PHOTO: Land lord Godwin Mabano (right in a blue shirt) enjoy lunch with Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd directors John Kalisa (left) and Christopher Kyazze (centre) during those hey days. But then, what went wrong there after?


KAMPALA and Metropolitan Affairs minister Hajjat Minsa Kabanda sought for Attorney General’s indulgence in a matter at Bbira-Nakuwadde Abattoir, where land owners Godwin Mabano allegedly bleached a 25 years Memorandum of Understanding he signed giving away this land to Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd, to open up and manage an abattoir and then share profits.
However, when the abattoir boomed in a period of just two years after it opened, Wakiso Company accused land lord of sabotage, causing divisions amongst traders with an intent of running away from his responsibility,  start a blame game and later terminate the MoU.
Traders petitioned Kampala minister to intervene after Land lord Mabano had threatened to close the abattoir a move which would affect about 3000 vendors working from this place.
Minister Kabanda directed that the abattoir should not be closed instructing the office of The Attorney Geberal to investigate the matter and give legal guidance on who errored as per the MoU and how it can it be fixed to bring back sanity at the abattoir.
By press time, Attorney General who is the principal legal adviser to the government of Uganda was yet to give his opinion.


Traders’ company think this is overdue since everything at the Abattoir is in a mess, they are no longer collecting fees due to Mabano’s sabotage, they can’t pay electricity and water bills, they use their money to manage waste and now working in losses.
Mr. Christopher Kyazze, one of the three directors told us, “Our lawyers furnished Attorney General with a copy of signed MoU and all other necessary documents. We expect him to be fair, look into how we have made losses because of land lord’s impunity, and give us an opinion which will address all these matters.”
The learned Attorney Geberal has already assured these traders of Wakiso City Slaughter House Uganda Ltd at Nakuwadde-Bbira abattoir that he will give a wise counsel to the Kampala minister Hon. Minsa Kabanda about their misunderstandings with land lord Godwin Mabano and sanity will be restored back at the abattoir. This was during an interaction with our editor.

Besides a well detailed 25 years MoU Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd signed with land lord Mabano which was published by this news website, there is a lot of information at the Attorney Geberal’s desk about who did what at the start of this abattoir.
In part II of this story, we take you through how Bbira-Nakuwadde Abattoir was started.

Investigations show, the idea of starting an Abattoir at this place was brought by a one William Rwabuhihi, Mr. Mabano’s front man.
This came after Mabano had approached him to find out whether he can source for a developer at his Bbira-Nakuwadde land.
Rwabuhihi immediately thought of an Abattoir and he told Mabano how he can get traders dealing in cow slaughtering, to use this land as an Abattoir.
Mabano who at first thought an Abattoir can’t work in such a dilapidated place, later gave Rwabuhihi a go ahead.
Mr. Rwabuhihi reached his long time friend John Kalisa commonly known as UC.
Kalisa was the Vice Chairman of Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd. He was working at Kaleerwe Abattoir.
With his colleagues, they already had an idea of starting an Abattoir but were still looking for land. When Rwabuhihi identified one, definitely it an answered prayer! 

With Rwabuhihi, vice chairman Kalisa immediately looked for Christopher Kyazze the Company Treasurer to deliver the good news. He got him around Northern by pass. 
The three of them, Kyazze, Rwahihi and Kalisa thought of engaging Adam Lubega who was then the Company Chairman. 
On knowing that a one Mabano was offering his land for an abattoir, Lubega openly told the three that,  “I don’t deal with Rwandees.”
Lubega’s statement must have angered Rwabuhihi, who was Mabano’s blue eyed man.
The two, Rwabuhihi and Lubega there and then picked a quarrel over what the later had said.
Kyazze and Kalisa tried cooling down the temper of their colleagues so that they can embark on their deal but all was in vain. 
It took the two time to normalise the situation and that is when Kyazze drove his colleagues to the said land at Bbira-Nakuwadde.
Rwabuhihi took the three around, it was a bit swampy but in a prayer led by Kalisa, he asked God to give them this land so that they can turn it into a busy abattoir. 
As soon as Kalisa’s prayer ended, it started raining and he joking told Kyazze, Lubega and Rwabuhihi that, “God is urshering us with his blessings into this place. This is a suitable place we have been looking for to start our Abattoir.”

From there, the four went to meet the land lord at his office, just a stone throw from where the new lufula would be put, now that they had toured the place and liked it.
Rwabuhihi introduced the three gentlemen, and land lord Mabano on knowing them, he asked, “Can you slaughter cows and make busy my land?” 
Kalisa answered, “Yes sir. We are a registered company of men and women dealing in slaughtering cows, we have been in this business for years. We were only looking for a place, but we have the business.”
Mabano smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Kalisa, I have the land, bring the business, it’s a deal.”
To prove that they were abattoir leaders at Kaleerwe, Kalisa sent Badru Ntamu (then company secretary) for documents to prove that they are leaders. 
In the presence of his wife Ms. Hope Tibabi who attended this meeting, Mabano happily told Kalisa’s team that, “I have given you the land, go and bring business but let us all be transparent.”
He then asked them to send for their company lawyer so that he legally guides and signs papers for the Memorandum of Understanding.
In the meeting, Kalisa thanked Rwabuhihi for getting them land and he said, “Land lord Mabano, to appreciate Rwabuhihi for this juicy deal, we are going to recruit him as a company member and later elevate him to beome a Director.”
The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Land lord Godwin Mabano and Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) ltd on how they were going to operate, the roles of the company and all the requirements from the land lord.
Those who signed the 25 years MoU on behalf of Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd were; Kyazze Christopher, John Kalisa, Patrick Bampabura, Annet Birabwa and Lubega Adam.
Godwin Mabano and wife Hope Tibabi signed for the landlord.
“Our main responsibility was to bring traders and manage the abattoir. In fact he asked us to ensure that we bring many vendors because if we dont do that, there would be no business.” Mr. Kyazze told Attorney General. 
On the part of the land lord, he had to build everything with the guidance of Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd.
These included; The Slaughter House, Fence (olugo), Bimeeza department, lodges where those who bring cows from village will sleep, toilets, payouts, etc.
Land lord assured Wakiso Company that he had the money to put in place all these. It was agreed upon that Mabano brings a representative at the revenue collection gate. Company leaders started looking for traders and among the first catch were; Yasin DMX, Abu HY and Odooba Ignatius.

Leaders agreed to send to the venue Company Secretary Badru Ntamu and to help him look for money to help him register vendors who wanted space in the new Abattoir.
“We however later realised that Ntamu, in connivance with Adam Lubega, was soliciting money from the people he was registering yet we had not allowed him to do so.” Reads a copy of report from Wakiso City Slaughter House (U) Ltd to the Attorney General.
He was asking vendors to pay for space and goodwill which was wrong, and this money had no accountability.

In the next story, we will give an account of how and why Adam Lubega and other directors were expelled and they later formed Nile Abattoir, a Company which legally has no MoU with land lord Mabano as per this Abattoir is concerned.
Why is Mabano dealing with he rebel clique of Adam Lubega? Wait for Part III of the story. 

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