PHOTO: Brig. Gen. Damulira in a group photo with Wakiso Bodaboda Riders Association leaders on Friday at Kololo


DETAILS from the Friday meeting between the Director of Crime Intelligence AIGP Brig Gen. Christopher Damulira and the leadership of Wakiso Boda Boda Riders Association at Kololo have emerged!
This leading investigative news Website in Uganda can reliably report that, Crime Intelligence boss hosted Wakiso bodaboda leadership at his Kololo office in order to deepen the co-ordination between Uganda police and the Boda boda industry especially on tackling crime, acts of political violence and to devise ways through which the Boda Boda industry can be organised to improve sanity in the conduct of their business.
Reliable sources briefed us that, in the meeting, Brig. Gen. Damulira appealed to the Bodaboda leadership to work closely with police and other security organs to identify wrong elements within the Boda Boda industry and ensure safety of both the riders and passengers.
“I ppeal to you bodaboda leaders, talk to bodaboda riders to shun acts of violence and to reject opportunistic politicians who use the bodaboda riders for their own interests.” Said Brig. Gen. Christopher Damulira to his guests.
He said the Boda Boda industry is supporting many young people to earn a living but also some are tarnishing the image of the country through participating in illegal activities like terrorism, murders accidents which has discouraged many tourists from coming to Uganda due to the disorganization of the riders causing fear to most foreign visitors.
However, he encouraged them to re-organise and engage themselves to benefit from government programs like Emyooga and Parish development model to increase on there earnings and reduce the loans they  aquire from the companies which offer them abnormal Boda loans.
He further appealed to them to work towards improving the service they offer to the public by ensuring they comply with the traffic laws and regulations including ensuring the riders have permits,helmets and reflector jackets and that the motorcycles are properly licensed to be on the road with visible number plates and other traffic requirements.
The  chairman wakiso district Boda Boda Riders association John Bosco Sejjengo applauded Brig.Gen.Damulira for great work he has done in organising Kampala Boda Boda Riders together with KCCA and also thanked him for accepting to meet Wakiso group.
He revealed that they manage 5500 stages in the 27 sub-counties and 4 municipalities that make up wakiso with a total registered population of 195000 riders.
“I request you Gen.Damulira to accept and study the memorandum presented to you which contains all we have been able to accomplish and the challenges for which we need the support of government.” Ssejjengo asked Crime Intelligence boss.

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