TROUBLED: Kibalama and his clique


NATIONAL Unity Platform (NUP), a leading opposition political party in Uganda has urged forces of change not waste time discussing Mzee Kibalama matter that has no legal bearing whatsoever. NUP says, they shouldnot be hoodwinked by this drama! Yesterday, Kibalama and his team addressed media in Kabowa calling them the rightful party leaders.
In a Statement released by Mr. David Lewis Rubongoya a lawyer by profession, NUP SG said, “When we choose silence or issue broad statements, it does not mean that we are standing on shaky ground. NUP is under one leadership which is well known.”

Statement reads; Mr. Kibalama and Company handed over leadership and addressed the nation about it. They resigned their positions in the party. Soon after, they appeared in court with security, testifying against the party, confessing they were under the direction and control of regime operatives including the CDF. After, they apologised, claiming that they had been captured by ISO and coached to testify against us. We decided to put matters to rest. 
Then, after some time, they started again. They wrote to the EC making certain false and fraudulent claims. When we had an interaction, they again made some claims and apologised. The same people wrote to the EC withdrawing all their claims and complaints, stating that their claims were were false, without merit. 

Now, with women council elections in the offing, they came up again. Yesterday, they addressed a press conference surrounded by known ISO operatives. 
And somehow, some individuals here, think these people deserve attention. Worse still, some people here think they are doing such things on their own, and somehow we need to discuss. 
“Finally, I really get frustrated when I see people who seem to understand how regimes of this nature operate, giving such a matter so much attention. Legally, and factually, NUP is one and is headquartered at Kamwokya. The masqueraders and their backers will definitely fail as they have failed in the past.” Writes SG Rubongoya.

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