TO BE INVESTIGATED: Councilor James Mubiru


NATIONAL Unity Platform (NUP)’s Rubaga North III councillor James Mubiru’s woes over pocketting ruling NRM’s money have deepened!
Latest from the Kamwokya based opposition Party headquarters, top leaders want thorough investigations into these allegations and if it’s found to be true, Mubiru will face disciplinary action. This is meant to be a lesson to others who think they can strike such deals within this party.
This fastest growing News Website can reliably report that, NUP Party is not ready to take lightly a letter dated November 11, 2021 that is said to have been written by Councilor James Mubiru and addressed to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja,  requesting for financial bail out of UGX 25M to go for medication in Nairobi, Kenya.
In this letter, James Mubiru allegedly told Rt. Hon. Nabanja how his NUP Party President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, opposition members of Parliament, Mayors and members of Diaspora have disappointed him, no one is willing to give him money for treatment hence running to NRM.
“I have tried to look for funds from political leaders including my party president Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, the Leader of Opposition, Members of Parliament, Mayors, the Diaspora community, etc but what I can say is that, I am so disappointed by their slow response yet my situation is worsening. It is on this ground that I humbly request for financial support and my budget stands at 25M to facilitate my travel to Kenya to start medication of which i so far have only 6M.” Reads letter said to be from Mubiru to Primier Nabbanja.
The letter talks about how Mubiru was abducted, tortured and put in detention at CMI in March 2021 and later remanded at Makindye Prison where he was under incarceration for more than 6 months.
He got a court bail by the Miltary court martial in August 2021. “I was admitted to Rubaga Hospital due to the health condition I was in by then. Medical check up was carried out and i received some medication. However, I was advised by the doctor basing on the report to go for further medication and check up on finding complications in my liver. I request for your financial help.” Reads a letter to Nabanja written on councillor James Mubiru’s official headed paper.
Mubiru who by press time was still insisting that he is at Agakhan Hospital in Kenya under medication and that he is likely to be transferred to another Hospital in the United States of America.
In another letter dated December 30, 2021 which Mubiru has confirmed in the sent audio to be its author, he has said, It is not true that he wrote a letter to Prime minister Nabbanja asking for financial help and also informing her how NUP boss Hon. Kyagulanyi and other party officials refused to give him financial help to seek further medication.
This letter says, “This is completely wrong because my party has playedd a tremedous role to see me back on my feet. It should be noted that even before i went to Kenya, my party paid the bills in Lubaga hospital and Mulago hospital were the first tests were done and doctors recommended further health investigations abroad.”

Our sources from Kamwokya have however, today evening told this news website that where smoke is, so is fire. There must be investigations into this allegation to find out whether Mubiru is clean or not.
An insider who asked for anonymity said, “There are so many querries about councillor James Mubiru which NUP officials want to dig deeper. Did he author that letter blackmailing our Party President, LOP, MPs and other leaders? Is it true Mubiru has been soliciting money from opposition leaders and our members in the Diaspora? Is it true that he was admitted at Aghakan Hospital? Can he produce proof of admission and source of funding? He got a loan of about UGX 100M as KCCA councillor and instead bought a house in Namungoona, how come he didn’t use that money to finance his medical bills to save his life, instead of resorting to fundraising? Mubiru is all over social media, chatting and sending audios. Is this the person who says he is in critical condition at Agakhan Hospital and is therefore soliciting money to be taken to another Hospital in USA?”
We are told there are so many unanswered questions about Mubiru’s sickness. One school of thought states that this councillor is playing games and conning people. They swear that he is not in hospital but somewhere else feasting on Pork and Beer. 
For those knowing Agakhan Hospital, its for the privileged and to be admitted there, you must be a well to do not a mere councillor who is paid UHX 5.5M a month. When we consulted our sources at the KCCA finance department, they denied footing hospital bills for councilor James Mubiru.
This looks to be the reason why NUP Party bosses want proof that Mubiru was admitted at Agakhan Hospital not mere taking photos while covered in blue bedsheets with words ‘Aghakan Hospital’, which can also be printed by Nasser road boys here in Kampala.
There have been rumour making rounds that some party leaders are in bed with NRM big shots to spy and sabotage NUP activities. 
If Mubiru is among, this time he will be netted, the party is seriously in need of answers from him. 
We shall keep our readers updated on this developing story!

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