TODAY Wednesday July 6, 2022, Pearl of Africa radio, a Muslim based radio station airing on 107.9 FM waves will conduct Bulungibwansi (Community service) in the areas of Kisenyi and Kamwokya, in Kampala Capital City, as one of the activities organised by the radio management to mark 11 years on air.
Celebrations kicked off on Saturday last week at Freedom City Arena, Namasuba on Entebbe road with football competition between Pearl FM, Listeners, Nubian Community, Sheiks, Majsid Kitubulu, Tagy TV and Pearl fm former employees.

In an intesting football competition attended by hundreds of listeners, political and religious leaders, journalists, radio management and staff, Sponsors, Listeners defeated Sheiks at the finals to be crowned Pearl fm Anniversary tournament Champions 2022.
The winners (Listeners) were given a trophy and also, Sheiks who finished second were awarded. 

Today, there will be no usual program airing on radio, it is a Quran day. Other programs will resume tomorrow on Thursday.
We are reliably informed, Management has organised a party for their staff tomorrow on Thursday.
For starters, Pearl fm was founded by about 10 directors in July 7, 2011 on 107.9 frequency. Haji Karim Kariisa, youngest brother of the Karisa family has been the main director since this radio was started to date. Salutation to the directors for they have perfectly steered this radio station this far. 
The main objective of starting Pearl fm of Daawa and current News has been achieved. Pearl FM is ranked among the best radios in the country with best programs, very educative, informative and family friendly. It has qualified staff who are innovative.
It’s platforms are pearl fm news and Pearl fm Dawa YouTube, Facebook Pearl fm uganda, twitter@pearlfmug,
Their official lines are; 256 200926711, 256 393225887 and 256 39324931

Program Lineup (Monday – Friday)
● Daawa ku makya (4am – 5am)
● Entanda (5am – 7am) Ssonko Musa
● Ettu ly’omukeeze (7am-9am) Freda Mazzi, Kiweewa, Kizito and Mubiru
● Inside Story (10am-12pm) Kalule Sulaiman
● Pearl FM News Hour  (12pm-1pm) Tenywa & Editorial 
● Abakyala bazira (1pm – 3pm) Naava & Mazzi
● Tegeera Obusiraamu  (3pm-4pm) Sheik Hussein & Sheik Kizito
● Mpulidde Kamenya  (4pm-5pm) Hood Matovu 
● Parliament  (5pm-6pm) Kiku & Kayongo
● Buuza Imaam (6pm-7pm) Imaam Kyeyune & Sheik Kizito
● Namwatulira (7pm-9pm) Ssozi, Kayongo & Jonan
● Maama Africa (9:30pm-10pm) Matovu Hood
● Manya Obusiraamu (10pm-11pm) Daawa team 
● Pearl Sport  (11pm -Mid night) Ssozi and Kiweewa
● Quran (Midnight – 4am) Daawa

Program Lineup Weekend (Saturday)
● Entanda Special  (5am-7am) Abdulrahman 
● Mimbari Special (7am-9am) Kalungi Yahaya 
● The Patriot  (9am-11am) Mukasa Fred Kiku
● The Bigger Story (11am-1pm) Ssonko Musa
● The School times  (1pm-2pm) Jonan Atusingwize
● Sporting Weekend  (2pm-4pm) Sports team 
● Omuwuliriza (4pm-5pm) Freda and Jonan 
● Pearl Doctor (5pm-6pm) Hakim Kayongo 
● Pearl Magazine (6pm-7pm) Hood Matovu
● Obutonde (7pm-8pm) Tamale Yahaya Ssali 
● Kasennya (8:30 – 9:30 pm) Ssonko Musah
● Omunaala  (9:30-11pm) Yahaya Kalungi
● Tafseer (11pm-Midnight) Ssozi Muhamed
● Quran  (Midnight -4am) Daawa

Program Line-up Sunday
● Entanda Special  (5am -7am) Abdulrahman Bulwa
● Obusiraamu ly’ekkubo  (7am – 9am) Yahaya Kalungi 
● Alipoota Namutayiika (9am – 12pm) Kalule Sulaiman
● Bwino ku Bwino  (12pm – 2pm) Ssozi Muhamed Harouna 
● Quran & Science (2pm – 3pm) Daawa Team
● Buganda Ekkula (3pm – 4pm) Mubiru Ali 
● Emboozi z’abawandiisi (4pm-5pm) Ssozi Muhamed Harouna 
● Sunday Special Darsu  (5pm-6pm) Production
● Eriiso ly’ensi  (6pm-7pm) Ssonko Musah
● Ekyooto  (7pm-8pm) Mubiru Ali 
● Enzikiriza (8:30pm-10pm) Daawa & Production. 
● Obufumbo  (10pm-Midnight) Yahaya Kalungi
● Quran (Midnight – 4am) Daawa & Production 

Congratulations Pearl fm upon reaching 11 years on air.

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