PHOTO: Hon. Mukasa on the floor of Parliament. He said, by NRM pledging to give LCI chairpersons a monthly allowance of UGX 10,000 was a mockery


LOCAL Government minister Raphael Magyezi is yet to give Parliament of Uganda an official statement to as to why his Local council leaders have for three years not received their monthly allowance of UGX 10,000 (Ten Thousand shillings only) as promised by Government.
A week ago, Rt. Hon. Speaker Anita Among assured Hon. Aloysius Mukasa and the whole August House how Government was going to give an official statement on the delay of paying Local council leaders their allowance of UGX 10,000 as pledged.
This came after Rubaga South NUP Member of Parliament Hon. Aloysius Mukasa raised a Matter of National Importance on the floor of Parliament in regard to the welfare of Local Council leaders who includes LC chairpersons, women leaders, youth leaders and people with disabilities (PWDs).
During a Parliamentary sitting presided over by Speaker Anita Among, MP Mukasa, through madam Speaker, asked Local Government minister to explain why local council leaders were promised air yet they play a very fundamental role in communities within their jurisdiction.
Hon. Mukasa told Speaker and fellow legislators that, “Local leaders including those at village councils are entitled for a monthly allowance of UGX 10,000 (Ten Thousand Shillings only) which government pledged to give them. Despite the role they play in ensuring security and harmony within communities, they have spent 3 (three) years without a pay.”
Rubaga South MP told Parliament that besides UGX 10,000 a month being a mockery by NRM government to these hardworking local council leaders which allowance Parliament should look into and consider an increment, that money isn’t sent to them as government pledged.
Hon. Mukasa said failure by the government to facilitate local council leaders brings laxity in the execution of their duties and the end result is increase in criminality, cases of land grabbing and corruption.
Speaker saluted Hon. Mukasa for raising this matter and promised that government will come out with an official statement.
As we are all still waiting for the government’s statement over this matter, MP Mukasa has vowed to continue fighting for the pay rise of Local council leaders saying government should stop taking these leaders for granted!

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