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● Office of Speaker denies knowledge about the UGX 40M give away
● Man behind crafting this propaganda identified


LATEST from the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP), Party officials have refuted media reports that some of their MPs got cash amounting to UGX 40M each, they have confirmed to this investigative dependable news website how they have no evidence pinning any of their members for having got that money from Speaker Anita Among as it was alleged.
In an exclusive interview to our senior reporter, a section of party officials who requested anonymity have revealed to us that all said about their MPs getting money is just hearsay, “We don’t have proof, therefore, public should ignore the street talk.”
This comes after media reports quoting some of party leaders alleging that some NUP Members together with other opposition members of parliament from different opposition parties picked UGX 40M each from the residence of speaker of Parliament in Nakasero. Sources from the office of the Speaker have denied knowledge about this development saying, the one who alleges must prove. Mr. Chris Obore, Director Communications Parliament didn’t mince words, he said this is all about NUP party wrangles, there is infighting going on, that is why blackmail amongst fellow leaders is too much but the truth is, no cash has been given out to these MPs as alleged.
Rumour had it that,  almost all the 529 members of Parliament got this handshake from Speaker Anita and that, for the NRM and independent legislators, cash was deposited on their bank accounts.
But for the opposition members, they picked in person this money from Speaker’s home.
In fact, there were reports that NUP leadership directed their Members of parliament to return this money calling it a bribe because it doesn’t indicate the reason why they received it.

When our investigations team approached NUP leaders to tell us how they found out that their MPs also got the said money, they categorically said, they can’t produce the proof, “These are just allegations which we can’t prove beyond any reasonable doubt.”
“You can’t say so and so got the money unless you have proof which we don’t have. There is no captured record of any members receiving the said money. Unless someone with proof can help us and produce it, such a leading opposition party can’t crucify it’s members depending on guess work.” Said a reputable source from NUP.
We tasked the party officials to explain about a statement said to be from the party headquarters directing their MPs to return the said cash.
“Ofcourse as NUP we can’t tolerate acts of corruption and bribery. If any member picked that money, let it be returned. But the fact is, we have no proof that our Members of parliament picked the money from Speaker Anita Among as it was alleged.” Sources from party headquarters told this news website today evening.
We have ascertained that it is true there was a caucus meeting on Monday and these allegations were raised but still, there was no evidence tabled pinning any member on receiving the said money. Everything is just allegations.
Party officials think, this might be a plot hacked by the regime opportunists to divert public about the National budget which according to them will not deliver the country from acute poverty to prosperity. 
“When you analyse the 2022/2023 National Budget, the biggest share is taken by State House and Security. This Budget is intending to over milk a cow (Ugandans) which is poorly fed. Now to divert the country from analysing the Budget, that street talk of who received money from the Speaker had to be crafted. No wonder, some of our own members are aiding the regime in spreading this false rumour.” Sources revealed.
Insiders have identified a one Katongole who was once arrested on charges of raping a girl called Aisha, that he is behind the mission to discredit NUP.
All started when top party leadership blocked Katongole from being appointed on any KUNGA committee following a directive given during a meeting held at Busaabala One Love Beach. 
Katongole has committed grave crimes against NUP Party and one time, NUP youth wanted to squeeze his huge balls for eating and splashing money with Rwandese women, that he solicited to facilitate families of political prisoners.
A decorated conman, Katongole fundraised money from NUP supporters from diaspora to support families of NUP political prisoners. None of them received even a single coin. Guy spent it with women.
It is on this and other grounds that he was blocked from taking up any responsibility in the party.
No wonder, he has been talked about as the one behind spreading and faking lists about some NUP MPs said to have received money of course with no laid proof.
The party however insists on transparency and accountability by each of their legislators. That is why it directed any MP who might have received the money to return it.
Now the question is, who will return the money, and which money, now that the party has confirmed, it has no proof, all is just hearsay? 
We have talked to some NUP MPs but they refused to comment on issues raised out of anonymous statements. They are eagerly waiting for an official statement from their Party
Our ears are on ground, we will feed you on any development.

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