In the photo from left: Kabaka, Museveni, Mayiga, Ssebuggwawo and Fumbe clan leader Walusimbi Mbirozankya


BUGANDA Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has officially started war against Owek. Joyce Nabbossa Ssebuggwawo, Minister of State for Information, Communication, Technology and National Guidance following her role in brokering a UGX 9Bn land deal between President Museveni and Buganda clan heads (Abataka).
Mayiga is accusing Ssebugwawo of taking Clan leaders to State House without his (Katikkiro) consent.  
Angry Mayiga wants Kabaka’s former minister for women, community work and mobilization Owek. Ssebuggwawo sacked from the Directors of Central Broadcasting Service (CBS), a radio station owned by His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi II.
A meeting which was attended by CBS radio directors sat to decide Ssebuggwawo’s fate but an insider told us, they unanimously rejected Mayiga’s request saying, they can’t do away with such a hardworking, generous and connected lady who injects money into the Kingdom.
We are told, Premier Mayiga who has no kind words for Buganda Clan heads who met President without Kingdom’s clearance is not about to tolerate Ssebuggwawo or the defiant Bataka.
He used the recent Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament) sitting at Bulange Mengo, the Kingdom’s headquater,  to warn Clan leaders that the Kabaka has powers to fire them.
However, a fearless Ssebuggwawo who is Nabagereka Lady Sylivia Nagginda’s aunt looks like is not bothered by Mayiga’s threats, she has advised him to go slow on her because she is an insider and can influence his stay or exit as Katikkiro! In fact she has entered into another deal with her boss President Museveni over CBS radio which she has vowed to complete come rainfall come sunshine.  
(We will give details about the Ssebuggwawo-Museveni CBS deal in our next article).

In March this year, connected by Owek. Ssebuggwawo, Buganda clan heads met President Museveni at State House.
During their long meeting, abataka asked President Museveni to buy them land for their offices. Led by a youthful Ffumbe Clan head Yusuf Kigumba Walusimbi Mbirozankya Makubuya, Buganda clan heads clearly asked the President to give them a land title not cash.
“We dont want cash, we want land where we will construct offices and serve our Bazzukulu.” Clan leaders begged Muzeeyi a request The Head of State answered in postive. We are yet to ascertain, what President Museveni asked, in return! Only seven Clan heads attended the March meeting.
The number increased in the second meeting which took place last month (August) by 10. Among them was Keeya Mutesaasira of Ngo clan who had at first reiected the deal.
Infact Muteesaasira had a serious misunderstanding with his longtime buddy Walusimbi Mbirozankya saying he cant go to State House.
On 3rd April 2023, Muteesaasira posted on his facebook page that, “Just because you lose me as a friend doesn’t mean you gained me as an enemy… Iam bigger than that…… I still wanna see you eat… but just not on my table.” 

Muteesaasira leader of Ngo clan

Analysts say, Muteesaasira’s message was directed to Walusimbi Mbirozankya, Clan heads team leader in President Museveni’s deal.
However, Mutesaasira changed goal posts, reconciled with Mbirozankya Walusimbi and joined team which met the President in August.


  1.  Yusuf Kigumba Mbirozankya Walusimbi Makubuya (FUMBE), the team leader.
  2. Kasirye M. Kyadondo (NVUMA)
    3.Walugembe Samuel (SABABIITO W’E KIBULALA)
  3. 4. Kakonge Mutasingwa (MBWA)
  4. 5. Muyanja Wooyo David (MAZZI G’E KISASI)
  5. 6. Kalema Paul Lutayinzibwa (SABABIITO W’E SANJE)
  6. 7. Deus Kyeyune Kukeera Maweesaano (NGAALI) 
  7. 8. Kulubya Henry Kiggye  Mpeewo)
  8. 9. Keeya Ttendo Namuyimba Mutesaasira (NGO)
    10.Sheeba Kakande Kasujja (NGEYE)
    11.Kaboggoza Kisolo (NGONGE)
    12.Samson Nabbimba Lukkabya Nakigoye (KINYOMO)
  9. 13. Silvester Sessanga Mukalo (NJOVU)
  10. 14. Moses Kanonya Nankere (MMAMBA KAKOBOZA)
  11. 15. Ibrahim Nsigalira Kajabuwongwa (NAMUNGOONA)
  12. 16. James Mbaale Zamuwanga Kiwonko (KIWERE)
  13. 17. Ronald Mugalo Kikwata (NJEJE)

In the first (March) meeting, the President had directed that Bataka return with the owner of the said land adjacent to Bulange where Posta Uganda Mengo branch is sitted. This is the land, Buganda Clan Heads wanted the President to buy for them.
So in the second meeting in State House, Bataka went with the land owner and his lawyers who signed land transaction documents in the presence of the President and then deal was sealed.

