HUNDREDS of people in Bukedea District have hailed the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among, for her benevolent heart, she has boosted their village savings groups with startup capital. Madam Speaker doubles as Woman Member of Parliament for Bukedea district.
The support, which targets women and youth groups in Aligoi and Kwarikwar sub-counties, was delivered last week as part of Speaker Among’s bid to fight poverty among households in the district.
Each group received capital meant to help members start enterprises to generate income.
“The support shall help youth start small businesses such as chapatti-making or selling tomatoes to raise income to support themselves,” Ms Zipora Akol, the speaker’s political assistant in Bukedea district, said. 
She revealed that at least 60 groups comprising 30 each for women and youth from Aligoi Sub-county benefitted, while 65 groups received support in Kwarikwar Sub-county. 
The support by Speaker Among, who is the area Woman MP, comes in to supplement government poverty alleviation efforts in the district. 
Last year, 135 village savings groups in the three sub-counties of Kolir, Aminit and Kamutur were given support. 

Hundreds of Bukedea people who gathered to recive startup capital from Speaker Among

Recently during her thanksgiving ceremony held in Kongunga High School grounds in Kongunga Town Council, Speaker Among and her associates again supported various groups in Bukedea.  
The support, tagged on community development and women empowerment, saw women in Komuge sub county, Kwarikwar, Kongunga Town Council and Aligoi Sub-county get startup capital.
In Bukedea County, Kidongole and Koena sub-counties, Kocheka women and youth and Kocheka community development also benefitted from the support.
This has excited beneficiaries, with groups in Aligoi and Kawikwar competing for the past two days to sing and dance appreciation songs dedicated to Speaker Among.
Rose Amoding and Apolot Harriet, both beneficiaries from Aligoi, said the capital boost by Speaker Among has helped strengthen their village savings group and is going to improve on their borrowing. 
“We feel so good with this capital but I implore beneficiaries to put it into good use to improve the quality of life in families, we want to thank Speaker Among for the love,” Ms Amoding said. 
“No one is going to shake Mama Honorable Anita, we have received her love and we are going to repay that by praying for God’s protection and guaranteeing her a permanent stay in Parliament,” Martin Omuron of Aligoi noted.
Agoriat Stella of Kwarikwair said; “we shall die with Anita,” before she exploded into a thunderous ululation to demonstrate her happiness.


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