THE Uganda Aids commission on Tuesday launched the National Policy Guidelines on Ending HIV Stigma and discrimination.
While presenting the contents of the policy in Kampala, the Executive Director of the Commission, Dr Nelson Musooba said, the objectives of policy guidelines is to provide stakeholders and the public with guidelines on non stigma and discrimination to enable them take appropriate actions to protect themselves and the communities.
The policy is also to improve access to and utilization of health and other services by people living with and affected by HIV especially where there has been punitive laws, policies and practices which violate human rights.
Dr Musooba noted that the Commission has secured funds to roll out the policy across the country that will help in eliminating the rising vice of stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDs.
While launching the guildlines the minister for presidency Milly Babalanda has appealed to all ugandans to go and test for HIV.

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