa who had earlier showed interest in the same opposition, stood down for Katikkkiro’s sister.

Namusoke went through unopposed deputising counsel Mathias Nyanzi.


Speaking shortly after he was declared Masaka district DP Chairman for the term ending 2025, Hon. Mbidde laughed off at a clique of DP members who convened a meeting in Lubaga on Friday and awarded themselves top Party positions reminding them that DP isn’t run like a Malwa group.

Hon. Mbidde adressing Masaka DP delegates after he was elected Chairman

“DP is a registered political party run by its constitution. You don’t wake up from your bed and you declare yourself a party president.” Said Mbidde, adding, “We ask the Party NEC TO institute an investigations into their unconstitutional acts and be punished. We must protect DP and it’s constitution.” Said Mbidde.

In a meeting held on Friday in Lubaga the following were elected: 

Hon. Medard Lubega Sseggona (Secretary General) replacing late Matia Birekerawo Nsubuga, Matia Lwanga Bwanika (National Chairman) replacing Ambassador Kezaala Beswale, Hon. Mary Babirye Kabanda (National treasurer) replacing late Issa Kikungwe,  Patrick Katuramu (deputy treasurer), Alex Kiwanuka representing Busoga region and Racheal Kagoya (deputy women leader) replacing late Hon. Susan Namaganda.

Mbidde stated that, “When (NEC) announced that DP shall host the National Delegates Conference in Gulu, some of the members opposed the motion and i wanted to find out why they opposed this. Unfortunately, someone opened my mind when he told me that most of them will have no fuel to drive to Gulu because their facilitor was fired out of the ruling government.”

He added that Democratic party is busy seeking for funds to host the National delegates conference in Gulu but the click already solicited money from unknown parties to facilitate their fake activities.

“I therefore, ask the National Chairman to accept this motion in the NEC meeting for members to discuss  what this team is doing, why are they doing it and who facilitates them because we already have history on record that this team is dealing with government to spoil Democratic party.” Mbidde stated.

Mbidde warned, “The party’s supreme Leader is the President General and whoever is fighting the party is just a rebel who doesn’t want to be governed. DP is not only based in the central region of Uganda as they think, we have exhibited enough democracy and no one shall be granted a chance to destruct the Party activities.”

As Masaka DP Chairman, Mbidde boasted of the party sweeping almost all parliamentary, Division, sub county and Village elective positions in Masaka district and pledged to work harder with his team, to psint Masaka Gren and white come 2021.

Other Masaka DP rebel MP didn’t show up fearing to be roasted live by Party members for engineering division in the party.

Bukoto East MP Namayanja was top on the list of rebel MPs who boycotted.


  1. Fred Mukasa Mbidde  (Chairman)
  2. Aisha Nakitende  (Deputy Chairperson)
  3. Jude Mbabaali  (Secretary General)
  4. Charles Zziwa (Deputy SG)
  5. Richard Ssebamala (Treasurer)
  6. Noella Bakusagira (Deputy Treasurer)
  7. Richard Dick Lukyamuzi  (Organizing Secretary)
  8. Mawanda (Dep. Organizing secretary)
  9. Dennis Majwala (Publicity Secretary)
  10. Edward Kirumira  (Dep. Publicity Secretary)
  11. Mathias Nyanzi (Legal advisor)
  12. Jane Musoke (Dep. Legal)
  13. Margret Nanyonjo (Women leader)
  14. Mrs. Katongole (Dep. Women leader)
  15. Gloria Nabbuto (Women secretary)
  16. Henry Kizito (Youth leader)
  17. Doreen Nakiwu (Dep. Youth leader)
  18. Maurice Matovu (secretary Youth  leader)


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