Kingdom Kampala building where Parliament rented office space for members of Parliament


A FEW days after shockingly donating to his voters UGX 200M Parliament gave Hon. Aloysius Talton Gold Mukasa to buy himself a car, the Lubaga South legislator has rejected an office rented for him by the Parliamentary Commission at Kingdom Kampala building owned by tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia, saying he doesn’t need it.
A renowned successful businessman, MP Mukasa says his established offices in the constituency are enough and approachable by the people who sent him to Parliament, renting him another office is a wastage of tax payers’ hard earned money!
Parliament will annually spend about UGX 9.8B to rent office space for MP’s offices. The 11th Parliament has 529 and they all have to be rented for, offices.
According to our reliable sources, MP Mukasa was heard telling his colleagues at Parliament why he rejected this office.
Asked if he has been given an office at Parliament, MP Mukasa said, “An office at Parliament? What for? I am a representative of Lubaga South people. We have a number of offices and each office has my personal assistant. They are approachable by my people, no reason for giving them a burden to walk all the way from Lubaga to meet me at Parliament. That is wastage of their time and money.”

The opposition NUP Member of Parliament told listening colleagues that, “My constituents are different from yours. I walk into their houses, to their places of work, to garages and to their carpently to gather their views. I am their servant, will maintain that closeness, that was my commitment.”
Hon. Mukasa who was talking to three other legislators said, he has already told Parliamentary Commission to instead put that money to other useful means which directly benefit the voters, he will not take over that office at Parliament.
When he was given Parliamentary UGX 200M cash to buy himself a car, MP Mukasa went to his bank account, withdrew other UGX 250M and bought a water truck for Lubaga South Constituency which costed him UGX 450M. This truck supplies water to Lubaga South people at free of charge.
This constituency had a problem of accessibility for clean water but as you read this, it is solved by their area MP.

Years before he even thought of contesting for Lubaga South MP seat, Mr. Mukasa donated about UGX 500M to tarmac a road in Kabowa near Faith Arena Church.
This makes him one of the most generous and selflessness leader, a major reason why Lubaga South people voted him massively as their MP on January 14th 2021.

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