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By Richard Golooba

ARUA prominent businessman Jackson Lee Atima who is also an NRM party mobilizer has cautioned residents in Arua about prioritizing their sanitation and personal hygiene to avoid contracting diseases that will affect their lives and impact on them economically and socially.

This was during Tarehe Sita preparation clean up exercise within town that was graced by the Deputy RDC of Arua Ms Alice Akelo.

Jackson Atima who decried the failure of some fathers to take charge of their responsibilities and placing the burden on their women to take care of children, feed, cloth & educate while for them they are busy in deep political talk said this is why poverty is eating up families and many are breaking each day that passby.

“We must leave by example. Let us carry the responsibilities as fathers because Bible calls us Heads of the family. To all our residents, maintain sanitation and hygien in your families and our City.” Said Atima.

Arua was among municipalities elevated to a City Status and expected to set off in July 2020.

Atima promised the people of Arua to aggressively, “Follow up on H.E President Museveni’s promise of ensuring that West Nile is connected to the national grid to enhance investment within the region and creation of more employment opportunities for the youth and women cottage, fabrication and value addition small scale industries.”

During the clean up, UPDF was led by Colonel Jackson Kayanza, the Brigade Commander of 409 Brigade best in West Nile.

Col Kayanza advised women to always promote peace in their homes as they are the founding pillars of families and whatever they sow into their children will manifest itself within society.

Atima, RDC Akello and Col. Kayanja during Arua city clean up

RDC Akelo warned the youth against expecting to get free things from their families and politicians, but advised them to engage in gainful employment like craftsmanship and agriculture to prepare themselves for a brighter future and families.


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