PARLIAMENT security has vowed to deny access to the Parliament Princicts Members of Parliament, staff, journalists and visitors who have not received the two jabs of Covid-19 vaccination.
The Division Police Commander, Parliament Police has ordered all officers at the entry points to throw out any MP who will cause commotion saying, ONLY those vaccinated will be allowed in.
This follows a directive given by Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker Anita Annet Among to the Sargent-at-Arms and to the Division Police Commander, Parliament Police to lock out any Member of Parliament, staff and visitors who has no proof of having already got the two Covid-19 vaccination jabs.
This directive started to be put into consideration today Monday 1st November 2021.
However, a big number of Members of Parliament have referred to Deputy Speaker Anita’s directive as a joke of the year, it is illegal and we that they will not abide.
“Deputy Speaker should not manage parliament like a school. We need to follow the law and rules. No law or statutory instrument has been passed in that regard. The health act is open, where does the speaker base her directive. We don’t anticipate dictatorship with disregard to the law. Her directive is illegal and outside all known rules of procedures.” Said Kyadondo East legislator Muwada Nkunyingi who doubles as the Shadow cabinet minister for Foreign Affairs.
Hon. Muwada who is a lawyer by professional said, “We represent people who have not refused immunisation but have not got chance to secure immunisation. You can’t block us from delivering their views in parliament.”
Lubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa advised Deputy Speaker that, “Let her give priority to the vulnerable people like the police officers, army men, health workers, teachers and the elderly. Millions of them have not been immunised yet they are essential. Why mind about 529 Mps who can even fly out of the country and get vaccinated?”
Hon. Mukasa who is pursuing a degree in Laws said,  “If I was the deputy speaker, I would mind most about the high risk people not the MPs. The country has over 44M people and you only care about the 529 MPs? What kind of a leader is this? And you want vaccinated MPs to have consulatative meetings with masses who are not yet vaccinated?”

On Friday 29th October 2021, Mr. Waiswa Henry Yoweri acting on behalf of Clerk to Parliament wrote a letter addressed to all Honourable Members of Parliament and Staff of the Parliamentary Service about restrictions of access to parliamentary precincts to only persons vaccinated against Covid-19 starting today Monday.
Letter reads, “His Excellency the President in his address to the Nation of Thursday, 28th October, 2021 on the States of the fight against Covid-19 emphasized the need to have many Ugandans as possible vaccinated as a strategy to control the spread of the Pandemic, which is essential for total re-opening of the Economy.”
“Parliament is a key Institution in the fight against Covid-19 and therefore, Members of Parliament and Staff must demonstrate a good example in support of the Government’s Public Health Policy.” Reads letter from clerk to Parliament.
He noted that, “The office of the Speaker is in agreement with the President’s observation and in the communication of the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker at the Sitting of Parliament on Thursday, 28th October 2021, she gave a directive that access to the Princicts of Parliament should be restricted to only Members of Parliament, staff and visitors that will show proof of vaccination against Covid-19.”
“Hon. Members and staff, in line with the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker’s directive therefore, you are hereby informed that with effect from Monday 1st November 2021, access to the Parliamentary precincts will be restricted to ONLY those that have been vaccinated against Covid-19.” Clerk told MPs and every one planning to go to Parliamentary precincts.
By copy of this letter, the Sargent-at-Arms is directed to work with the Division Police Commander-Parliamentary police to enforce this guidelines.
Letter was copied to; Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker, 
Rt. Hon. Prime Minister/Leader of Government Business, Rt. Hon. Leader of Opposition, Hon. Government Chief Whip, Hon. Opposition Chief Whip, Director, Communication and Public Affairs,
Sargent-at-Arms and Division Police Commander-Parliament Police.
Opposition MPs have already vowed to fight what they call dictatorship and illegality of Deputy Speaker Anita Among.
Let’s watch the space!

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