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DR. SAM LYOMOKI’s troubles are not about to end! This embattled former workers’ MP has been subjected to thorough investigations by both Police’s Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and The Inspector of General of Government (IGG) for his alleged misconduct.
To add insult to injury, a group of workers have petitioned Gender, Labour and Social Development Minister Betty Amongi Akena to sack Lyomoki from the Board of Directors NSSF saying he is a troublesome man and chaotic, who likes starting wars wherever he goes and a person of controversies, that is why analysts believe, workers rejected him during election of workers MPs in 2021.

A cartoon published by New Vision (a leading Government daily) showing why workers rejected Lyomoki’s candidature as their MP, during 2021 elections

For starters, the line minister is the Supervisor of the NSSF Board. It is Minister Amongi’s duty as the line minister to screen all nominated Board members for character, competence and security isues. She is mandated to carry out proper assessment and thereafter assures the savers that the Fund has credible and effective oversight.
The minister is expected to have a sense of fairness, impartiality and prudent judgement on the matter and advise the Board accordingly. 
According to a leaked letter dated December 23, 2022 to Minister Amongi and seen seen by this leading investigative news Website, Lyomoki is under investigations. Letter was shared to the Minister of Finance and to all Board of Directors NSSF.
It is now suspected that after realizing that his days at NSSF looks to be numbered, Lyomoki has resorted to spreading malice against the Fund he joined less than a year ago, and also blackmailing top managers so that he atleast leaves the Fund disorganised something which NSSF bosses seem won’t entertain.

A letter briefing Minister Amongi about his mischiefs says, Sam Lyomoki happens to be the only Board member who, during, his first year of service on the Board has experienced the following:
● A petition from workers (addressed to the minister) seeking Lyomoki’s removal from the Board.
● Lyomoki is the author of a much publicized minority report shared to media contradicting minister’s stated guidelines on the Mid term Access. Irrespective of the merits of the minority report, couldn’t this have been done in a more decent and self respecting way?
● Lyomoki underwent an investigation by a specially selected committee of the Board in response to an allegation of unethical engagement with the Head of Investments.
Members of the SACA committee walked out on Sam Lyomoki in protest for his alleged misconduct as Chair of this
● Lyomoki is currently undergoing investigations by CID and IGG for his misconduct

Letter to the minister reads in part, “With the exception of Dr. Lyomoki ,the current Board of NSSF is cohesive, focused and wonderfully resourceful. Inspite of the apparent diversity in Constituency representation and perspective.”
“The Board consistently complies with the foundational principles and practices of governance, Constructive engagement, mutual trust and mutual respect. Disagreement over a view point does not turn you into an outright target for vicious allegations! Members observe an admirable degree of decorum in and outside the Boardroom.” Reads a leaked letter to the minister. 
News Editor Media has learnt that, during a meeting with the president on December 22, 2022, Lyomoki who was among the attendants remorselessly denigrated the entire Board as a bunch of bare faced liars while he himself postured as the cadre, the God fearing and the only single source of incontrovertible truth.
According to our sources, Lyomoki’s colleagues didnt take for granted such public humiliation and embarrassment of such a well grounded Board with belligerent acts of impunity!
We can exclusively report that, a detailed review of all available records of Boardroom sessions (including Board whatsapp group conversations), amply reveal that Lyomoki’s conduct and behavior falls far below the standard and acceptable etiquette and decorum of a Board member in an organisation with the sophistication and reputation of NSSF.
In fact during the meeting with the president, Lyomoki is accused of lying before NSSF Board members how he was speaking on behalf of all workers. We are told, Mr. Museveni looked like he realised Lyomoki was impersonating. That is why the President decided to engage individual workers’ representatives.
It first happened a day when Lyomoki unsuccessfully tried to block the Board’s meeting with the Minister Betty Amongi. Dr. Lyomoki is acussed of telling lies how he was speaking on behalf of all workers’ representative and that whatever else happens, he had spoken to the Minister which was later discovered to be naked lies!!
“If this evidence based on Lyomoki’s misbehaviour, impunity and callous disregard for Board etiquette by Lyomoki is not addressed quickly and firmly, the Board will endlessly be trapped in a disastrous confluence of half blackmail, character assassination and criminal manipulation, triggered off by circles of corrosive allegations.” Reads the confidential letter to the minister.

What was the minister’s response? We will bring part II of this story! Please watch the space!

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