PHOTO: Dr. Siranda (in Kanzu) with Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa (left)


ALL is set for opposition Democratic Party (DP)’s Secretary General Dr. Gerald Blacks Siranda to be nominated today Tuesday September 20, 2022 for Member of Parliament East African Legislative Assembly  (EALA) 2022-2027.
Nominations are on-going at Parliament of Uganda. Siranda’s delegation we have been briefed, will be led by none other than DP President General who also doubles as Justice and Constitution Affairs minister Hon. Nobert Mao together with his VP Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde.
We are reliably Informed that, after the nominations, Hon. Mbidde who has successfully served as EALA MP for two terms, will host Dr. Siranda’s delegation for a party at Serena Hotel Kampala.
Dr. Siranda who this leading investigative news website almost a year ago predicted that he will sail through to EALA, last week was officially endorsed by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is the chairman of ruling NRM Party and directed NRM Members of Parliament who forms the majority, to vote for Siranda, a leader he talked about as disciplined and competent.
Museveni also cleared Justice Forum’s SG Haji Muhammad Kateregga and UPC’s SG Fred Ebil.
The three will join NRM’s six candidates to make 9 Members of Parliament, a total of MPs each member State sends in EALA every after 5 years’ term.
Museveni this time left out independents, their slot given to JEEMA’s Kateregga, due to what analysts say, this party’s religious participation in IPOD and believing in politics of dialogue.
In fact all the three parties whose candidates President Museveni gave a green to go to EALA are very active in EALA.
Not like National Unity Platform (NUP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). 
For starters, NUP said won’t front any candidate for EALA although it’s the leading opposition party in Uganda and for FDC, their flag bearer Harold Kaija looks like he is just flogging a dead horse! 
Besides his endorsement by NRM chairman, the three opposition parties are in good books of Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among who is the Heads the 11th Parliament and to those knowing this Bukedea district woman member of Parliament, she has an upper hand in determining who will go to EALA.
The number of independents who will try their luck is expected to be big but their chances are very slim!  
529 members of the 11th Parliament are the voters of the 9 MPs to represent Uganda in EALA 2022-2027. 

On Wednesday February 9, 2022 after President Museveni met the four political party secretary generals who attended the Inter-Party Organisation Dialogue (IPOD) at State House Nakasero, Dr. Siranda asked for a few minutes to privately talk to the IPOD boss, Mr. Museveni.
For starters, Museveni is the current Chairman IPOD. That day, the IPOD meeting was attended by JEEMA’s Muhammad Kateregga, UPC’s Fred Ebil, DP’s Siranda and NRM’s Richard Todwong.
In a very humble soft voice, Dr. Siranda a young man from Eastern region told Museveni that, “Your Excellency, I won DP Primaries for EALA but there is no way I can make it without your blessings. Sir, I am begging you to help me achieve my dream.”
Siranda told a listening Museveni that he is well furnished with issues of regional coperation and the need for a common maket, so if sent to Arusha, he will foster the cause.
He talked about himself as a peace loving citizen who detests activism, telling the Head of State that he will lift the Ugandan flag higher if he gets the President’s endorsement. 
In his response, Museveni said he was happy to hear that DP is sending a young man he knows very well.
“NRM will support your candidature. I will direct NRM Secretary General to immediately work on that. All will be fine my son, you are a very discplined muzzukulu.” Noted the President.
We are told, there after, Museveni acted immediately and gave directives to Todwong and Thomas Tayebwa who was then the NRM Government Chief Whip, to make sure Siranda goes through undisturbed.
Fact is, there is nothing that has won Siranda EALA endorsement like the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) meetings. He has been in top leadership and this has brought him closer to leaders of different political parties more so NRM which has the majority MPs. These meetings have depicted him as a national leader who agitates for peace, good governance and dialogue. 

For those who don’t know, going by the 11th Parliament composition with NRMs being the majority, there is no way an opposition member can win EALA seat without NRM’s blessings.
NRM has a total of 339 MPs. Opposition are only 107 out of 529 MPs. Even if opposition MPs are allowed to vote twice, opposition MPs can’t take through their candidate. So, NRM votes count and Dr. Siranda has this vote.
Now that Siranda has been officially endorsed by ‘baba’, it’s automatic he will sail through.
We think it’s not too early to congratulate Dr. Siranda upon this great achievement in life.

A trusted source says, Dr. Siranda has been loyal to the party, and at no single moment has he ever rebelled against DP. No wonder, he defeated money magnet Babirye Kabanda in EALA Primaries. 
Siranda is dependable and trusted. The party feels comfortable to deploy such a brilliant young man to EALA to replace an encyclopedia Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde.

Siranda is not tribalistic, he is a National figure. A fluent soft speaking young man,  Dr. Siranda comes from Bukedi, a region that has never had any person elected EALA MP. 
For starters,  Eastern region is among the regions with big numbers of MPs in the 11th Parliament. They are 198. This is a very good start for the son of the soil. Dr. Siranda if they unanimously vote for their son of the soil.

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