PHOTO: When G-86 youth visited their Patron Haji Nadduli

UGANDA can easily veer off into extinction if her future is not wisely designed for the generations to come. The political environment of this country plays a pivotal role in curving the foundation stone for peace and national unity despite the adverse history which we do not wish to experience again anywhere in this generation and others to come.
To safeguard Uganda’s future, there is need to resuscitate servitude regardless of tribe, political or religious affiliations with a common goal of taking Uganda to greater heights.
What Uganda has experienced over years, not forgetting the elusion of peace and national unity by politicians, is basis for lessons to all of us as Ugandans. There is need for concerted effort to tackle the challenges we face now, and the solution is in serving the populace.
Without the spirit of servitude, Uganda is destined for burial as a result of kleptocracy with a system where government officials expropriate the country’s wealth at the expense of the populace.
GENERATION 1986 (G-86), as a pressure group within the National Resistance Movement, offers the solution to socioeconomic thievery where a section of the plutocrats is immune to the rule of law.  
Formed in 2021, G-86 brings together Ugandans of all generations determined to serve the country to shape its future correcting the past and present slip-ups.

Author Jamil Kazibwe, National Cordinator G-86

The group, with an agenda of employing various ways of driving political participation and engagement, strives to safeguard the achievements of the Pearl of Africa and ensure her continuity through smooth transition of national leadership from one generation to another.
G-86 is unwaveringly determined to neutralise the enemies of Uganda, which are buttressed in the negative mindset, tribalism, kleptocracy, corruption and the impunity enjoyed by just a few. By building a country with nurtured local and national leaders with a spirit of fighting corruption, we are certain that these will monitor the utilisation of public money so that it is used appropriately for the budgeted purposes.
We inculcate, promote and develop an entrepreneurial and business culture among the people of Uganda especially the youth, tied with desirable morals, practices, and values. So far we have embarked on resuscitation strategies of the country and instill servitude among the populace.

Steven Biyinzika, Chief strategists G-86

We promote unity, gender sensitivity, integrity, innovation, transparency, equity and justice and a God-fearing nation through guiding members through hard work, respect for one another, creativity, and above all the love for one another, since love for one another translates into love for our country.
“G-86 with its agenda of servant leadership, is all about exemplary team-leadership and accountability in line with democracy, and the value for wisdom and knowledge. It’s our humble appeal to all Ugandans regardless of tribe, political or religious affiliations to join this cause for a common goal of peace, unity and prosperity beyond limits.

The author Jamil Kazibwe is the National Cordinator, G-86. Whatsapp him on +256 702 690303


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