A LOT has not been told about top Pastors’ hot meeting convened by newly appointed Acting Uganda Communications Commission Executive Director Ms. Irene Kaggwa to engage them on the alleged misuse of their houses through trading insults against each other

UCC is a government agency responsible for regulating the Communications sector, which includes Telecommunications, Broadcasting, radio communication, postal communications, data communication and infrastructure.

In the meeting, was Dr. Joseph Sserwadda of Victory Church Ndeeba. Others were;  Pr. Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church Makerere Kavule, Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries, Deo Ssemakula, Mondo Mugisha and Ronie Makabayi. 

The meeting which was out of access for the press, UCC started by reminding Pastors about the minimum broadcast standards, clearly stressing that insulting each other using the airwaves violates the stipulated standards and thus, asking them to refrain from it.

News Editor Online investigative team was deployed to dig deeper and find out what really transpired in meeting, here we report back;


When asked for his submission, Dr. Jackson Ssenyonga who had no kind words towards Aloysius Bugingo expressed strong disapproval of the continued falsehoods advanced with impunity by what he called, criminals disguising as Born Again pastors in Uganda.

Pr. Jackson Ssenyonga arriving for UCC meeting. He was accompanied by Top media manager Steven Dunstan Busuulwa

The popularly known P.5 Pastor said, his next line of action is to help victims of their fraud and false prophecy find justice from the authorities.

Pastor Ssenyonga who has for long been at the forefront in preaching against false prophets who intentionally misread the scriptures with an intention of misleading the followers to defraud and mislead them so as to suit their ill personal agenda, used most of the time and said he will not relent on exposing the criminals hiding in the church to commit crimes.

“I have an obligation of protecting the innocent children of God who are genuinely seeking the grace of God, from exploitation and fraud by the greedy ‘pastors’. No one, be it who will stop the gospel to be spread.” Said Pr. Jackson Ssenyonga.

Without mentioning names, Ssenyonga talked about those calling themselves Pastors but always in newspapers for dumping their wives and impregnating Church girls.

“Is that Biblical? And you expect Pastors to just look on as such false prophets are killing the Church? Impossible.” Vowed  Ssenyonga.

Analysts interpret that, Ssenyonga missiles were targeting Bugingo who recently dumped his wife Teddy Bugingo for a church girl, a one Suzan Makula, whom he is proud of impregnating and their wedding preparations on-going. 

Bugingo has publicly stated that dumping one’s wife or divorce is acceptable. He says married vows and ring are not biblical since according to him, nobody made the same vows in the Bible.

To Ssenyonga, this is not Biblical and openly told UCC bosses, “We will continue exposing such false prophets who misinterpret the Holly Bible. We were called to serve and spread the gospel, so we will.”

During his Church live broadcast preaching, Ssenyonga has addressed  Bugingo a false prophet and offended him for using the pulpit to order his followers burn some Bibles he deemed fake. 

“These and other false teachings are what Pastor Ssenyonga continues to fight against.” Ssenyonga tells UCC boss.

According to him, “False prophets like Kakande, Ssemakula and others use disgruntled individuals to forge testimonies and miracles in their ‘worshiping’ places as well as satanic powers to lead the followers into darkness.”

In fact when President Museveni visited Ssenyonga Church late last year, he told The Head of State that he (Ssenyonga) has evidence of some of these false prophets with mass graves and asked police to intervene and apprehend the criminals.


Speaking exclusively to the News Editor Online shortly after the UCC meeting, Pr. Ssenyonga admitted how he pinned false prophets in the presence of UCC officials.

He told us,  ”The meeting has resolved that we should not mention the names of these false prophets on air and that we should always reach out to each other in case of learning on their false teachings.”

“UCC said they have no control over what and how we preach the word of God in the Church noting that their concern is what goes on air. They said we are free to call someone anything within the church as long as it is not broadcast, which means as Ssenyonya, I am at liberty to refer to anyone as a false prophet in the Church as long as I find him to be so,” said Pastor Ssenyonga.

”I tipped UCC on how these people defraud the flock including bringing people in taxi vans to give false testimony and tramped up miracles. I can’t keep quiet about such. I am fighting for the Church and the children of God,”

He however noted that he told UCC that the fraud and misleading messages are aired on radio and television, saying as long as the communications regulator leaves such messages to continue being broadcast in the media, they will always attract people’s attention including him who will not hesitate to respond.1

”Most of these things are done on air and I told UCC that when such misleading information is relayed, it calls for our reaction.” Said Ssenyonga adding, “So if UCC remains tight-lipped for three months  on a false preaching by Bugingo that the ring and marriage vows are satanic, without reining-in on him to an extent that it took the intervention of parliament and the Ethics minister, we are forced to come in if nothing is done.”

”If someone is using the air to relay falsehoods, we must also use the air to correct him and the followers he has misled.” Says Ssenyonga, adding, “I told UCC to level the ground on which we play false prophet has lied for the whole two months, yet for us, we have spoken for only two weeks to undo his lies and you want to silence us. What I am doing is to a react, I react to his (Bugingo) lies, things he says that I don’t believe in. Let the regulation work for all of us.”

He told us how he can not let someone disguising as a pastor to abuse the institution of marriage and he remains shut. He vowed to continue referring to the false teachings by these individuals to tell the public the true scripture.

“I am fighting for the children of God who are killed, their money stolen as well as giving them in to their spirits and evil masters.” Said Ssenyonga . 

He further explained that false prophets have taken it upon themselves to commit crimes and bribe the authorities to cover them up. 

He told us that, when he brought this to the attention of the regulator, he was told that they (UCC) has no jurisdiction to investigate crime, and so he was referred to police and other authorities.

”If UCC says that the falsehoods and exploitative lies they hear on air is not enough evidence to reign-in on these false prophets, then what did they base on to ban witch-doctors from the airwaves and closing down stations that hosted them n rural areas? Asked Pr. Ssenyonga.

“I assured UCC how I have evidence pinning false prophets that I wanted to give them so that they know the truth about these false prophets,” reiterated pastor Ssenyonga.

“I tipped UCC on how these people defraud the flock including bringing people in taxi vans to give false testimony and tramped up miracles. I can’t keep quiet about such. I am fighting for the Church and the children of God,” he added.

Pr. Ssenyonga vowed never to stop talking about Bugingo and his likes if they don’t  stop disrespecting and preaching against the institution of marriage as well as fighting the church. 

He applauded the communication regulator for admitting that they lack the jurisdiction to handle crime by these ‘pastors’. 

He says that his next course of action is to send all the victims of fraud to police and other authorities and help them get justice.


Meanwhile Bugingo used the meeting only to apologize for using his media house to abuse and insult pastors in the countryear. 


According to Victory Christian Ndeeba based church Pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda, this was a one sided meeting. 

He says, there was only one group of the accused and the offenders. 

“The other group to which I actually belong, the victims and the offended, were not represented. So the offenders took advantage of the occasion and jumped onto themselves with sharp accusations against each other’s actions and re-actions! It was such a site!” Says Dr. Joseph Sserwadda.

He said, one group (Bugingo) apologized and promised to never say anything silly. The other (Pr. Ssenyonga) promised to react if any silly~ness resurfaced. 

Sserwadda told us in an exclusive interview, “The rest of us just watched in a forced silence, and oh yes, prayed. I still have a question though: what caused this meeting? Who was so offended, and by which Media House, that such urgent summons were issued? And, would the meeting have been different if the former ED was in charge? Your guess is as good as mine.” Reasoned Presiding Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda.


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