PHOTO: Ugandan MPs’ football team coached by Tom Lwanga


YESTERDAY evening, news spread around East African countries about a flopped football match in Arusha between Ugandan Members of Parliament and Tanzanian MPs.
This was during the on-going East African countries inter-parliamentary games. Sources alleged that Ugandan Members of Parliament stoned a centre referee, while others intimate, a certain minister punched this substandard referee hence ending the game prematurely when Tanzania was leading 1 nil.
We have however got a different version of this story from our reliable sources in Arusha, Tanzania where our Members of Parliament went about two weeks ago and will return on 19th December 2021. 
According to Busiro North legislator Paul Nsubuga who is in Arusha and one of the Ugandan Parliament footballers, it is not true that Uganda’s side forced the referee to abort the match, stoned a referee or that a minister punched the referee like some people are spreading the propaganda.
What happened according to Hon. Nsubuga, the referee took off due to pressure that mounted on him due to his inconsistency with the impartiality during the 90mins of the game. 
“Having mishandled the game with bias from minute one, giving out a fake penalty to Tanzania, Uganda kept calm and the game had to move on.” Hon. Nsubuga briefed this news website.
He told us that after some few minutes of the Second half, Tanzanian defender handed the ball with with his two hands but to the referee, that wasnt a foul. 
He instead of awarding a penalty kick to the Ugandan side ran towards the center calling for goal kick amidst protest from Ugandan players and their supporters. 
“Like it’s a norm in any football March where players are not satisfied with the referee’s ruling, Ugandan players approached the referee to express their grievances. None of us touched him. We were shocked to see him running out of the pitch leaving us stranded. Some of us thought may be he had gone to check the VAR. He didn’t return. That is how the game was ended prematurely.” Sportsmam Hon. Paul Nsubuga commonly known as ‘Manager’ by Busiro people, told us. He is the Busiro Masaza football team manager.
The MP thinks, this referee who looked not to be a qualified refree, failed to fairly handle and officiate such a sensitive game and he was speaking only one language, so even communication with players became a problem.
“The match was abandoned for a clear reason- We had no referee. He ran out of the field after we questioned his professionalism in refereeing. We are now waiting for the communication from Inter-parliamentary games management committee but possibly, there will be a rematch.” Hon. Nsubuga told this news website.

MPs congratulating Hon. Zaake upon winning 100 meters in Athletics

Before Uganda played Tanzania in the aborted game, they had another dramatic match with Kenya’s Members of Parliament.
Uganda was leading 3 goals to nil, only for Kenya to come from down to equalise.  
Meanwhile, Uganda MPs defeated Burundi MPs in netball 63 goals to 12 goals, thanks to our sharp shooters.

Ugandan MPs’ netball team teaching Burundi how to score

Even in athletics, Team Uganda flourished. Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake won the 100m race (men). Hon Mbwatekamwa won both 400m and 1,500m respectively. Youth MP Phiona Nyamutoro starred in the 100m sprint and 200m too among other significant wins. This took place at Sheik Amri Abeid Memorial Stedium. Games are still on going.

MP Phiona Nyamutoro was a star in athletics
Our Mps relax after participating in athletics

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