PHOTO: Kampala minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda officiating at a symposium in Makerere, Kawempe on Saturday, organised by ‘Mzee tova ku ballot’ NRM youth led by Eng. Joseph Sewava (2nd right)


TO prove their determination to keep ruling Party Chairman Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni on the ballot come 2026 General elections, hundreds of NRM Youth behind ‘Mzee Tova ku Ballot’ movement have shown their readiness to start saving and mobilizing funds to run his 2026 Presidential campaigns.
Speaking at a symposium organised to launch training of volunteers for awareness of NRM achievements and those of supreme leader President Yoweri Museveni at Makerere Yellow Primary school on Saturday, NRM’s Eng. Joseph Sewava comonly referred to as ‘State keeper’ to show gratitude to The Head of State for the steady progress of the country, youth not only want him back in 2026 but they are ready to save and mobilize funds to run President Museveni’s 2026 campaigns.
“In order to consolidate what we have achieved as a country, peace and stability, development and poverty alliviation, we want our great leader back on the 2026 ballot. Youth will save and mobilize all funds needed to run our party chairman campaigns.”
Said Eng. Sewava. 
He urged all members of NRM to contribute at least UGX 1000 as volunteers for 2026 President Museveni’s campaign.
For starters, Sewava is one of President Museveni’s blue eyed boys. On many functions, he is seen very close to the Head of State.
He is a businessman and Director at Alps 7th group, a construction company with a good track record in the construction industry. He is also the CEO of an umbrella Association of Medium and Small scale contractors in Uganda.
At the function in Makerere, Chief guest President Museveni delegated Hon. Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs.
Delivering President Museveni’s message, minister Kabanda thanked ‘Mzee Tova ku Ballot’ NRM youth for appreciating President Museveni’s sacrifice in liberating this country. She called for politics inclusiveness not bitterness for steady progress.
About the reinvention of the spirit of volunteering, Sewava said, it is well documented that NRA was successful in liberation struggle because of voluntarism.
“It is in the same spirit that we have organized this first ever volunteering conference.” Sewava told minister Minsa Kabanda.
He revealed that this awareness group will be responsible for training youths in preaching the message of tolerance and honesty among Ugandans some of the virtues that need to be inculcated and emphasized in society. 
The conference also trained youths in combating poverty using the Parish Development Model and Emyooga as emphasized by the President during a presidential address to Parliament on Thursday last wee.
The other most crucial objective of the conference was on how to devise ways the team can reach various religious and opinion leaders talk to President Yoweri Museveni on considering to stand again for President in 2026 in order to galvanize the country’s achievements as they prepare for transition.
This voluntarism conference also encouraged youth to be good ambassadors of the NRM as they preach the Party gospel and recruit more. 

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