I HAVE been keenly following the New Curriculum issue and I’ve realized that the Parliament of Uganda is right to suspend it.

Where’s Swahili spoken? Is it in our Parliament, Offices, shopping malls, where? How many teachers that will teach Swahili? Why rush things as if UGANDA is ending today!

Why not prepare for the new curriculum for at least three years? Give time to TTCs produce more professional Swahili Teachers.. what will happen to Teachers who have been teaching scrapped subjects?

Physical Education is compulsory, do all schools have play grounds? Some schools are in houses that were meant for shops (ebiduuka).

Are we going to hire Swahili Teachers from Kenya or Tanzania? By the way, which kind of Swahili are we going to teach our children? Tanzanian, Kenyan or Zanzibar?

There’s a saying, “Swahili was born in Zanzibar, grew up in Tanzania, got sick in Kenya, died in Uganda and was buried in D.R. Congo.” The Swahili of Tanzania is different from each country.

Who told the NRM Government that in order to have East African Integration or Community, we have to speak one language? What’s the language spoken by European Union? Is it Belgian, German, or French? No language. Naye who are the Think Tankers of our Government..!!

Remember the Ministry of Education asked for over 100 billion shillings to implement the new curriculum.

Some sane, objective Ugandans are not against the new curriculum because there are good changes but there was a need to consult the Stakeholders.

The writer is the President

Kingdom Ambassadors Ministries


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