OPPOSITION Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Buganda region Vice President Owek. Joyce Juliet Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo has blasted opposition politicians who demand that she rejects President Museveni’s cabinet job calling them traitors.
Ssebuggwawo has refuted all media reports that she has turned down the ministerial appointment saying she is ready to serve her Nation.
In a cabinet list released yesterday (Tuesday) night, news of President Museveni appointing Ssebuggwawo 
State minister for information, communication technology and National guidance shocked opposition politicians calling her to save them the shame and reject the job.
“I have hopes in Owek. Ssebuggwawo that she will not take Mr. Museveni’s job. I am eagerly waiting for the news that she has rejected it.” Said Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke from NUP Party.
Nambooze and other opposition politicians who thronged social media to demand that Ssebuggwawo does not take the offer said, as a leader who has been vocal against government persecution, it will be like eating a cake and having it again.
“Owek. Ssebuggwawo has betrayed Ugandans who looked up to her as an incorruptible, transparent and a lady of her word.” Said opposition politicians.
They noted that, by being appointed a minister accepting the job will be interpreted as a deal to silence and stop her from speaking out against dictatorship, corruption and bad governance in the country. 
Responding to these politicians, a tough speaking Ssebuggwawo has accused these politicians for folding their hands when NUP supremo Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi fronted a candidate for Lubaga mayor against her in the last elections.
This former Lubaga Division Urban Council mayor was massively defeated by NUP’s Zaccy Mberaze, after attempts to beg Kyagulanyi to spare her, were futile. 
This angered her and she vowed never to trust opposition leaders again.
Speaking to us today afternoon, Owek. Ssebuggwawo asked, “Those who want me to turn down President Museveni’s appointment, where were they when Mr. Kyagulanyi fronted a candidate against me in the last elections? How come they didn’t call Kyagulanyi to order? Is that how they had to pay me for my selfless service to the people of Lubaga, Buganda and Uganda at large? Those people are traitors, God has remembered me I thank President Museveni for identifying me to serve my Nation.”
A defiant Ssebuggwawo has not spared a section of top Buganda Kingdom officials who allegedly wanted her to turn down the appointment.
She says, when NUP ganged against her during the recently concluded elections, she ran to top Kingdom officials (Names withheld) and asked them to mediate between her and Bobi Wine so that he spares her or fronts a weaker candidate like the case was in Mawokota South Member of Parliament race which was won by FDC’s Yusuf Nsibambi.
“I was fought by a clique of Mengo officials. It was supporting Mberaze and when I was defeated, they were the happiest. Now they want to show the public that they are concerned about where I have to serve. Let them keep quiet.” Says Hon. Minister Joyce Ssebuggwawo.
By press time, her aide in charge of wardrobe was busy preparing what the minister will put on as she swears in at State House.

For starters, Ssebuggwawo has been  among the top opposition figures in President Museveni’s good books.
The two often talk. Museveni calls Ssebuggwawo ‘My sister’, sometimes ‘Maama Kampala’. The two have been friends for decades.
When Ssebuggwawo lost Lubaga mayoral bid, among those who called to comfort her was President Museveni.
A crestfallen Ssebuggwawo when asked by Museveni what her plan B was, she told him, “I am going to court. NUP rigged me.”
Museveni asked her, “Do you have enough evidence? I am of a view, don’t go to court, you can’t manage those NUP stubborn boys. I can get you something else and we serve our Country together. How do you see?”
She told Muzei that it’s fine but she had to make some consultations first. Museveni okayed her.

Among the leaders Ssebuggwawo said to have consulted, was city Lord mayor Erias Lukwago. Reports say, he cleared her to follow her mind. Ssebuggwawo took Lukwago through how she was fought during campaigns telling him that the FDC party shunned her.
“Becoming a minister in Mr. Museveni’s government doesn’t mean that I have left FDC. It’s my party. I am just serving my country at another front. I didn’t come to FDC for personal gains, I have been injecting money in this party. So I will remain FDC.” Ssebuggwawo allegedly told Lukwago, a fellow FDC member.
She also consulted Dr. Steven Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu the Archbishop of Church of Uganda who gave her a green light to go and serve.

We are reliably informed, when news of Ssebuggwawo leaked to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, he invited her to be briefed.
“Yes Your Majesty I am in talks with president Museveni to be appointed a minister. As Lubaga mayor, I have been giving a hand of help to hundreds of needy children and families. I support church construction and Kingdom activities. I spend about 10M monthly. If I have no office, how will I fullfil this? Allow me go and serve.” Owek. Ssebuggwawo begged Kabaka whose response wasn’t clear.
We are also told, a team of FDC leadership tried to persuade Ssebuggwawo not to take Museveni’s job but she dustibined their prayers.
The last people she consulted was a certain CBS radio boss and her dear husband who gave her a green light.  

State House insiders have told us how president Museveni delegated his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and daughter Pastor Patience Museveni to seal the Ssebuggwawo deal.
Before that, then ruling party chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa was sent by president Museveni to sort out some issues with this former Buganda minister who is Buganda Queen Lady Sylivia Nagginda’s auntie.
Gen. Muhoozi and Patience came in at the last stage to finalize the deal.
This is how her name appeared on the list yesterday, the rest is history

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