LEAD PHOTO: Hamis Kiggundu taking Ist lady around the newly constructed Nakivubo stadium. Mrs. Museveni said the country is proud of this investor


THE First Lady of Uganda Mama Janet Kataha Museveni who doubles as Educcation and Sports Minister today evening toured the newly constructed Hamz Stadium Nakivubo War Memorial Ground, congratulating money magnet Hamis Kiggundu for such an excellent job welldone! 
Accompanied by State minister for sports Peter Ogwang and other top government officials, First lady was received by Ham Group of Companies CEO Hamis Kiggundu, his brother Yasin Ssentongo and other officials amidst tight security! 

Mrs Museveni and her entourage were taken around the facility and the decelopments impressed First Lady.

In the visitors book Mrs. Museveni has written, “For the Ministry of Education and Sports, the NRM Government is very proud to see the examples of our young people begin to build Uganda by putting up projects such as this one. We congratulate Ham Kiggundu for this excellent job.”

Hon. Kataha Museveni noted that, a project like this developed by a Ugandan, is worth celebrating.
“Many times you find African countries think they can’t do things themselves, always want people to come from else where to do work for them. Hamis Kiggundu has opened up a new chapter.” Said Mrs. Museveni.

She said, this great work is done by a Ugandan, “And all the young people can come here and others from elsewhere to enjoy Nakivubo stadium. To have a sports facility like this one, Ugandans will always know that something to be proud of and Ham you are giving a good example to those coming after you. It is time we start doing things ourselves. That is how countries grow.”

She revealed how we look at developed countries and we think we cant make it like they do.
“But when people know and they are confident of themselves, they build their own countries. When you wait for others to do it for you, you countries will never develop because those you are waiting for to do work for you, have other things to think about for their own countries. That is why African had to wait a bit longer but this is the time now.” Said Mrs. Museveni.

Saluting tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, First Lady said, “We have a new generation that is motivated and that is why NRM leaders fought that Ugandans and all Africans can do things themselves. So i come here on behalf of Government i know you will have an opportunity when the president will come himself. But on behalf of the sector which stands for Government, i come here to say thank you.”

Hamis Kigundu thanked Mrs. Museveni for visiting the facility and her words of encouragement, also thanking President Museveni for the political support he has given to this leading local investor.
The Head of State is expected any time from now to visit and officially launch Nakivubo stadium.

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