PHOTO: Namasuba-Nyanama-Kitebi road has become a den of thieves since cars are forced to move at a very slow speed. Mp Aloysius Mukasa wants it fixed or he leads a massive demonstration


OPPOSITION legislator Mukasa Aloysius Talton Gold, NUP Member of Parliament representing Rubaga South Constituency, today morning walked on the deadly Namasuba -Nyanama -Kitebi road from where he sent a tough message to Roads and Works minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala to urgently fix this road or the MP leads a massive demonstration.

Addressing journalists today morning, Hon. Mukasa who convincingly trounced 13 candidates in 2021 MP elections to be crowned Rubaga South MP, asked Gen. Katumba Wamala to quickly work on this road which the NUP legislator says, has become a death trap!

“They collect exhorbitant taxes from our people, it is absurd that taxpayers in return are made to walk or drive on such a road full of potholes! As peoples’ representative in Parliament, i cant sit by and fold hands as roads in my constituency become impassable. We will rise up and i can assure you, Gen. Katumba and his government will sweat plasma.” Said MP Mukasa who is known for his super mobilization tactics if it comes to leading demonstrations against poor service delivery and violation of human rights.
Nyanama road which Hon. Mukasa demands to be urgently fixed falls under UNRA and Ministry of Roads and Works. It stretches from Freedom City Namasuba on Entebbe road and goes through Nyanama to Kitebi at a place commonly known as ‘Star.’  This road connects Entebbe road and Kabuusu -Lweza road.
Hon. Mukasa says, it’s true all roads especially in Kampala need urgent overhaul but Namasuba – Nyanama-Kitebi road is deplorable.

In the photo above, someone has poured soil to stubbonly block a drainage a few meters to Petro fuel station Nyanama

“When you happen to use this road, what quickly comes to your mind is an aged government that is steadily going down hill and in fear waiting for its eventual death.This road is in fact the beginning of hell. All the potholes here are in fact a death trap yet the road connects travellers to Entebbe Airport road. We are going to cause Roads minister Katumba and UNRA officials a running stomach. It’s enough!” Vowed Hon. Mukasa.

Hon. Mukasa, in one of his engagements with Rubaga South electorates

Taking a walk on Nyanama road, MP Aloysius Mukasa noted the rate at which motor vehicles and motorcycles using this road are breaking-down each day that passes by. The level of insecurity on the road is high, as the road has become a den of thieves since cars are forced to move at a very slow speed.
“Travellers are missing flights, using the road is costly in terms of fuel and time yet it is a shortcut to Entebbe Airport road. We will firsr go to Gen. Katumba in peace but if his ministry becomes adamant, Rubaga South people will use another language.” Said MP Mukasa.
Namasuba-Nyanama road is a collection of potholes, the drainage system has broken down. when it rains, the road turns into a swimming pool yet it is one of the busiest road.
Hon. Mukasa who is using recess to walk around his constituency said, Rubaga South being a business constituency is contributing a lot to the Government treasury but there is no value for taxes paid. 

Parliament is in a three weeks recess after Speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among suspended Parliament and all committee sittings for 21 days directing Members of parliament to utilise recess to monitor Government programmes, play an oversight role by inspecting infrastructure and collect views from their electorates.
“Honourable members, at the end of today’s sitting, we will go on recess until 28th September 2023. Unlike previous recess periods where some committees continued to transact business, this recess will be an absolute one,” said Among in her communication at the commencement of the Thursday September 7, 2023 plenary. 
Madam Speaker insisted, ‘’I expect all of you to head to your constituencies to monitor the implementation of Government programmes.’’
As provided for under Article 90 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Members of Parliament are mandated to carry out oversight of all the government programmes undertaken in their constituencies all over the country.
The same law mandates them to monitor, evaluate and bring to the attention of ministers and the public the misuse of government funds, poor service delivery, violations of the rule of law and unlawful activities.

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