After Mbirozankya and team secured from President Museveni land for Clan leaders’ offices in Mengo, he caused a meeting to let all members know that the Head of State has fulfilled his pledge.
In this hot meeting, a big number of clan heads were mad at team leader Walusimbi Mbirozankya for leaving them behind while going to State House saying, “We also wanted to go and meet the President.”
Omutaka Kayita, the head of Nvubu (Hippopotamus) clan put up his hand during the meeting and when given chance to speak he said, “The team which went to the President are so mean. Why did you leave me behind? Any way i have forgiven you because you managed to come back loaded (with land), we will all share.”
Kayita caused laughter among the Bataka when he revealed how him and Museveni are great friends.
Speaking in Luganda, Kayita said, “Oyo Museveni mukwano gwange, twatuula naye nga tuzza Obwakabaka era ammanyi nnyo. Era temugezanga okundeka nga muddayo omulundi omulala.” Literally meaning, “I and Museveni are great friend. We sat together to make strategies on how to bring back Buganda Kingdom. Dare not leave me next time!”
One of the clan leaders who attended State House meeting quickly responded that the President  had actually asked them, “Where is Kayita the Bright man.” This left Kayita excited.

Now united Buganda clan heads convened a meeting to respond to premier Mayiga who attacked them during Lukiiko sitting on August 28, 2023.
Mayiga had openly accused Clan leaders of meeting the President without clearance from the Kingdom. In their meeting shortly after Mayiga’s attacks, defiant clan leaders advised Katikkiro to know his limits, for they are not his servants! 

Owek. Mayiga addressing Lukiiko last month on the issue of clan heads meeting President Museveni without Kingdom consent

“We are not answerable to Katikkiro. He should no his limits.” Said one of the clan heads justifying their meeting with the President that they will looking for their share on the National cake.
Insiders say, Mayiga got annoyed because Clan leaders did not go through him to meet the President yet he is the Kamalabyonna of Buganda. 
Our State House sources revealed to us how President Museveni asked his Chief of Protocal, why Bataka have for so long wanted to meet him but blocked.
We are told, the chief of protocal informed the President how Mayiga told him, who ever wanted to see Mr. Museveni, he (Mayiga) should first be alerted. 
“So when i did on the issue of clan leaders, he told me not to give them access to you, Your Excellency”, Chief of Protocal told Muzeeyi.
It is said, a furiuos Museveni asked, “When did Mayiga start controlling my guests at State House?” Those who know Museveni say, he will take action!
It’s true Mayiga tried to frustrate Museveni-Bataka’s meeting but finally lost the battle.
Bataka believe, all powers Mayiga uses to step on their heads, he gets it from the President, that is why they decided to go to the source.
In their meeting shortly after Mayiga’s speech, Clan leaders unanimously vowed to fight back.
They asked, “When Mayiga goes to meet the president, him as our muzzukulu, does he first seek permission from us?”
Omutaka Kayita informed fellow clan heads how he personally talked to Kabaka when he fell sick and linked up with the president through Alhaj Moses Kigongo (NRM Vice Chairman) to seek for His Majesty’s medication. “When President Museveni sent the money, it was stolen by some elements in Mengo.” Said a tough speaking Omutaka Kayita ‘the Bright man.’

For starters, Katikkiro has no powers whatsoever over Bataka. Among the people Katikkiro leads in Buganda Kingdom, Bataka are out. 
Clans leaders are very pivotal in the setup of the Kingdom, they are the pillars upholding the Kingdom. Only answerabe to Kabaka, the Ssaabataka.
In the agreement which created the office of Katikkiro, former Kabaka Kintu sat with clan leaders and they advised then Kabaka Kintu that for him not to be like, “Kabaka Bembamusota who was a dictator and tortured his subjects, the one we helped you to fight and defeat, we will be giving you our muzzukulu (to be a katikkiro) and serve on your behalf so that you do not directly lead your people. Let them attack Katikkiro not you.”
For the record purposes, the first Katikkiro was called Kisolo of Kabaka Kintu. 
That was the agreement between Abataka and then Kabaka, which formed the office of Katikkiro. 
So Katikkiro can’t rule over Abataka, they directly report to Kabaka.
The only meeting which Bataka and Katikkiro attend, is when Kabaka is opening or closing the Lukiiko and Bataka are ex-officials. 
Or they can choose to meet Katikkiro for a genuine reason. In February, four clan leaders, Nakigoye Samson Nabbimba, Muteesaasira Keeya Ttendo Namuyimba, Kasujja Kyesimba Sheba Kakande and Walusimbi Yusuf Kigumba Mbirozankya (Ffumbe) met Katikkiro, a month to their meeting at State House.

When clan leaders Nakigoye Samson Nabbimba, Muteesaasira Keeya Ttendo Namuyimba, Kasujja Kyesimba Sheba Kakande and Walusimbi Yusuf Kigumba Mbirozankya (Ffumbe) met Katikkiro

It is believed, at first Kabaka wasn’t aware of Bataka-Museveni’s meeting because he had been flown abroad for medication. 
On his return, Kabaka talked to Owek. Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo. She briefed him and his response, we are told, Kabaka Welcomed the idea and said, “Lets hope the President will fulfil his pledge.” A pledge of buying office land for bataka. 

Clan heads line up at Muteesa I stadium Wankulukuku to receive Kabaka Mutebi in the Bika football final (Photo credit; Buganda Kingdom)

So Ssebuggwawo went on with the preparations and the president fulfilled.
Clan heads are unaplogetic and ready for more such meetings with the preident.

(In our next story, we will bring the details about Ssebugwawo-Museveni CBS deal and why this lady is Museveni’s trusted weapon in Mengo affairs)


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