ON DUTY: Deputy Speaker Anita Among enters plenary to preside over the House


RT. HON ANITA Annet Among (AAA) has finally reacted to an anonymous dossier which has been making rounds on social media since Sunday, alleging that President Museveni is under pressure to cause her impeachment following numerous corruption reports allegedly filed against this four month-old Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Uganda!
According to her tweet on Tuesday, Madam Anita, without mincing words said she is aware of those behind that propaganda and blackmail campaign against her, but they should instead go and hang because she is going no where, she will be Speaker of parliament until 2041.
Fearless Bukedea district woman Member of Parliament massively won Deputy Speaker’s seat in May 2021 trouncing two male contenders; Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko and FDC’s Yusuf Nsibambi. Anita, the ruling NRM Party candidate got 415 votes while her closest contender Nsibambi (FDC) polled 35. Hon. Nsereko trailed with 24 votes only. Anita Among, 47, an accountant, a lawyer and politician has urged women leaders not to be intimidated by the likes of such people who want to bring them down.
Deputy Speaker Anita’s tweet reads, “I want to ask the women leaders not to be intimidated by those who want to bring them down, please stand firm. And I can assure you that I am here for ten years as Deputy Speaker and ten years as Speaker (Parliament of Uganda). We know the people who are doing these things (blackmail) and we are not moved.”
She did not however, mention any names of people who are behind this blackmail campaign.
Analysts have interpreted Rt. Hon. Anitah’s tweet as a clear message to her enemies that if they are praying for her impeachment from Deputy Speakership, let them not waste their energy because after serving in that office for two terms (2021-2031), she will contest and  must win in the 13th and 14th Parliaments to takeover 6th floor as the Speaker, Parliament of Uganda.

It alledges that, Anita is using the office of the Deputy Speaker to grab any thing that comes her way and is fast becoming a disgrace to the President. 
That she has misused the President’s name in all manner and is abusing the powers of her office for private gain. Dossier talks about the two meetings held by His Excellency the President over the matter.
The anonymous dossier says, some of the shoddy dealings the President has uncovered in classified reports includes; Grabbing tycoon Karim Hirji’s House in Nakasero, plot on her boss Jacob Oulanyah’s life, bribes from Roko Construction not to terminate it’s contract to construct new Parliamentary chambers, bribe from tycoon Sudhir Rupaleria of Kingdom Kampala building where MPs’ offices were rented and how she got UGX 600M over degazzetting Bajo, Wamale, Kiula central forest reserves.
Deputy Speaker Anita also allegedly conned ‘unnamed’ Kampala businessman of furniture worth UGX 300M. That she also took a bribe from Amuru Sugar Factory investor a one Amina.
That Anita conned Indians of USD 400,000 by using a certain man with a fake Museveni accent who called two indian Investors directing them to support NRM. The fake ‘President’ directed that Indians to hand over their contributions to the tune of USD 400,000 to Anita Among which they, allegedly did.
The anonymous dossier also linked Anita to a certain Okua who passes as an ISO officer, harasses and has put at ransom several rich people on pretext they are under ISO investigation. Many victims have been conned of huge sums of money by the said Okua
She allegedly was in a deal with NUP MP Muhammad Segirinya of UGX 600M to clear an election petition filed against him by Sulaiman Kidandala.
It is not known who authored the said dossier and what his or her motive was.
Because it is anonymous, this dossier raises many questions about its authenticity. It shows no evidence that can be relied upon to pin Anita Among hence easily qualifying it to be defamatory to the person of the Deputy Speaker.
Her supporters say, this anonymous dossier lacks any iota of truth, those feeling jealousy of Anita’s political rise and being loved by majority of members of Parliament must be behind this to taint her name and pull her down. on this, the deputy Speaker has said, they are day dreamers.

