Author Moses Mugalula (right) in the studios of Channel 44 tv today. Left is Moses Kanala (host) and middle is Dennis, another panelist


TODAY Tuesday morning, together with another panelist, we were hosted by Ndugu Moses Kanala on Channel 44 tv ‘Arise and Shine’ political talk show!
Someone called into the show accusing Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga for implicating government of Uganda officials who signed the Coffee agreement with an Italian company without consulting coffee farmers and other stakeholders! 

Owek. Mayiga’s ‘Emwanyi Terimba’ campaign has woken up many Ugandans especially Kabaka’s subjects to venture into coffee farming as a way of kicking poverty out of Buganda. How can government enter such a deal go without consulting Premier Mayiga on behalf of Buganda Coffee farmers, a leader who has almost traversed all Counties in Buganda calling upon Kabaka’s subjects to plant more coffee?
Now this caller ignorantly said, Premier Mayiga has no moral authority to accuse government on this blunder, alleging that, when Buganda Land Board introduced ‘Kyapa mu ngalo’ title give away, bibanja holders were not consulted. A total lie!
In my humble response, I educated this caller that Buganda Land Board had radio programs, TV shows, adverts in news papers, media briefings and general campaign on social media and all over the 18 Buganda counties to this effect, disseminating information to bibanja holders on Kabaka’s land, how it is important to register your Kibanja and why a Kibanja holder should go for a title  (Kyapa mu ngalo).
Bibanja holders willingly thronged Buganda Land Board offices to register their Bibanja and others successfully applied and got titles. Those in diaspora were also catered for.
Buganda Land Board kept on explaining to Bibanja holders on Kabaka’s land that A ‘Kyapa mu ngalo’ land title is a document that authorises and verifies ownership of mailo/bibanja owners on Kabaka’s land. This information was on every wall! 
Now I don’t know whether this phone caller had just landed from planet Mars not to know this information, but at least he would have used his smart phone to ask Mr. Google and be helped understand that all Buganda Kingdom programs,  all Buganda Land Board projects get 100% media coverage courtesy of BLB Spokesperson counsel Denis Bugaya, a very professional, brilliant, informed and approachable young man.

On how bibanja holders on Kabaka’s land acquired/applied for Kyapa mu ngalo, this is the information which was spread everywhere to Kabaka’s subjects both in Uganda and Diaspora;  

  1. The first step is to visit Buganda Land Board office located in your county for registering your Land.You Can visit their website on the following Link: Buganda land Board
  2. Get the plot and block number for the mailo/bibanja where your land is Located on Kabaka’s Land;
  3. After that Obtain Consent form from Buganda Land Board at the Registry of Titles: Here the registry gives a ticket with the amount to be paid, which one takes to the bank to pay in full. This includes the Application fees and survey fees, which is equivalent to Ugshs.1, 600,000.
  4. One pays for the application and survey Fee at any Commercial Bank that has a Buganda Land  Bank Account and obtains a receipt that will later be presented again at the Buganda land Board registry to complete the procedure.
  5. Conduct a search at the Registry of Titles if you want and this is done after presenting the receipt of payment of the search fee from the bank
  6. At this time, one also picks up the consent to transfer application (in case where the Kabaka land was registered in other persons names..
  7. Attach all required documents like Transfer and Consent Forms, Mutation Form, Application for certificate of Customary Ownership and the Lease agreement (in cases where the applicant is leasing the land in question). It is not mandatory to use a lawyer to draw up the Lease agreement or conduct the transaction, but in this case, it would be common practice.
  8. After this, the land is valued for transfer purposes and for assessing and paying all other requirements and duties.
  9. Obtain income Valuation of property for transfer purposes by Buganda Land Valuer’s Office in order to determine tax clearance certificate and assessment form for payment of stamp duty from Uganda Revenue Authority: Once the BLB valuer has given his consent on the cost, the file is taken to the Uganda Revenue Authority, where an assessment form for Stamp duty is provided. The Uganda Revenue Authority also requires that anyone who purchases land valued at more than UGX 50,000,000.00 (approximately $20,000.00) obtain an income tax clearance, denoting the purchaser’s source of income for taxation purposes, before registration. At that time, the name of the designated bank will be provided.
  10. Payment of stamp duty at the designated commercial bank: In the first instance, there is an assessment form, which is taken to the bank, and payment is made. The Bank will inform the Uganda Revenue Authority that payment has been received. There is a reconciliation process between the Bank and the Uganda Revenue Authority, which can take up to 3 days.
  11. Present documents to the Buganda Land Board for purpose of making an agreement: The documentation Include signed Lease agreement, Receipts of stamp duty payment and Companies resolutions to buy and sell. Here the embossed lease agreement is given to the BLB for further assessment.
  12. An assessment form is given providing the amount to the paid for Land Title. This form will also provide the name of the designated bank where payment is to be made.
  13. One makes Payment of Land Title at a designated commercial bank to continue with the  process.
  14. A lease title is processed and handled over to the tenant after submission of signed agreement. This is the last stage of the lease process on Kingdom Land
    Now, let some one help me understand, where was the information about getting a monopoly foreign company from Italy to sell our coffee  before the signing of that unpopular agreement on behalf of coffee farmers, on behalf of coffee farmers? 
    I dont think this phone caller had the answer? Please phone callers, help us, first get information before you waste station airtime giving fake information! In early 2000s, there were radio callers like Bukenya Church Ambrose, Dominic Matovu, Ssalongo James Ssekinde owo mu Ndeeba, Zaakaliya Munnakayiba and others who were superb. Another generation of the Makolo Kavumas, Ssalongo Ssettumba, Isaac Mutyaba, Kaggwa mu Kirokole, Charles Lubinga, Mzee Mpologoma and other, took over. These ones were good. But now we have another set of callers and majority are totally ignorant about issues they are talking about. It’s sad but we will keep on educating them. Awangale Kabaka waffe! 
    The Author Moses T. Mugalula is a senior investigative journalist, an editor @ News Editor Media and a radio/tv show panelist. Reach him at or WhatsApp 0772523039


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