PHOTO: Hon. Mukasa (in red neck-tie) with councilors before distribution of maize seeds to voters


LUBAGA SOUTH legislator Hon. Aloysius Mukasa, officially starts to bite! He has successfully blocked evictions of his people on Railway’s land saying, the time given to them to vacate was not enough yet they have lived there for years.
In a meeting with Works minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, Hon. Mukasa vowed to take the battle to the floor of Parliament if the ministry does not look into extension of evictions and also consider compensation of all affected persons especially in Ndeeba at Butaala Market.
Addressing hundreds of Lubaga South constituents who filled Kitebi Primary School play ground to capacity today (Tuesday) evening, MP Mukasa said the period to evict people on Uganda Railway land has finally been extended.
“My meeting with the line minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has borne fruit. That is why the earlier notice to evict people on Railway land was set aside. Our people have been given more six months as we make strategies on the way forward. It was a tug of war to convince the minister but I am very happy we both reached a mutual understanding . I was not ready to look on as my people are being evicted.” Revealed Hon. Mukasa amidst ululation from his voters.
MP Mukasa who had invited Lubaga South constituents to perform three functions; deliver 3000 kgs of Maize seed he lobbied from Parliament, take them through his first 100 days as their Member of Parliament and gathering their views, said, it is time for action, with him in the driver’s seat, Lubaga South will be an exemplary constituency.
“In my first 100 days as your Member of Parliament, i have managed to block land evictions in the constituency. On the issue of Uganda Railway line that goes through our constituency, they wanted people occupying this land to immediately vacate. I met Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and his deputy, to allow me raise the issue on the floor of parliament as a matter of National importance if the Works ministry continues to turn a deaf ear. I am happy, they have changed their goal posts.” MP Mukasa told his people.

According to the earlier notice, Uganda Railway had notified people living and those working on the railway land that they will be forcefully evicted on Friday 08th October 2021 but due to pressure mounted by the area MP, eviction period has been extended.
Mukasa has talked about land evictions in Mutundwe, Chairman Mubanda’s Zone where a certain family was being forcefully evicted. 
“This family lost a relative and the person who claims to be the rightful owner of the land stopped the burial process. I went there and discovered something wasn’t adding up regarding the said land owner. I directed the burial program to go on and as of today, the village is peaceful.” Said Hon. Mukasa.
He also talked about one Haji Mayanja, father to former Kampala RCC Faridah Mayanja Mpiima who is evicting people in Kasenyi, Wankuluku. The MP called his son- in- law, Jamiru Mpiima and asked him to tell Haji Mayanja that any attempt to evict people from their land will not be allowed.
On the issue of Maize seeds, Hon. Mukasa told his people who braved a heavy down pour that much as fellow MPs representing rural areas wanted him to donate to them these seeds, he refused saying this was a share for his constituents.
“I know you as very hardworking people. Most of you have gardens in your compounds. Please, take these seeds and plant them, I will visit your gardens to bring shame those who wanted to take away what belongs to you.” Said Mukasa amidst tight security. At the function the elderly also voiced their concerns. 

They complained to Hon. Mukasa that most of them are not beneficiaries of the government elderly program saying years for one to benefit from the elderly cash program were inflated.
“Honourable,  it’s very difficult to find a person who is 80+. May be it was intentional to lock most of us out. We are sending you to parliament, make sure who ever makes at least 65 or 70 years, automatically becomes a beneficiary. Because you can move around a whole Parish and find only one person aged 80 years. Who is eating the elderly’s money?” Asked one of the old people around.
In response, the MP noted down this concern and pledged to raise it on the floor of Parliament. He said the issue of National identity cards is another road block for these old people to benefit from the elderly cash project. 
“Many don’t have National IDs yet it’s one of the preliquisites to receiving the money. Government must revisit this condition.” Said the area MP.
Village Heath Teams (VHTs) who were established by the Ministry of Health to empower communities to take part in the decission that affect their health, mobilize communinities for health programs, and strengthen the deoivery of health servicess at house-hold level, have told the MP that they have not yet received their money. Youth and people with disabilities also tasked the MP to deliver their views. 
The MP was accompanied by councilors who included Ivan Mubiru, Rose Kigozi, Betty Najjengo, Idi Nkambwe and others.
In attendance were LC I Chairpersons like Ali of Aggrey Zone, Kitooro Zone Chairman, Kitebi Chairman and one Henry who is Kabaawo chairman.

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