Below are some of the responses to Deputy Speaker Anita’s tweet that she will be Speaker of Parliament until 2041:
Phil Baguma: The beauty of the law is that, you can only be charged with credible evidence adduced against you. If this is an attack on your achievements based on falsehood, all will soon know the truth. 
Dr. Allan Bomuhangi (PhD): While we celebrate women in leadership, we kindly request that you should not use the position to deny other women opportunity to lead. Staying more than one term itself is not empowering others. Let’s lead by example.
Fatia Nabakooza: Shaaa, Madam Speaker, I think you can hold the position for your entire life! Because I don’t think the twenty years you wish to be monopolizing it will be enough for you to fulfil your agenda. And the fact that In the all legislative panel, no any other member is capable
Bashir Umar: Being ambitious isn’t bad but throughout history, those with overwhelming ambitions have been outsmarted. Rt. Hon, it’s a notion if necessary, don’t drink from the same cup like them. 
Appelez-moi_Kizza: I doubt this is a “women leader”. Let us not play the feminism card but stick to ideologies that benefit us all as a nation. More still; 20 years in a position, differentiates you not from your predecessors. 
M@nabuyoga: These days women are thirsty for power…we shall leave for you everything.
Kamukama James K: But Rt. Hon. Anitah Among, what if he retires after 5 years, will you and your colleagues be able to make it back? Nonetheless, good luck. If the allegations are false and mere blackmail, it will instead make you stronger and this will instantly vanish.
Tmusa Kasereka: Reason why I detest Toxic Politics and dislike all those who promote or propagate it, it creates a tense political environment and could result into unease among the public. We need to talk against Toxic Politics and those who promote it.
Silver Ahimbisibwe: If Rebecca (Kadaga) could, I am sure you will do better. Salute Rt. Hon. Anitah Among
Bumba Erinest: If not Ugandans, atleast nature will have to swing into action to get rid of the person who gives you power.
Mbaho Joshua: There is this common saying that, “Leadership comes from God.’ Stick to serving a common Ugandan, that is what hurts them most. We continue praying for Rt. Hon. Anitah Among.
Hon. Orone Derrick: Wow, I am happy that you have replied them and I am ready to be your company manager for those 30 years
@luttmark: Miss Annie, are you talking about 20 years to come?
David Masereka: Dont be a god of your own Hon. Anitah Among. He likes no rival.
John Mbusa Tumwesigye: We hear you madam Speaker…20 years wamma, not less! Go on my friend…
Ssempijja Reagan Omuvandimwe: So Rt. Hon. Anitah, did you bargain with God for years in life?
Benard Cankara: God can cut you short though, don’t be too confident. Meanwhile, at this rate, Oulanyah is headed for another takeover
Melvin Francis: But every time, women will talk on behalf of men
Kyomuhendo Norbert: But the future is a ‘she’. No debate on that.
Joackim Bwambale: I like the assurance part!! None of us is immortal. Power belongs to God.
Martin Mukongs: God is for us all not you alone to be favoured that much.
bkastiro: Excellent. You are a courageous woman Rt. Hon. Anitah Among. But I am not sure what Influence you command on the future.
Mzee Kamba Byamusangala: 2026 isn’t far, our votes shall determine
Okello William: Thanks Deputy Speaker for the update. I wish you well.
Abdullah Oscar Agon: Just forget
Maria Grace: Counting your eggs before they hatch…good luck nevertheless.
Kemigisha Sauda: The sayer of truth has many haters….strong woman
Mwesigye Isanga: Well stated Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker. Don’t intimidate her you crooks. Kudos our iron lady
Hon. Nsubuga Acksam:
Madam, the position of Speaker is not monarchial. This is the republic of Uganda. 
Samuel Sagal:
Love that courage Honourable
Elijah Nicholas:
This state has taken a wrong route and we might not redeem the effects of bogus governance in our life time. Just a few months in office, she has curved out her interest in the seat for the next 20 years. Take caution…the next 20 years might not be definite like the past 20 years. 
Otai Muhamed: More prayers needed
Hoima Bouy: So you are planning 20 years in Parliament!!! You people behave as if you own this country
Buyela Christopher: Challenge her Incase you can fill her boots.
Hellena Kabejja: Women leaders? Please don’t degenerate us to this level. How can you predict what will happen in 20 years to come. I am for women of influence but you spoilt the broth with this lack of self control.
Bwango Amos Kanago: Madam Speaker, what gender is injustice? Today legislation is done on the basis of skirts and trousers that’s why Uganda is becoming a mockery. Can we have a true legislation and not sympathy seekers in Parliament and other offices of leadership? 
Waiswa Fred: And if you are confidently speaking about transition plan for speakership, why not allow the old man to rest after all we have had enough of him?
Elijah Nicholas: Kadaga has been an excellent Speaker..who intimidated her? Crying foul this early is a sign of cowardice. When will women stop seeking for sympathy and seeming inferior? Men are actually endangered in this country because of that womanist mentality.
M@nabuyoga: It’s not written anywhere that all deputies must be deputy for 10 and speaker for 10 years. How sure are you that you will be voted back. How sure you that you will be alive. How sure are you the parliament will vote you again for another term. Gods dislikes the proud.

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