HAVING realized that the number of girls in school in Namayingo District is dwindling each passing day, Busoga Kingdom through Ekigangu kya Busoga has stepped in to change the status quo.

Dr.Abaliwano (L) with students of Buswale SS who attended last year’s Ekigangu kya Busoga

During their ongoing familiarization tours of schools in the island District, the campaigns’ team Llader, Owek. Dr.Joyce Abaliwano Mulebeke assured parents and students of Buswale SS on Thursday that the Kingdom is determined to change the wanting academic standards in the District as a key stakeholder.

She also revealed that they will start with ‘A’ level girls to ensure that they are retained in school till completion of the secondary academic cycle.

“We are here on a good cause. Academic statistics of Namayingo District at A level is wanting. It’s worse off for girls and our first priority is for them. We must change this trend and it’s why the Kingdom through Ekigangu is on a fact finding mission to ensure that girls are in school”, said Owek. Dr. Joyce Abaliwano, noting that efforts are underway to avail basics that enable all the 6 ‘A’ level girls in the district for 2020 stay in school.

Buswale SS students who attended last year’s Ekigangu kya Busoga give testimonies during Dr.Joyce’s visit

Encouraging parents to be supportive towards the well being of their children, Dr.Abaliwano also disclosed that both the Kyabazinga and Ekigangu Managing Director Rt. Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga are doing what it takes for Busoga to rekindle its lost academic glory.

She also challenged parents to stop having a mentality that looks at ‘O’ level being the highest academic level they target for their children.

“The Kyabazinga wants professionals from Busoga in the near future and we must start now. We shouldn’t postpone our targets.We must prioritise our needs now and we must work harder by putting in more effort”. She said.

The parents have since committed to play their respective roles for the benefit of their children.

Under its theme ‘Using culture to end early marriage and keep girls in school’, Ekigangu leadership got concerned about the poor academic performance in the area. For the next two years combined, Namayingo District will register less than 20 candidates for UNEB.

DEO Namayingo, Naay Kawere Kaawo attributes the poor academic performance to their district being a peninsula that is surrounded by water in addition to minerals in the area. He notes that with the Kingdom’s direct involvement,they will up their game.

Deputy Head teacher of Buswale SS Harriet Nabwiire challenged parents to behave well before their children.She also tasked them to desist from domestic violence habits before their children.

She advised them to be role models to their children at all times.

On their part as students they thanked Rt. Hon Kadaga and the Kyabazinga for the care and support. They however, expressed concern about lack of sanitary towels as one of the huddles they face as girls.


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