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WHAT President Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba tweeted yesterday about elders fighting and resisting him from achieving his dream, has caused public reaction, more so, his supporters led by promoter Balaam Barugahara who have vowed to name and shame these elders. 
Groups of youth country over want Gen. Muhoozi to take over presidency after his dad and they have already started mobilising for him although he has never been clear on whether he supports this move or not.
In his tweet which has gone viral on social media, Gen. Muhoozi who is the UPDF commander of Land Forces  (CLF) wrote: 
“In my military career I have faced the most resistance from some of my elders. People who should have been supporting me, were fighting me all the time. I can only describe that as backward culture. I promise to always support the young people of Uganda!”

FOCUSED: Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Muhoozi did not however, mention any elder either in the army, family members or friends.
Insiders however say, there is a group of top army officials who think the Chief in Command  (CIC) will have betrayed them if he moves to front his son as the next President after him.
In fact some have openly objected Gen. Muhoozi’s presidential ambitions saying presidency in Uganda is not a family thing  so the Head of State should think otherwise.
Some think, The 1st son is not anywhere in the Presidential queue, Mr. Museveni should be faithful and stick to what they agreed upon during the NRA bush war.
Their insinituation is simply that, after Museveni, another comrade should be ushered in, not his son who did not participate in the war. It is suspected, Gen. Muhoozi’s tweet was targeting such minded elders. 
Political analysts say, they are doing everything to frustrate and sabotage any attempt for the army council to endorse Museveni’s son for president. However, this looks to be time wasting.

Below are some of the reponses we transcribed from Gen. Muhoozi’s tweet:
Balaam Barugahara: Our Elders who are fighting our generational leader Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, we shall name and shame you all very soon. We are an army of millions ready to protect and promote our Generational leader. So do it at your own risk. We don’t fear you, only respect you. We are a new generation of Uganda and Africa.

A true Muhoozi supporter

Sebunya Shafiq: Gen. Muhoozi has worked hard for his ranks. He has attended all the military courses and been on the battle field so many times. People will always oppose you because of your ideas. People don’t want new ideas but at the end they must cope up. The truth is Gen. Muhoozi has done a lot for young people though he doesn’t want to show off. Through CIMIC, he supports talent, youth and women groups. Elders should learn to appreciate. 
Peters Peterson: If I were the one (Gen. Muhoozi), I would just retire, because why would my elders be against me? Then something must be wrong somewhere. It just calls for a self examination and check up.
Wilson Katorogo Katamigwa: It is ok to have ambitions of becoming the next president but remember as you support the youth do not dump the elders. Do not revenge. Just bring them close and understand the problem between you and them. Otherwise you will miss a point. Thank you next HE.
Jordan: We thank you our greatest General for always supporting the young people who have always looked up to you as their mentor. Ugandans will be grateful to have you as their next president since you are ready to empower the young ones who make the biggest percentage of the population. 
Jeff Mugisa: Why not use the same opportunity to win the support of some elders in the army to balance the young and the old “leverage”. Older people are a source of wisdom, knowledge, experience. Some young people are not reliable! Just my thought out of good faith. Balance the boat.
Josh Wabwe: That’s why museveni has to retire with his team during President Muhoozi Kainerugaba reign. We need new and fresh blood, the old ones will be advisers in political parties.
Ketrah Ankunda: They should look at what you achieved at SFC before criticising you. The military needs your ideas. We love you as well.
John Paul G: Gen. MK, everyone destined for greatness is always fought but that can not stop God’s plan. In the Holy Bible, Joseph’s brothers fought him but that didn’t stop him from becoming Egypt’s Prime minister. (Genenis from chapters 37 – 39). Aso, David’s brothers fought him (read 1 Samuel 17) but that didn’t stop him from being a king. Let them keep on fighting you, they will be ashamed. Your dream is unstoppable.
Raisha Barbie: It’s the dream of every country to have a president who is ready to support the young people who make the largest percentage. Thank you our next president.
Sk Mwaluko: Reach out to General Opande, he will teach you 1 or 2. But he will first ask, “Which war did you fight for you to be a general? You are even not worthy a corporal…from today you lose your rank..”
Nuwamanya Isaac Niyi: That is backward thinking Mwaluko. Gen. Muhoozi fought LRA war, ADF in Congo, has been in Somalia and today, he is again in Congo. 
Bobo Musa: Gen. Muhoozi, you should have just understood the fears of Elders! A hereditary leadership is not healthy for this country. But greed & a hunger for self importance won’t let you see that.
Lwanga Charles: Gen. MK, you are indeed our hero, role model and our source of inspiration. May the Almighty God continue to bless and protect you always. You are the next  C-in-C. 
Seru Alex: Your public outcry a manifestation that NRM/NRA system has suffocated millions of youths, if you with political divine blessing has been resisted, what about the voiceless youths out there? Real system reforms and decent retirement of all national elders above 60 is the solution.
Nickson Byamukama: Absolutely, don’t do like they did sir…. It’s very important to do your own way and thinking, of course their reasons are open to any open minded person, though, congratulations, you have won them because despite their resistance, you are still standing, stronger and achieving more.

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