Deputy RDC Kagenyi on a fact finding misson in a certain hospital


DETERMINED to deliver President Museveni’s promises to the people of Manafwa District during 2021 elections, area Deputy RDC Kagenyi Lukka has outlawed continuous politicking in his area of jurisdiction.
During his on spot field tours on Monday that took him to Khabutola, Bugobero and Sibanga sub-counties with keen interest on the impact of the elderly SAGE program, Kagenyi assured the locals that it’s time for service delivery until the next general elections in 2026.
Reminding them about the forthcoming women elections, Kagenyi appealed to the people of Manafwa to put emphasis on income generating activities.
“During the general elections, you trusted President Museveni and the NRM government with the mandate of managing this country untill 2026 when we shall go to the polls again meaning time for politics is over. However, some opposition adherents keep politicking all the time thereby diverting the attention of our people which to us as the RDC’s office won’t tolerate anymore”, he emphasized, assuring opposition sympathisers that politics is a zero-sum game where the winner takes it all.
He notified the attentive audience that the 44km road from Bumbobi to Lwakhakha boarder with Kenya that goes through Nabumali, Shikoye, Khuboda, Mayenze, Shibanga and Namisindwa has eased the means of trade mostly for coffee and banana farmers although opposition supporters do not see any economic impact in this.
The assertive Deputy RDC also visited Shibanga Health Centre IV, Butiru Health Centre III, Buwagogo Seed School and Bubulo Health Center IV where he toured the newly constructed modern equipped laboratory and promised the medical staff of continued government support.
Observing that the Social Assistance Grant for Elderly Empowerment program is being felt on ground, the RDC revealed that people in the area have and continue to embrace government programs like Emyooga, PDM, women enterprise funds among others.
He reminded locals that there is no single politician who puts food on their respective tables and that his target is to get all of them out of poverty by encouraging them to look at commercial agriculture and dump subsistance farming.
“That mentality of okukolera ekidda kyonka (working for the stomach) must stop. People from the three subcounties are famous for being the best Arabic coffee farmers in the whole of Manafwa and Bugisu subregion according to the research i made but what happened? I am therefore appealling to you to work hard in these years and we rekindle our lost glory because it is tenable”. Said Mr. Kagenyi.
Hardly three months in the District, Kagenyi’s presence is being felt across the entire area of his jurisdiction and the sky seems to be the limit.

Yesterday, Mr Kagenyi Lukka addressed the Alliance of Town council mayors and subcounty chairpersons at manafwa town hall.
He reminded the local governments leaders of their role to effectively offer services to the people they lead.
Mr Kagenyi vowed that he will not entertain any leader who sabotage gov’t programs aimed at uplifting and alleviating poverty at household levels.
Today, the DRDC is invited at mbale city chambers to attend the strategic meeting of the preparations of the imbalu festivals by the RCC of mbale Dr washaki Ahamada

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