IRON LADY: Hon. Dr. Christine Ndiwalana


LAST week on Thursday April 28, 2022, KCCA councilor Jeremiah Keeya Mwanje must have coiled his tail on hearing that a panel of three justices of Appeal had dustbined Masaka High Court’s decision which nullified the election of National Unity Platform’s Hon. Christine Nandagire Ndiwalana as Bukomansimbi North member of Parliament last year.
It is said that, Councilor Jeremiah Keeya, who represents Kasubi – Kawaala Parish at City Hall, moreover on NUP ticket had vowed to slaughter his cock if Court of Appeal throws out Hon. Christine Ndiwalana and declare Bukomansimbi North seat vacant! Thank God, He did not allow this to happen!
In a unanimous decision of three justices Stephen Kiryabwire, Stephen Musota and Christopher Gashribake, the trio agreed with Hon. Christine Ndiwalana faulting the trial Judge Her Lordship Lady Justice Ketra Kitarisibwa Katunguka for entertaining the issue of being nominated without proper academic qualifications after the elections.
Jeremiah Keeya Mwanje and his accomplices who wanted Nandagire out such that they take over her seat, must have developed cold fever on hearing that she is still around until Bukomansimbi County North voters decide otherwise.
For starters, when the Masaka High Court’s Lady Justice Ketra Kitarisibwa Katunguka nullified the election results last year upon petition by NRM’s Ruth Katushabe on grounds that the winner Ndiwalana did not possess the minimum Academic requirements to contest for the parliamentary seat, some opposition figures quickly presented their interest for this seat.
Christine Ndiwalana whose election Masaka High Court nulified polled 9617 votes, NRM’s Ruth Katushabe (The petitioner) finished second with 6599 votes, Kateregga Muhamed (JEEMA) was given 3076 votes, Kawoya Yasin was given 251 votes, Lubyayi Eid Kisiki was given 4238 votes, Namakula Rachel was given 182 votes and Sebugwawo Yusuf was given 47 votes. 
On nullifying Nandagire’s election, Jeremiah Keeya was among the first opposition politicians to show interest for the seat. Him and other opposition political opportunists welcomed Nandagire’s eviction and started strategizing on how to front themselves or their bonkmates for ‘a vacant’ Bukomansimbi North seat.
Those who are members on Masaka and Bukomansimbi WhatsApp groups remember how the likes of Jeremiah Keeya started posting their posters and messages showing interest for Bukomansimbi North by-elections.
Instead of reaching out to Hon. Nandagire to sympathise with her upon such a wanting judgement and to guide her on how to revert Masaka High court decision, for they knew, she was finished and they chose to crave for her seat! Such opportunists!

A very disappointed Nandagire who was betrayed by these fellow opposition colleagues at a time she wanted them most, decided to challenge the High Court’s decision in Courts of Appeal on ground that, the Learned trial judge errored in law and fact when she held that the Appellant had lied on Oath by stating that she had a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).
This was the first blow to Jeremiah Keeya and other opportunists.They didn’t expect Nandagire to gather herself and run to Court of Appeal. 
The Keeyas had allegedly told friends how Nandagire couldn’t make it, she better conceed and go back home so that she paves way for the by-election.These didn’t deter her from pursuing for justice!
She appealed to the court of Appeal of Uganda against the judgement and decree of Justice Katunguka delivered on the 28th day of September, 2021 at the High Court of Masaka.
In her petition, she blamed High court judge for having shifted the burden of proof of academic qualifications to her side.
The justices ruled that according to provisions of the Constitution and Parliamentary Elections Act together with Section 15 of Parliamentary Elections Act (PEA) and the Electoral Commission Act, a Petitioner can not as a matter of law and policy raise for the first time and issue on validity of some nomination after the election because these provisions were enacted for the purpose of ensuring that all disputes arising prior or during nominations before voting are resolved with finality before the election date; except where the law otherwise specifically provides. 
God is great, Court of Appeal shut up the opportunists! The court as such, allowed the appeal and ordered the respondent (Katushabe) to pay for the suit both at High Court and at appeal level. This ruling buried hopes for Keeya and other opportunists.
In this story, we will name and shame ten political opportunists who wanted Hon. Christine Nandagire’s seat: 

Not so much is known about Jeremiah Keeya in politics apart from contesting and being elected KCCA lord councilor representing Kasubi – Kawala Parish in Rubaga North at City Hall in 2021 on NUP ticket.
His name came to opposition limelight when he was appointed to the NUP Election Management Committee which did the vetting and ground survey to get best candidates for the party prior 2021 General election.
Keeya allegedly had a hand in the issuance of Party ticket to his girlfriend Sulayina Tendo Nakabuye who contested and won as councilor Lubya Zone III at Lubaga division. Lubya Zone III has Nabulagala and Lubya villages.
The two lovebirds first rented a small room in Kasubi but after being elected councilors, they relocated to Gayaza in Wakiso. The two Keeya and Sulayina have not yet made their bonking official although public sees them as husband and wife.

Insiders say, what looks to be delaying their marriage, Sulayina Tendo vowed never to convert from Islam to Christianity while even Jeremiah Keeya looks like he isn’t ready to become a Moslem. However the fact that there is another sexy girl in the picture  might also be a reason for 
Jeremiah Keeya’so little interest in pursuing marriage.  Hadijah Nakazzi from Bukomansimbi used to be very close to Jeremiah Keeya and rumour is making rounds that Nakazzi was Jeremiah’s other girl friend.
In fact, Jeremiah had secured a Party ticket for this chic to contest as direct KCCA councilor for Nateete – Busega in Lubaga South but this ticket was recalled by top party leadership and given to Ivan Nyanja Mubiru under the influence of current Lubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa. Jeremiah’s gal Nakazzi contested as an independent against NUP’s official candidate and she lost.

As a matter of fact, both Nakazzi and Jeremiah Keeya come from Bukomansimbi. Each of the two had strong interest in Dr. Christine Nandagire’s seat to the extent that the day High Court in Masaka nullified Nandagire’s election, Nakazzi’s posters in NUP colours were shared on different Masaka and Bukomansimbi WhatsApp groups.
Her camp saluted Masaka High Court judge for throwing out Nandagire.

Without mincing words, councillor Jeremiah Keeya confessed to News Editor Media when we reached him yesterday that it is true he wanted Hon. Nandagire out!
This is what he wrote to us; “Yes i was among the NUP intending Candidates for Bukomansimbi North Constituency when court nullified Hon. Nandagire. I only shifted this position after the Kayunga district by-elections.”
“We lost interest in replacing Christine after seeing what the regime did in Kayunga. We denounced our interests. So the information you have of my interest was before Kayunga by-election.” Reads Jeremiah’s response to us when we asked him how he felt when Court of Appeal failed his deal of throwing out Hon. Nandagire.
When Court of Appeal declared it’s self on the matter that Hon. Nandagire was dully elected Bukomansimbi North MP from 2021-2026, Jeremiah Keeya Mwanje was left with no option but to post this on his facebook page to calm down Hon. Nandagire’s supporters who wanted to roast him alive; “It’s with pleasure that we congratulate our Hon. Ndiwalana Christine Nandagire the National Unity Platform Member of Parliament and my representative to Parliament for Bukomansimbi County North for defending our hard earned victory as a Party. Nze nga Munna Bukango munno nkuyozayoza era nkwagaliza obuwereza obulungi (Me and you come from Bukango village, I congratulate and wish you good service).”
Did Keeya say this in good spirit? What do you think?

Wait for part II of the story as we name and shame more political opportunists. 

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