HARD TIME AHEAD: Odongo and wife being played for


BISHOP Moses Odongo who has been moving around bragging how President Museveni endorsed him for the General Overseer National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda is a liar, State House has disowned him! 
An official communication from Mr. Faruk Kirunda, the Deputy Press Secretary to H.E the President says, “It is not true that State House endorsed Moses Odongo like he alleges and no any kind of offer from State House to him.”
State House continues to clarify that no tractors or motorcycles will be given to Moses Odongo as he lied to Pastors in exchange for their votes.
Odongo has been henceforth warned to stop dragging President Museveni and State House into his politics reminding him that he will be made to pay for his sins if he doesnt stop impersonation.
This comes after this investigative news website consulted State House over Thursday next week General Overseer elections in Kampala, to tell us about ‘their candidate Moses Odongo’. We also asked State House how true the reports are, that they will give tractors and motocycles to Pastors country wide if Odongo is elected General Overseer NAFBAC, as he promised voters. State House has categolically distanced itself from this election saying, Odongo’s allegations are typical lies.
Five candidates are vying for the General Overseer office in an election which is slated for March 16, 2023 on Thursday, this week.
The candidates are; Dr. David Micheal Kyazze of Omega Healing Church International, Nsubuga Joseph, Odongo Moses, Oduki G and Ssemazzi F.
For starters, one of the top campaign tools for Odongo was that he is the official State House candidate for the General Overseer seat and that if pastors massively vote for him, he will get them tractors and motorcycles from State House, a pledge State House isn’t aware of.
Odongo has also been promising delegetes free transport and accomodation in Kampala at the election day eve.
Reliable sources say, its Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral who fronted and bankrolls Odongo’s campaigns the fact being that  the two are longtime alies and Odongo is branded a Kayanja’s spy in National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda.
In fact Jessica, Kayanja’s wife and Odongo’s wife are also buddies,  no wonder, Jessica courted her husband to financially fuel Odongo’s campaigns.
Jessica connvened a meeting with women to fundraise and campaign for Odongo. 
It is also said, to show that Kayanja wants to bag NAFBAC, he has been releasing UGX 10M every month to finance Odongo’s campaigns.
Recently, Pastors in NAFBAC vowed to throw out Odongo saying if he wants to be a leader, let him go and contest against Pastor Robert Kayanja in his Miracle Centre Ministries. 
Odongo is facing a hard rock after Pastors in NAFBAC rejected his candidature. 
Our reporters are on ground to find out who is likely to win this election. In our story tomorrow, we will bring the latest opinion poll.
In other news, there was chaos at Destine Schools Katende of Mrs. Eva Ssejjobyo, former wife to late Apostle Michael Mugerwa, when Teso and Karamoja pastors whose children were promised bursaries at this school if they support Moses Odongo for General Overseer, were asked to pay for requirement fees which amount doubles schools fees they pay back in the village.
Mrs. Eva Ssejjobyo is a staunch supporter of Odongo. When they went to Karamoja and Teso, they offered bursaries to 30 children from each of the two regions.
We are told this led to chaos as Itesots and Karimajongo vowed to roast Odongo and Eva Ssejjobyo alive for telling them lies. They got annoyed and regretted why they had brought their children to Eva Ssejjobyo’s school. 
Still, parents were shocked to find empty classrooms with no students asking whether this was a school or chicken houses.

The Electoral Commission in charge of election of The General Overseer (GO) National Fellowship of The Born-Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda due next week on Thursday March 16th 2023 has banned all candidates from transporting delegetes to the polling centre. 
This will be the work of EC. Any candidate who will interfere with the work of EC will face it rough.
According to EC Chairman Apostle Zziwa (in the photo below), all delegetes from the 16 regions making up National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda should instead wait for the official communication from EC on how they will be transported.
Reports show, one of the candidates Moses Odongo has been moving around promising delegates free transportation in exchange for their votes.
EC says, this is corruption and will not be tolerated.

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