PHOTO: DPP Lady Justice Jane Frances Abodo (left) at the home of Deputy Speaker Anita Among, yesterday


DEPUTY Speaker Anita Annet Among is in agreement with the office of the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP) that they have staffing gaps which needs to be urgently fixed and also their pay be reviewed to improve efficiency in the Justice, Law and Order sector. 
The Constitution of Republic of Uganda under Article 120 (1) says, “There shall be a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Public Service Commission and with the approval of Parliament.”
The functions of the DPP are well stipulated under Article 120 (3) of the Constitution of Uganda and include;
● To direct the police to investigate any information of a criminal nature. 
● To institute criminal proceedings against any person or authority in any court other than a court martial. 
● To take over and continue any criminal proceedings instituted by any person or authority. 
● To discontinue at any stage before judgment any criminal proceedings. 
In a meeting Rt. Hon. Anita Among held with DPP Lady Justice Jane Frances Abodo who was accompanied by a team of officials from DPP’s office yesterday morning, Deputy Speaker pledged that, “As Parliament of Uganda, we shall give you the the support you need for you to function for better.”
The meeting took place at Deputy Speaker Anita’s home in Nakasero, Kampala.

DS Anita and her guests discussed in depth the state of affairs in the office of the DPP, the challenges they face and how Parliament can support them.
“It was a fruitful engagement, DPP’s office has our support as Parliament. I will make sure their challenges are fixed. We need to see them functioning and serving the country without excuses.” Revealed Deputy Speaker after the meeting which lasted for hours.
On Deputy Speaker engaging DPP and her team, one Mathew Ocitti has written, “These interactions are necessary to make the office of the DPP more effective and the support of Parliament is counted on. Thank you Rt. Hon. Anita Among.”
Dumba Ali also saluted Deputy Speaker for her pledge but asked her to make sure they are visible in the National budget.

Joshua Ekaju asked Deputy Speaker to also look into hiked fuel prices that have prompted traders to hike prices for their commodities. 
“Madam Speaker, we the majority Ugandans also needs your intervention into the rising  fuel prices. We can no longer afford basic necessities.” Said Joshua Ekaju.

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